Chaos Blogg 47: Witches!!

Well, I don’t want go into too much but I understand my last post wasn’t well received. I suppose that’s what I get for venting my rage although I was surprised to find sympathetic people whom didn’t leave an actual comment on the post. Anyway I still like all you people but I can’t say I was feeling good with some of the backlash I got, granted none of it was said with malice but some of it cut a little (I suck at coping with this kind of thing because I’m mentally unwell). Anyway THIS blogg is mainly positive, I pretty enjoyed everything here in some capacity and while I do have complaints there was nothing to disappointing. Anyway have some remixes and sit back and relax, if you can anyway.

Guacamelee! (PSVita): 

I remember someone saying that this was their favourite game of 2013, and I can say that this is indeed one of the best games I’ve played from that year. I pretty much found it by accident when I went to download Gravity Rush off PS Plus. I saw that it was free and well, I couldn’t say no to a free game that looked that interesting. I finally decided to play it after I finished Tropical Freeze. Soon into my journey I realised that this was in fact a Metroidvania game, and one of the best I’ve played in recent years. The artstyle is quirky with a Mexican luchador theme, that means bright colours and lots of interesting designs. Part of the aesthetic is constant visual references to video game and Internet culture. The most obvious being the tribute to Metroid with the Choozo Statues, although you may notice things like grumpy cat, tf2, megaman, zelda and mario all in the background of the game. It’s part of the games quirky charm and humour that blends well with the visual style and soundtrack. While I didn’t laugh a tone, I did often crack a smile and that’s pretty good considering the not so inspired story (Love the characters though). The soundtrack sounds very typical of what you think when you hear the word mexico except less sinister and more on the light-hearted energetic side. It’s catchy enough and suits the game although you probably won’t remember it once your done with the game. The main draw here is the game-play which is a mixture of 2D fighter and Metroidvania. I say 2D fighter because that’s the only words that comes to mind when describing the emphasis on melee combat perhaps it’s more in line with a 2D brawler or beat-em-up. Of course you have to find your special moves through out the game and these allow to explore new areas while at the same time allow for variation in the battles in fact they’re downright necessary for most fighting. You’ll earn a lot of awesome and strange abilities and this allows you to explore areas in new ways each time. In fact while it doesn’t have the same amount of content as say Super Metroid or SotN it really does a good job of being a metroidvania title. Exploration is rewarding and if you 100% the game you get a different ending as well as some rewarding challenges. Trust me this is a game people should experience for themselves and it’s on several platforms already (it’s also making it’s way to Wii U). The combat is actually interesting as well… for the most part anyway as it can get a bit stale later on. The highlight for me though was the chicken power up, which acts like a hilarious version of the morph ball. If I have one complaint it’s that it does feel a bit awkward at first getting used to the fighting, it may also be a bit on the short side for some people. Loved it.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright (3DS):

I remember getting really hyped about this game back in the launch days of the 3DS. Of course I had no idea it would take this fucking long to translate. But at the very least it was released and wasn’t left to fansubbers like a certain game on the nintendo DS. Is this the best game of all time… no it’s not, is it even the best of either series… no I can’t say that either. What I can say though is that it’s an excellent crossover and with a little tweaking it could have been a showcase for the best of each respective series. Firstly the visuals are pretty neat (although I think AA5 looks better) and the game is filled with charm, of course at first there was a clash of artstyle’s which could have become much more visually displeasing if it weren’t for the setting of most the game being it’s own unique creation that somewhat blends the styles together so that the differences don’t feel as huge. You’ll also notice a lot more cinematic presentation which is standard for Layton but not something the Ace Attorney series deals with often, luckily the cutscenes seem polished although in 3D they look a little bit off at times. The soundtrack is also a nice mixture of classic Layton and Ace Attorney tracks that have been heavily remixed. It starts off rather plain but as the game goes on it gets more of it’s own flare that really mixes up the two franchises while at the same time reflecting the setting of the game. The story isn’t exactly what you’d expect but it certainly does it’s job of being a mystery and anyone who is a fan of Layton will be right at home with this sense of intrigue. The introduction to the medieval setting of Labyrinthia is when the game actually starts to shine and the from there it’s a spoiler-tastic ride involving witches and magic. This game almost bought me to tears at one point and at other made me laugh with enjoyment. Of course with the amount of in jokes and references I can’t help but caution anyone who has never played any of these games. If you’re a fan of either IP though this is probably a must play title. I found the story enjoyable and I loved the characters although at times things got a little hammy and/or cheesy which wasn’t helped by some of the voice-acting being a bit lacklustre (Espella sounds like she’s talking to children the entire time, ugh). I have various little nit picks about the game including the Objection being strangely quiet, the Layton puzzles being a little too easy (or maybe they’re just not as punishing as before?) and too few (the puzzles cut out of the game though actually seem too hard), and that some of the ace attorney segments have a different logic to them at points so it feels a little strange. Overall once you adjust it’s a fun adventure game with an interesting mystery story, awesome puzzles, fun charming characters, a good sense of humour (the post game content is very funny so far), excellent soundtrack and plenty of long court battles.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3 – Rebellion (Anime Movie):

I don’t normally review these kinds of movies because they’re normally inconsequential to the overall plot of their respective series. However this Madoka movie is in fact a continuation of the series and I figured I’d give it some time to type about it. First of all anyone who has not seen the series or the other movie which recap the series I highly suggest you just go out and watch them if you’re interested. It won’t appeal to everyone but it’s a rather dark story hidden under a lot rather cute stuff and it’s one that helped introduce me to the likes of Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. Anyway this movie is beautiful and well even if you end up hating the story you may just get enough out of the visuals alone. As for music I’d say the soundtrack is nice although trying to find it was a pain, it pretty holds up the standard that the series created for the most part. There’s some exquisite fight scenes and plenty of gooey mushy stuff as well, if that’s what you’re looking for. The ending has seemed to polarise the fans of this franchise and that’s probably because it feels unfinished. Not in an obvious “cliffhanger so we can get a sequel” way but more in the sense that there’s an unresolved conflict that could have provided an excellent climax and perhaps closure. The effect is pretty much the same though, it makes the audience want more content and well there’s potential for a grand finale so to speak. Of course I have no idea what will happen, so this could just be a story that has a lacklustre ending. What’s for certain is that this was an enjoyable movie that felt like a natural next step in terms of story. Of course I can only still recommend it to the fans.

The LEGO movie (movie): 

Hey I actually went to the movies, ain’t that something. This movie only just made its way down under and I decided to go and see what the deal was for myself. For the first few minutes I wasn’t really getting into it, however once things started getting action packed I felt that the charms of the movie were kicking in and was rather impressed with what was on display. I’m not 100% sure if it was stop motion or CGI but I liked what I saw and it was quite charming including the myriad of action scenes as well as some humour based off the visuals. The soundtrack is okay, to be honest I hated the ‘everything is awesome song’ and it was probably the worst part of the whole movie. On the plus side there’s the wonderful performances of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and surprisingly Will Ferell. The licensed characters actually worked really well and didn’t feel like the soul cash ins (see food fight for that) they added quite a bit of comedy and put quite a few smiles on my geeky face. There’s really not much I could possibly complain about here, it’s nonsensical but really clever with a rather good message to it, although it’s one you might have encountered in the Toy Story films. This one I can recommend to pretty much everyone and I hope you enjoy it.

Kirby’s Dream Course (VC):

I randomly bought this game on Wii U one day and I can’t quite remember why. Perhaps it was on sale? well either way it ended up in my backlog and after seeing some entertaining footage of it I thought I’d actually invest the time to play this game. It a wise choice because Kirby’s Dream Course is the most fun I’ve had with any sort of golf based game. In truth it’s a shining example of how kirby spin-off games are of the highest quality. It’s a game that has charming 16-bit visuals and a relaxing soundtrack, although I don’t really remember the soundtrack too well. The gameplay is a mixture of golf and puzzle game and once I grasped it was more of a puzzle game I started figuring out how to complete most holes in two or three shots. It’s rather simple in terms of mechanics and they should be easy to grasp, some tips would be that you can curve the ball using the B button and that you can also spin the ball on certain shots. Also the power ups and how you use them are crucial to victory. Some of the power ups also allow you some direct control, mainly the UFO and tornado ones. It actually got a little addicting and I wouldn’t mind going back to it at a later date for some brief fun. I will say that the game is rather punishing which kind of contradicts the whole Kirby Golf thing, I found course 3 in particular to be a bit of a bitch. However you do have the option to abuse save states on the Wii U if you want to (some may frown on you doing so but it’s just a way to save time and actually figure out the puzzle) don’t use them during multiplayer though that’d probably piss someone off. Anyway this game is a huge amount of fun and an unexpected gem, and it makes that NES golf game Nintendo gave me look like complete and utter garbage.

Tamako Market (Anime):

If you’re wanting a short feel good anime that’s light on story elements but isn’t a fan service comedy this is the place to be. Tamako Market is a slice of life comedy that centers around Tamako who stumbles into a talking bird and ends up bringing it home with her. The bird is the main source of comedy but it’s nice to see a comedy that doesn’t centre around sexual circumstances. There’s also quite a bit of emotion here and I surprised that such a short show could make me water up a little at times. It’s visually attractive and has a nice soundtrack, although the highlights are the op and ed which is what I will probably remember the most from this particular soundtrack. At first there’s not much of an overarching plot-line but towards the end all the little plot threads kind of join together and there is at a least a story to this show even if it’s nothing amazing. Instead once again the enjoyment comes from characters and the dialogue which in some cases is a turn-off but for this short series it works in it’s favour. If you’re into anime I could probably recommend this to you if you’re looking for something quick and light hearted. Overall it was enjoyable.

You may not want to watch this next one since it could be considered a spoiler, you could probably get away with just listening though maybe.

Thank you for time, I hope you enjoyed some portion of this blogg and I hope to hear what you think in the comments. Also here’s a picture for you kind people. Next on my schedule I’ll be trying to finish a longer game than I normally tackle. I’ll also be trying to clear some more stuff out of the backlog so stay tuned.

Chaos Blogg 46: Tropical Freeze

It’s been an extended period of time but I get the feeling that’s going to be the case with this series from now on. It seems like I can’t keep up the pace I had last year, which is unfortunate but expected. In this blogg there’s mainly recent games, with the main highlight being the new Donkey Kong game. I hope you enjoy the content here, and please enjoy these remixes.

The Stanley Parable (PC): 

Now this is a tough review, or is it? You see in order to describe to you the experience of playing the stanley parable I may in fact spoil the stanley parable. Perhaps this game is a huge mind fuck or perhaps it is not a huge mind fuck. It’s within your interests to check out this game on your own and experience it as freshly as you can. I had no idea what to expect when I played the game or did I? Either way I found it an enjoyable experience. In terms of visuals it’s rather basic but maybe it’s not rather basic and it is in fact incredibly abstract and off the wall. What I can assure you of though is that the game uses similar visuals to portal and half-life and while perhaps it’s outdated by today’s standards the stanley parable manages to have a unique to style. The soundtrack is in the same basket, it’s high quality but not really memorable in regard and that’s mainly because of the nature of the game itself. I really enjoyed the Stanley Parable and it’s even though I refuse to give you too much information as of this time I can highly recommend it to you. If you want to talk to me one on one about it though feel free and we can discuss some of my other opinions on the game.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS VC):

This one was in my backlog for about a year I guess, so one afternoon I decided to play-through it all. And well I was done sometime later that evening, because this game is incredibly short. Super Mario Land 2 feels a lot more like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World than it predecessor does, and it controls a lot more like a conventional Mario game but slower and perhaps a bit more floaty. Firstly this is a really great looking game for the GameBoy although there is better, in terms of style though I can’t say it feels 100% Mario other than the character sprites. The stages and the world map feel like very new a fresh for this series and diverge from what was the norm for Mario at the time. We have levels inside whales, in toy factories, in graveyards, on the moon and inside a normal house. The common theme here to me seems to be that Mario small when compared to seemingly everyday objects, sure the obvious the example is the Macro world but the toy level, and the giant tree world make me feel like Mario is an insect exploring most of this world. Or perhaps Mario built his personal castle on an island inhabited by giants? As for the music well it’s basically a single tune just remixed over and over again, and while this tune is good, it doesn’t ever quite reach the levels of the first super Mario land. The gameplay is fairly standard Mario fair but I feel like this was when Wario Land became an idea (the two games feel similar in areas) it’s rather easy for the most part and 100% it just requires you to find a few secret exits. Of course the difficulty isn’t evenly spread across the game and after an easy little romp you’re treated to a tough gauntlet like challenge for the final stage. This kind of jump pisses me off a little since I’d rather a gradual difficulty increase over time. Despite all this though I rather enjoy Mario Land 2 and it’s an easy to recommend title for someone who has a couple of hours to kill, just don’t expect something amazing.

Kanon 2006 (Anime):

Kanon is an anime along the same lines of Clannad and Little Busters, in that it attempts to cause you feels and other heart pains. Why 2006 though what does that mean? Well this anime was made twice within a rather short time span. The first anime however was, I am told, utter garbage and a different studio made a remake in 2006. Remake isn’t the right word I guess since both series were based off of a visual novel of the same name. Kanon looks rather pretty however the style is a bit on the way too cute that it’s almost creepy side of the spectrum with HUGE eyes and the like (trust me that sounds like a lot of anime to some but no this should be noticeable to regulars of the medium as well). Over all it doesn’t look bad though and on the plus side none of the character designs felt too generic. As for music I’d say Kanon does rather well in this area, maybe not so much for opening and ending themes but the soundtrack itself is beautiful and really tries to tug at the heart strings. Now as for the story itself well it’s rather sad but it’s often sadder in the first story arcs than the latter ones, with several tear worthy moments early on and then not much for later. That’s not to say it won’t mess with you though, unless of course you pick up on the obvious symbolic clues and piece together the plot twists before they happen like I did. I found myself guessing a lot of plot points before they happened and that meant reduced impact. Who knows if better pacing were in place it could have been exceptional but the way it is now it’s an inferior series that’s outshone by the likes of Clannad and some cases Little Busters as well. Only watch if you’re into the genre and have already watched the better stuff.

Remember Me (Xbox360):

A rather ironic name for a rather forgettable game. Remember Me is probably worst game in this blogg but it’s not actually an awful game. From the get go it’s a rather visually stunning game that feels like a grittier Mirrors Edge in terms of visuals. While the designs don’t always hit the mark there are some really beautiful and visually appealing segments. However most of the locations are repeated throughout the game which for such a linear design feels kind of lazy, (granted the level design itself changes but visually it’s kind of a let down), one of the most visually enthralling sections is a boss fight arena that somewhat defies my description. This boss arena also houses the most memorable piece of music in the entire game which kind of funny because the fight isn’t that fun and drags on to long. The soundtrack over all is forgettable but actually pretty neat and at least interesting and not just the usual movie sounding pieces found in modern gaming. The story and characters seem kind of ambitious and the twists are actually kind of nice, the story was no where near as garbage as I’d thought it would be but it’s not exactly a masterpiece either. The gameplay doesn’t really work well with the ideas presented and the story itself. Basically you’re a memory hunter living a world where the control of memories has become a major factor in power, I found this world interesting and I wanted to explore and really delve into peoples memories. However the gameplay for some reason is just a mediocre 3D brawler with some Uncharted style climbing segments and some dickishly placed collectibles. While it’s not exactly bad it’s rather tedious and even the twist on making your own combos just feels lacklustre. This game can grown on you at times though and there’s eventually a decent variety to your special attacks. There’s also some excellent memory manipulation segments that have you alter peoples memories and can even allow you to goof off a bit. However there’s only 4 of these segments throughout the entire game and it feels like a missed opportunity. In fact I feel like this should have been a stealth based game with a lot more memory manipulation segments and less poorly done combat. The game we got isn’t exactly bad but you’re best saving this for when it’s in the bargain bin.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U): 

Back when this game was first announced I was disappointed with Retro since I was eagerly awaiting for them to return to revive the currently comatose Metroid series. Perhaps they have something planned for later but now is not the time to dwell on that since they’ve provided another excellent game once again. Tropical Freeze excels on the ideas of returns and produce and overall more enjoyable experience and one that feels a lot more original (that’s pretty much the same story as Prime and Prime 2 by the way). First of all the game is shorter or at least feels shorter anyway, with only 7 worlds in total which when compared to the standard these days of 9 words feels like a let down. However the quality of these worlds for the most part has increased in terms of beauty and creativity, instead of just going through the standard DKC tropes (It also means none of the boss fights are repeated). I was caught off guard by a very Dutch looking world and then an African savannah. Then there’s the beauty of juicy jungle which may have been my favourite world in the game. Even the tired old snow levels feel interesting and fresh here as we see the old regions from the first game given a new icy twist. It goes without saying that the game is beautiful but something about the entire water world felt out of place in this game perhaps because it was a common trope in comparison but maybe because the water levels force you to deal with the clumsy water controls. The water controls aren’t bad but they are inferior to something like Rayman Origins or in my personal opinion the original DKC games (they’re still better than mario though). It would have been a huge relief if they bought back Enguarde for this game but alas such flexible controls weren’t available. Not only does the game look amazing (bringing back the silhouette levels and introducing dynamic camera angles for others) but it sounds amazing as well. If you read my last post you should know that I think highly of this soundtrack and bellow this review are my top 4 favourite tracks in the game. I personally felt the Donkey Kong Country 2 remixes were the best but the overall soundtrack is one that will probably stand the test of time for video game sound tracks. Now as for the gameplay it’s really fun and addictive just like the first Retro studios Donkey Kong game. This time though they’ve added Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong to the mix, Dixie Kong is op as all hell but using her doesn’t really feel like a cheat except in levels where you’re not meant to have a buddy beside you. Cranky Kong on the other hand is Duck Tales mode and in many places makes the levels harder but is also necessary for some areas of the game if you plan to 200% this thing. To be honest though I’m not really done with the game yet having only gone over the 150% mark so far. The rocket barrel levels are actually fun this time and the mine cart levels feel a lot more inventive and less over-used than Returns. I actually found the lacklustre levels to be the rhino and underwater levels but that’s only in comparison to the rest of an amazing game. What I did like about the new water mechanics were levels that were mainly land based but had optional water segments to explore, these were really nice and not that frustrating. This is probably my second favourite Wii U game so far just bellow Pikmin 3 and I say that this is a must purchase game for anyone with the console. Note: I have talked about this game elsewhere but if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Guilty Crown (Anime): 

Guilty Crown is another example of lost potential when it comes to anime. To start with the visuals are amazing and the soundtrack while not my cup of tea is actually pretty good. What we have here though is some terrible writing, not that the story is bad or that characters are rubbish but that the plot just doesn’t focus enough on the things it should like the wide and diverse cast of characters. In fact I’d say that it’s too ambitious for a 22 episode anime and that it would have benefited from spreading it’s content across 50 episodes, which is a strange thing to say but that’s how it seems to me. In many ways this anime attempts to be Code Geass with it’s shit ton of plot twists and large cast of characters, however in terms of quality the closest thing that comes to mind is Future Diary both shows had horrible pacing and a constantly changing status quo with not enough character development when needed. In fact there’s almost no character development in Guilty Crown and because of that I rarely cared about any of the characters. Other than the protagonist there’s Inori, Tsugumi and Hare and everyone else is just kind of there and in my apathy zone. It’s bizarre because there are many moments of quality drama and these plot points if given more time could have worked really well for this anime. Instead we end up with what feels like a rush job of beautiful action scenes and a roughly thrown together plot that has more holes than Swiss cheese. If you think you can handle seeing wasted potential than this may be worth a shot, it’s a very average anime and you can all do much better.

I hope you enjoyed this blogg, I’m really sorry about how late this is but whatever, shit does happen. Here have this picture and have a good night.


Chaos Blogg 45: Golden Colours

I feel like I’m kind of late with this one but whatever. In this blog there’s 3 games, a couple of anime’s and one movie. I actually cover some more recent stuff this time so I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer. Also my birthday is tomorrow. Anyway have some music remixes.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS):  

I remember playing A Link to the Past a few years ago and I even wrote up about it on this blog page of mine. It was one of those classics I missed and I was glad to finally experience it. A Link Between Worlds is the sequel to ALTTP and even though it never reaches the same heights as the original game it is one of the best new Zelda games I’ve played in a long time. It’s also the best 2D Zelda since Phantom Hourglass (which gets dwarfed by this game as well just to clarify) although I wouldn’t say it’s better than Links Awakening. Majority of the games soundtrack is remixed from other games in the series mainly ALTTP but there’s also some stuff from OOT, however it’s still an excellent soundtrack and the remixes are well done. The visual style is excellent and it really does feel like ALTTP in 3D, it’s got that older style and it stays very faithful to it other than some obvious upgrades and new characters. The new characters in Lorule fit the style well and the new villain wasn’t that bad and reminded me of the designs of OOT and MM. In fact in many ways it’s like they sprinkled OOT all over ALTTP including the seven sages room and the colour design of Zelda herself (which is funny considering OOT borrowed heavily from ALTTP). The game is visually appealing and it makes excellent use of the 3D effect which is something I haven’t really seen since the Pilotwings and 3D Land age of the 3DS. The story is fairly normal for Zelda although there’s a couple of plot twists, there’s no real sense of drama until the very end of the game, I thought the painting element was a great way to have the new power be story relevant though. As for the actual gameplay itself ALBW takes a rather unique approach in that you have huge amounts of freedom from the start. This is a concept that hasn’t been used much if at all since the original Zelda on the NES and while at first it feels overwhelming you’ll eventually come to appreciate not being blocked out of areas for a long period of time. ALBW doesn’t really have too many new items though so you may feel a little shafted there but some things control differently like the sand rod and the ice rod, then you have the tornado rod and wall morph abilities that bring something kind of new to the table. It’s an extremely fun game that appealed to my kleptomania but it was a little short and a little easy. There’s maybe a few tough moments but compared to the other games this is a bit of a cake walk. In fact the hardest part of this game is the minigames you need to complete for 100% completion and by this I’m mainly referring to the dash race, the rupee rushes and the baseball minigame. Thank goodness there wasn’t another fishing minigame *shudders* anyway go play this game if you have a 3DS it’s a fun time.

Monogatari Series (Anime):

Some of you may remember me reviewing Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari around this time last year, most of you probably don’t so a quick refresher might be needed. Bakemonogatari was an interesting and entertaining series and then nisemonogatari turned it into 80% fanservice content. Well since nise the series has had a second season featuring many different titles (Hence why it’s now grouped under Monogatari series). The series maintains it’s beautiful art style and interesting and varied soundtrack but this times there’s actually a story worth telling here and it’s not just the series protagonist dicking around while perving on the rest of the cast. First there’s Nekomonogatari which centres around the Hanekawa and is shown from her perspective, this gives some neat insights into her character and says some stuff about embracing negative emotions (i.e. don’t fucking ignore your own shit and think everything is okay). Kabukimonogatari is a time travel story that was fun to watch although you’ll probably enjoy it more if Bakemonogatari is fresh in your mind. Otorimonogatari is a bit of a mind fuck and actually develops the character Sengoku Nadeko into someone actually interesting that has depth. The final 2 stories have some moving character moments and explore some characters I never expected them to explore. I would say the one thing this series did was surprise me, I actually felt things for characters that I had never really cared for in the first place. The changing perspectives is a nice touch and was a great change since it normally meant less fanservice although that is still around. Most importantly is that there is an overarching plot and several subplots which was something I missed last time. You could very well say this series has become worth watching because of it. To anyone used to anime this well worth watching.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Movie): 

I’ll confess now that I do not remember the original Jack Ryan movie so in my mind there were really no expectations for this at all. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the cinema and Jack Ryan was a pleasant surprise. It’s a decent looking movie with a decent soundtrack and rather standard plot. However it’s fairly well executed for what should be just a generic action film. To simplify this movie felt like a Bourne movie if it were actually engaging. Since the plot is straight forward there’s more attention to the actual characters, the action scenes and the building of tension. While it’s no James Bond, it’s an tense movie and one that was rather enjoyable. However I don’t have much to say about it other than this so I’ll cut short here and recommend that you check it out on DVD if the movie is no longer airing in your cinemas that is. It may just surprise you as well. Also it has the guy who plays the new captain Kirk in the lead role and he does a good job as far I’m concerned.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVITA): 

Having never played an Uncharted game I decided that upon purchasing a Vita that I would finally play one. For the most part this was a good idea as Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a fun time to be had. For starters this game is very visually stunning in terms of environments although there’s not much variety it’s beautiful, although the character models could use some work. The game also sounds top notch with a few exceptional tracks that are emotionally moving and provide an epic adventure movie type feel. However the soundtrack does suffer from going by unnoticed during most of the actual gameplay and some tracks were kind of lame (the main villains theme for example). The story is pretty much national treasure without nic cage and the kidnapping of the president, it’s a straightforward adventure movie plot with a lot of effort put into the details of the mythology. In fact this game seems to focus on witty dialogue rather than putting effort in emotional moments this means characters like Dante and Sully stand out as more charming than Chase and the games main protagonist. The gameplay for the ost part is solid and fun, it reminded me of god of war but with shooting instead of brawling, and it’s easy to compare it to Tomb Raider although I will say that Tomb Raider is a far better game in terms of level design. For starters Uncharted is not only linear but it’s also restrictive in that it punishes you for exploring, you’ll be searching for collectibles only to die a ridiculous death because you jumped 2 feet to a place the game didn’t want you to go. This then sets you back to a checkpoint and you have to listen to various lines over and over again. If you’re playing the game without collecting everything you’ll have a fun time and these things will be barely noticeable but if you’re kind of klepto when it comes to games you will find yourself annoyed. It also felt glitchy at times but the biggest problem has to be the forced in Vita gimmicks. For starters rubbing the screen with my finger is not fun, secondly having to tap on objects during a cut-scene in order to collect all the items is unintuitive and complete BS and finally at one point I was forced to point my Vita at the kitchen light in the middle of the night because there was an unstoppable puzzle that used a lighting based gimmick. I was given no warning to that puzzle and there’s only one in the game but that’s an immersion breaking experience if there was one. For the most part this was a really fun game although and since it’s free on PS Plus there’s no reason not to grab it if you have a Vita, but there’s just so much that gets annoying thanks to system based gimmicks (it’s like all the third party wii-games that had shoehorned motion controls). In fact most of the problems can be solved by making everything optional instead. Also the stage design is actually pretty neat even if there’s not too much variety and I like the Aztec and Mayan like theme going on here.

(okay wow the last track above is so freaking amazing)

Kyoukai no Kanata (Anime):

This anime came out at the end of last year and it was fairly well received to my understanding. Most likely because it’s visually stunning and has likeable characters. The action scenes are amazing and the soundtrack is pretty decent. The story also had a lot of potential, but in many ways it feels untapped, it’s as if there wasn’t enough time tell a story this big in 12 episodes and this case a lot of the time needed for development and characterisation is lost. We’re kind of just thrown into the story and dragged along for the ride with no real time to breathe besides for one episode which was a comedic story that was rather charming. The ingredients for something amazing are here and I wouldn’t mind some more to be honest, but this story need as much time and care as the fight scenes and it didn’t really get it. I still recommend it to people who want something quick to watch though, just be prepared to have some emotions messed with at the end.

Sonic Colours (DS): 

In the wake of recent news I need to play an actual sonic game so I pulled this out of my backlog and had a real blast with it. I played the entire game, collected all the red rings and won all the Chaos Emeralds (one requires you to play vs. mode by yourself) and fought the secret final boss Mother Wisp (must we name aliens “Mother” something). It was fun but at times frustration ensued as many of the red rings were well hidden and required some precise platforming. However mastering the stages provided rewards and even though my ranks sucked for the most part I had lots of fun. The game is 2D and in many ways lacks the visual appeal of the console colours but it has it’s own visual charms and it gives a fresh feel to some of the stage concepts (Planet Wisp feels more natural this time, and asteroid coaster has more green goop). I can say the same about the music as well since almost all the soundtrack is ripped straight from the wii game, of course it doesn’t sound bad but I’d much rather listen to the console music. As for the gameplay itself it’s pretty much Sonic Rush but with Wisp powers included. The wisp powers for the most part are the main focus of this game and take up large chunks of many of the levels however there implementation is well done for the most part. My only complaint about gameplay is that some stages have required sections that take too long to complete and don’t really add much to the game (*cough* starlight carnival act 2 *cough*) of course this was also a problem found in Sonic Rush. If you still have a DS playing device then you could probably find this game for cheap and if you’re a sonic fan this will probably be worth it.

I hope you enjoyed these reviews, you can probably tell I’ve rushed through some things but you can ask me questions if you have any. Please share your thoughts and enjoy the picture which is like a birthday present to myself.


Chaos Blogg 44: Gravity Rush Jet

Welcome to the first Chaos Blogg of 2014. In terms of games this a pretty good start with 4 title included here ranging from old school to new school. Hopefully there’s something for everyone here anyway lets enjoy some remixes.

Mega Man 3 (Wii U VC):

I’ve now completed 10,2,1,5 and 3. It seems I’m working my way through the entire Mega man series and that’s probably because the games are a fun challenge that don’t take up heaps of my time. Mega Man 3 is probably close to a second favourite for me although it’s a very tough choice with Mega Man 5 nipping at it’s heels. While no Mega Man 2 this is an excellent game with a catchy 8-bit soundtrack. The music is some of the best from this era of gaming and I hope you enjoy the examples bellow. The final fortress theme in particular does a great job of sounding foreboding and catchy although irony has that the fortress levels are the easiest in the game. Actually the difficulty curve for this game is strange with the game getting harder gradually until the doc robot levels which see a difficulty spike and then there’s a sudden difficulty drop in the fortress levels. In fact this strange difficulty curve is probably my only complaint about the game as the doc robot levels are just re-workings of 4 other levels in the game with tougher check-points and boss fights along with a difficulty spike in platforming as well. To be honest it would have been less painful if they added more checkpoints and I might have enjoyed these levels more as the level design is still pretty sweet. Bar from this I have no complaints here as the game looks pretty good and it’s the game-play is top notch. The story was pretty meh but that’s a series staple by now, anyway back to gameplay. This game introduced the slide mechanic and saw the implementation of Rush both of which are used very well here although you could argue that the rush jet is broken. If you’ve played 2 then I can highly recommend you play 3 as well (and then 5) it’s a great game and pretty nice way to start the year.

Little Busters: Refrain (Anime):

If anyone remembers my review of Little Busters well first of all thank you and secondly you might like to know the second season is done. Little Busters was a VN that I played last year (it’s only the second time I dabbled into the medium) that was very emotional and bought me to tears at the end. The anime adaptation though felt unsatisfying as it removed several elements and the story felt somewhat hollow. However with Refrain they’ve at least done a better job this time and while it still lacks the impact of the source material it might just make some newcomers to the story cry. The whole thing is a bit of an emotional roller-coaster although I personally found the first few episodes to have the most impact (mainly because I knew the twist before-hand I guess). The first season was a slice of life drama with the occasional strange supernatural element, it had it’s moments but it lacked heart. Refrain is more of the same but with more strange stuff and more heart. You maybe confused most of the time but hopefully you won’t be turned off. The music is still pretty good as well although the OP was a little disappointing. A good effort and one that makes this worth seeing if you can’t be bothered reading (I don’t blame you).

Gravity Rush (PS VITA): 

That’s right I bought a Vita after all the shit I went through last year I decided I needed to buy something new and shiny. To start off my journey with new handheld system I downloaded some games of PS+ (I only really plan to play two of them to completion though). I also bought a couple of game cards and some classic downloadable titles. I got Gravity Rush through PS+ and it’s a title that I kind of wish I had bought with actual money (compared to a couple I did get anyway). This game is beautiful and I mean that in terms of art-style as well as fancy graphics. In fact the style is a little similar to wind waker mixed with more of a comic book feel. This isn’t the best description though and I’m sure you could make better observations than I but the point is that this game is beautiful and I love the style here. The music is also on a similar level of beauty and it really gave off this heroic vibe although it did feel rather generic at times and it isn’t the best soundtrack I’ve heard recently. The story is pretty engaging, it’s told mainly through comic book style segments with the occasional spoken line (in this beautiful French sounding giberish) and cut-scenes. The story is heart warming and the characters are likeable although it is a little predictable (*cough*Raven*cough*). Overall the story and characters are charming and mysterious, although the mysteries aren’t all solved and the game has pretty much set it’s story up for a sequel but thankfully it didn’t set up a complete cliff-hanger like some games. The main point of Gravity Rush is that it’s game-play is really fun but rather difficult to master. The whole shifting gravity thing is really fun and exploring this open and searching for excessive amounts of upgrade gems (like currency) was a blast. It’s a mechanic that is the focus of the game and it’s not exactly easy as you can find yourself getting lost in all the tumbling motions. The game is a tone of fun although it’s lacking in content as there are very few collectibles and only a handful of missions and challenges, I hear there’s DLC though so I guess that could add more life to the game. You’ll also notice that the platforming (as in just normal jumping) isn’t that flash and it feels like it needed polishing. The challenges are all very challenging and if I had patience I would try to master them all for the platinum. What stopped me from considering that though is the gravity slide mechanic which is very difficult to control but fun to mess about with. To use the gravity slide you need to use the touch screen and tilt controls at the same time and some of the challenges require you to race through circuits to near perfection with the slide and it’s just a bit too frustrating. I love this game though all it needs is more polish and less forced on motion and touch screen stuff. I guess they can do that in the sequel.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! (Anime):

Watamote, just call this anime watamote as it saves a lot of time. Watamote is an anime that came out last year about a girl who suffers from anxiety and is socially inept. She’s an awkward character and one that I found easy to sympathise with (In fact I’d probably say she’s adorable but that’s just me). Anyway the show looks pretty amazing with lots of visual references to various other shows and the like. The opening and ending themes are also pretty freaking amazing and the soundtrack is nice to boot. As for story well it’s pretty much a straight up comedy that doesn’t really have a satisfying conclusion but there is an overarching story as well follow the protagonists struggles to gain popularity. It’s very much character based and I thought it did an interesting job of showing what having social anxiety is like while at the same time providing comedy. Although it is funny, I did feel second hand embarrassment for the character as well as a strong empathy so it’s certainly not a shallow experience as you may get from other comedy anime. It’s not for everyone but I do recommend it.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PSN):

It’s been years since I’ve played a Crash game, in fact it was Crash of the titans for Wii back when retailers forced you buy a poorly made game when you bought your consoles. Of course since Crash of the titans was barely a Crash game at all that would set me back all the way to Wrath of Cortex on the gamecube which against the popular opinion I really enjoyed. Suffice to say it’s never been a series of games I’ve talked much about on my blog but it’s probably one that had a large impact on childhood. The one game that I never really got to play though was this one (also twinsanity) except for the one time I tried to play and got freaked out by the huge cortex head yelling at me (I was a kid). After all this time though I decided to retry this game and yeah my childhood reaction was quite unfounded as the dialogue is comical. For starters let me say that playing this on the Vita was a little painful as the D-pad was the only option of control. The controls pretty well though and it’s a lot more fun thanks to the slide mechanic (heh maybe this should be the blog about slides in video games). My only gripe with controls is the fucking obnoxious jetpack levels at the end of the game that are just so damn awkward (worst levels in the game they are). Any other frustrations to be had with the game play come from the level design which for the most part is very well done. However there are at least 3 levels that require annoying backtracking segments if you decide to 100% the game. I’m not sure but this might be the first time I 100% a crash game. Overall the gameplay is a lot of fun and a huge improvement over the original. I have to say I loved the collectibles this time and there’s a whole bunch of interesting secrets. I love the character designs and the game looks pretty good for 3D on the PS1, although I wish Crash had stuck with the world map screen idea. The music is also pretty sweet which when combined with the visuals gives an excellent presentation. Also this game lets you save after each level and has a comical story to it. In fact my enjoyment of this game has made me consider it to be my favourite game in the series and it’s the one I encourage you all to play. (I’m probably forgetting a tone of details I should have put in here).

Thomas Was Alone (PC): 

A gift I received from an amazing person who I hope see’s this review so they can know how much I enjoyed their gift. Thomas Was Alone is a brilliant game that manages to attach a heartfelt story to a bunch of coloured rectangles. It has beautiful music that serves it’s purpose despite not being very catchy, it has excellent visual presentation and some awesome British narration. The story is told through this awesome narration in a way that only bastion and morgan freeman can rival, the narration explores the thoughts of each character one by one and in doing so creates an attachment to these shapes. The game is very short though and I was able to 100% the same day I finished up Crash 2. Of course I have another niggle and that’s the ending chapters that feel a bit strange narrative wise, I do like the end but the sudden shift undid a lot of the immersion I had in the game. Anyway the gameplay itself is a fun little puzzle platformer  as you must guide each square to it’s own exit in order to complete the level. This requires switching between characters and exploiting many of their abilities. You’ll probably notice common platforming tropes and while this game doesn’t really do anything extraordinary for the genre it’s certainly an amazing experience and one well worth the price of admission.

Well that’s another blogg done, I hope you’ll leave some comments and if you didn’t enjoy this blogg please enjoy the picture bellow.


Chaos Blogg 43: Y

Welcome to the last blogg of the year. It’s been a fucking roller-coaster ride this year. Or perhaps it’s been more like a broken roller-coaster that ends with everyone fucking burning in flames. Either way my goal for his blogg is to present my reviews on games and anime. So I will try my best not to burst into a sudden fit of rage or into a ball of tears. To lighten the mood have some music.

Pokemon Y (3DS):

I’m still playing this game. If that’s a testament to my pokefever I’m not sure what is. Pokemon Y is probably the best experience I’ve had with the series since Soul Silver on the DS in 2010. Back then I was going through a rough time (although for different reasons compared to now) and I had amassed over 2/3 of the pokedex. My time with Soul Silver was cut short when the game corrupted on me and it took me a couple of years to play any pokemon game after that. For the most part I was under-whelmed by gen 5 or at the very least it’s first half. Once I picked up Pokemon Y though my enthusiasm for the series came rushing back to me. Let’s start with graphics, the new look is something I enjoyed since it was like watching a fast paced high quality pokemon stadium instead of just the 2D sprites I was used to. I suppose some charm is lost but new charms are gained in the process, in particular this was the first game I actually chose the female trainer for since there was an emphasis on character customisation and it was very easy to make her adorable *ahem*. That aside character design for generic trainers is the best it’s probably been and the game is filled with personality.  The new pokemon designs are actually pretty neat and this was the first time since gen 3 that I had a tough choice picking my starter (I chose froakie). The pokemon in this region are like a melting pot of all the previous games and it’s such wonderful diversity. In terms of story it’s not much at all but luckily it’s not as forced as Pokemon White and instead allows it to feel more personal like the previous generations (1-4). The music has it’s highlights but not much at all stood out to me which is a little sad but not unexpected. Also there’s a frame-rate issue that while I didn’t rage over like some people, still was noticeable for me. In terms of the world layout, I’m sick of this need for complicated cities that simply take up more space instead of adding anything interesting. It’s fun at first but once you’ve seen it all the main city is just a pain which is a shame considering the rest of the world is fun to traverse and explore. As for the gameplay itself I absolutely adore it, the game does a great job of making the main quest fun and providing quite a bit to do… until you reach the credits. While I have my nitpicks with this game, the main thing that bugs me is the lack of quality post-game content. Where did all the legendary pokemon go this gen? Why aren’t there new routes to explore now? I’d also wish there were more places to train rather than just the battle chateau. There is the looker quests but they’re not much. Maybe we’ll find some more answers once PokeBank releases (for real this time). Luckily the game has online functionality which should keep you going for a long time… well it’s doing just that for me at least. While no where near as polished or bountiful as Soul Silver this game is still pretty amazing and I can quite easily recommend it to people wanting to join the fun.

Pokemon Origins (Anime):

Following the trend of Pokemon I decided to check out the new 4 episode anime they recently released. Considering it’s only 4 episodes it manages to sum up the first generation nicely and it actually feels kind of epic at times. It looks pretty neat and sounds pretty neat as well. It’s much darker than the anime we grew up with, and it’s more accurate to the actual game. Although they take liberties with it to make it more cinematic and they add in a mega-evolution probably in an attempt to hype pokemon X even more. My favourite part was probably the Giovanni segment in which we see a villain with depth which isn’t common in the series. There’s also the lavender town episode and a tonne of epic fights at the end that make this worth the watch for pokemon fans. If were or still are a fan of the games this is worth your time and it’s not going to take you long to give it a shot.

The World God Only Knows: Season 3 (Anime):

This is a trip down memory lane. Back in 2011 I started watching anime and as some of you may remember this particular series was one of the first to make it into my reviews. It was also one that had a gamer character that I thought was kind of a badass, in that he’s smooth and calculated. He’s an enigma to viewer as he’s constantly switching between being cold hearted and being romantic, I for one began to wonder where the characters actual emotions lied and in this case that’s a good sign. The soundtrack is still pretty damn catchy and this one of the better looking comedy/romance animes out there. The basic premise is that Katsuragi must win the hearts of girls in order to capture loose souls, after this they forget what just happened (and their feelings) and life goes back to normal. This time though it’s not as comedic and straight forward as a new plot macguffin makes certain characters remember the time they spent with the protagonist, and this causes all sorts of complications. While the plot is complete BS for the most part it doesn’t matter too much since this series is more about the characters and how they deal with the absurd situation. It’s emotional and funny but requires you watch the first two seasons first (although I recommend those as well). I think you might notice the depth once you reach the end.

Pokemon White 2 (DS):

This game is what Pokemon White should have been. It’s more expansive, with less forced story, and most importantly it doesn’t force gen 5 pokemon onto the player. The whole map feels a little convoluted and the path you take is rather abstract but still linear. Overall the new areas added are interesting and enough has been changed to make the previous areas fun to explore. It looks exactly like Pokemon White although the improved level design is visually appealing. In fact if you haven’t played any of the generation 5 games yet then skip to this one. White 2 has a much better post-game which includes a tonne of legendary pokemon and the excellent white tree-hollow (which gives you a shiny dragon type pokemon). There’s some neat features as well, including the hidden grotto’s and the area based pokedex system. I’m a little sad that these features are exclusive to this game though since they were pretty neat. The story is a bit more generic in some ways, but the introduction of Colres was pretty interesting since he’s pretty much the opposite of N but he isn’t an antagonist either. The music is the best I’ve heard in a pokemon game for years, like the best sound track since Soul Silver. It’s unique and quirky and the individuality given to each gym is fantastic. As for gameplay well it’s still pretty fucking sweet and if I wasn’t investing so much time into Pokemon Y I probably would have invested a lot more effort into this game. I kind of sped through it in the rush for the pokemon bank that hasn’t been released yet. I will say there’s a problem in route distribution though, as many of the routes share a lot of the same pokemon and that hinders the variety quite a bit. Overall a good game worth checking out.

Attack on Titan (Anime):

I’ve noticed that every year there’s anime that gets over-hyped. Last year it was Sword Art Online, a great anime that had a bellow average second half and wasn’t really worth the praise. This years over-hyped anime was Attack on Titan. There’s no question in my mind that it’s no where near the levels of praise it’s received but it’s actually pretty epic. There’s violence, character development and a mysterious overall plot. In terms of looks it’s got great style and some awesome scenes but it also has some crappy animation in places. In terms of music it’s freaking fantastic, with that opening theme and a memorable soundtrack. The music really helps with the epic tone they were going for and it’s much appreciated. However this show is nowhere near complete from the looks of things and I can easily see it turning into a full metal alchemist length series. I’m not sure if this is the best thing I’ve seen all year but I guess it’ll make the top 10, but I won’t make any promises. Eren, Levi, Mikasa are all great and interesting characters that I can relate to and the rest of the cast while never having the same impact were certainly likeable. If you need any more reason to check it out keep in mind that team for star is doing an abridging of attack on titan.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

I’ve played three of these games this year. This one was probably the most lacklustre. The NSMB series has become over saturated and the games are doing very little to feel unique. In fact the world maps for this game look almost exactly like the first game on the DS, and they even have some world maps that are just cheap looking and for the most part blank. In fact the game fails in presentation for the most part, as the 3D effect is rarely put to any good use and not a lot of effort was put into making the game stand-out other than the focus on coins. The music is pretty much exactly the same as it was in the previous games so I can’t really say much about it other than it’s still catchy and the credits theme is nice. The focus of this game was the coins, but to be honest I never really felt compelled to try and reach the 1000000 mark. I simply sailed through the game collecting the large star coins and finding the secret exits and levels, and that’s about it. The game is also much shorter than the console releases, but at least it didn’t do the 3D Land level repeat thing. The game felt very formulaic but it also catered to my obsessive need to collect things so I can’t say it’s a bad game. In fact it’s a good game and if you haven’t played any of the previous nsmb games then you might as well check this out if you have a 3DS. But from where I’m standing it’s nothing more than a fun little romp that doesn’t really amaze me. It’s become mediocre which is a shame since the concept had a lot of potential. It left me at half mast so to speak (get it cause the game has flags).

So that was the last Chaos Blogg of the year. Kind of anti-climatic don’t ya think? 2013 was in the end a just another arbitrary year, and I’m sure much of the same awaits us in 2014. I hope to see you then.


Chaos’ Top 10 games of 2013

2013 has been a very mixed year for me and I really don’t want to talk about the specifics but to put it simply, things were looking the best they had in years and then they fucking dive-bombed into the shit. As for games though it’s actually been a pretty solid year all together. Remember these are games that I played this year and not necessarily games that were released this year.

Honourable Mentions:

Halo 4 and Banjo Kazooie – I freakin loved these two games for a variety of reasons, but they didn’t make the cut for this list.

Let us begin the top 10.

10). Rogue Legacy (PC)

One of the most addictive and challenging games of this year. I pretty much have to thank the new game grumps for introducing me to this game and for sucking hard at it in order to inspire me to play it competently. It’s much harder than looks though and it’s easy to get lost for hours at a time collecting various treasures. I think this is the 3rd most used game in my steam library as well. I just love it.

9). 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS)

I had a tough time choosing between this one and it’s sequel but in the end I decided that 999 is easier to get into and better in terms or writing and graphics. It wasn’t an easy choice though but 999 is worth playing and so is the sequel so please check them out if you have the time. You might notice I’ve taken a shine to games like this ever since Ace Attorney.

8). The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (3DS VC)

Best Zelda game I played all year. Links Awakening is classic 2D adventure, that’s aged well in my opinion. It’s got a very quirky charm to it as well and it surprised me with just how sad its story really is. A must play for any Zelda enthusiast that’s for certain.

7). The Walking Dead (Xbox360)

The Walking Dead is a very moving game and is probably one of the best modern point and click games there is. It’s not for those who like happy stories though, so be prepared to have your eyes water at some point. A very memorable gaming experience. It’s also started a second season which I’m looking forward to playing eventually.

6). Pikmin 3 (Wii U) 

Pikmin 3 was worth the wait for the most part and the only reason it’s not higher on the list is the disappointing final level that was simply frustrating instead of fun. However it’s still a beautiful and charming game that corrects most of the mistakes of Pikmin 2. It also has a better multiplayer and mission mode. I fucking love Pikmin.

5). Dangan Ronpa (PSP)

A game that can’t be obtained by legit means in English however fear not law abiding citizens this beauty of a game is coming to the PSVita next year. Of course those who are too poor for the Vita you should find this game for your PSP and have at it. Dangan Ronpa is like the quirky love child of Ace Attorney and 999, it has it’s own charm and even has more gameplay elements than it’s inspirations.

4). Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (XBLA)

This game filled my desire for Metroid styled gameplay and it did it well. (Hell it’s better than Fusion that’s for sure). It’s an impressive game, with great level design, a catchy soundtrack and a lot more to it than meets the eye. platinuming this game was a great achievement for me this year, and I hope to explore more castlevania in future.

3). Sonic CD (XBLA)

Sonic CD is probably my favourite sonic game. It was a joy to play and added an element of exploration to the classic style games that works very well. The soundtrack is quirky and this is probably the best use of speed in any sonic game to date. TIME TRAVEL!

2). Pokemon Y (3DS)

This game has revived my pokemon addiction which I lost in 2010 after soul silver deleted itself on me. I’ll have much more praise for it future but for now it’s exceeded my expectations besides for the disappointing post-game content. I have 440 pokemon caught so far and that number will increase in the next week.

1). Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS)  

Ace Attorney is back and this one is much welcome improvement over Apollo Justice. It does many things right for me and it’s earned this spot due to the DLC case which was quirky and very welcome. If you want to know more go read my review it on my other blog page.

And there you have it the Top 10 for this year. 56 games I played this year and only 10 could get picked so please go easy on my choices guys.




The dark age of the ice-cream

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As you may have guessed I’m going through some awful shit right now. I won’t go into too much detail but suffice to say I almost ended up taking my own life. I have no clue if I’ll keep this blog going but I hope to at least try. At this point though I haven’t made much progress with reviewing anything. And yes this post was intended to make the bad news easier to deliver. I hope it was mildly funny or entertaining but I doubt that it is.