Chaos Blogg 54 – Take to the Witness Stand, Proud

It feels like this one has taken me ages, however I hope this Chaos Blogg has something you might find interesting. I also want to briefly mention that I’m going through some rough stuff at the moment thanks to my own brain being a complete douche, which may have an impact on the review things. Also if you recognise the pun in the title I’m sure you could possibly guess some of the content in this Blogg. Anyway hope you enjoy these remixes, lets keep going.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (DS emulator on PC):

I remember mourning that this game wouldn’t see a translation years ago, as Capcom kept this game from leaving Japan. It was a bummer because well Investigations 1 was my favourite game in the franchise and felt a lot more involved than most of the games in this series in terms of pure gameplay, it also had a well paced story and wasn’t alienating to newcomers (most characters in that game were new with only a few characters reoccurring). Investigations 2 was finally translated by the fans and a Beta patch was released just this year. For the most part the fan translators did a great job in bringing out the games charm and they put in quite the bit of effort with adjustments to the credits and even their own sound-files used for the new characters. Of course it’s not all peachy as the translators let in some horribly dated and unfunny references *cough*attackontitan*cough*pacificrim*cough* which make some lines reek of 2012/2013. Some of the fan voices also didn’t really suit the characters at all (Judge Courtney for one), however considering we’re talking about fans here I’d say it’s pretty good work. Anyway as for the game itself well for starters it looks just as fine as Investigations 1 and the new characters are most well designed in that regard. The music is freaking amazing, even by Ace Attorney standards which is pretty freaking high. There’s some remixes and reused tracks but most of it is new stuff and this new stuff has this vibe that feels a little more ‘rock’ (I really don’t have the proper words for it). Gameplay wise AAI2 feels much more restricted than AAI did, and while I don’t think linearity matters too much with the Ace Attorney series as Dual Destinies proved I do think AAI’s strength was that it felt like you had a decent amount of control. In AAI2 things are a lot more simple you investigate a specific crime-scene, cross-examine people and then repeat as the story moves you to a different location. It’s not much of a problem but it removes some of the agency the player had previously or at least the illusion of agency. Logic Chess is a nice addition to the game although compared to a lot of similar segments it’s rather easy although the time-limit provides pressure. As for the games story and plot well this is where I feel it’s either a love it or hate it kind of deal, as AAI2 tries very hard to raise the stakes with each case to somewhat ridiculous levels. Naturally as these games go on the stakes get higher and the drama gets heavier but by Chapter 3 it seriously felt like the game was in endgame territory and quite frankly that was the best case in the game (I’d say it’s pretty important to the overall series as well). AAI2 also tries to create a far more interconnected plot meaning the story itself gets a little convoluted, and although it’s still a blast and the drama is high it gets bogged in it’s own scale at times removing some of the satisfaction of solving the various mysteries these games normally present. In that sense it’s a bit of a double-edged sword and it’s what makes this game rather unique. I’d also like to mention the games focus on bringing back more and more characters from old games. Normally it’s nice to see characters returning because well it’s often balanced with a whole bunch of new characters, however by the time you reach the end it’s ridiculous just how many characters were bought back for no real justifiable reason other than to tie itself to the main series (like it wasn’t even subtle). In the end though Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is still a good game, but in terms of the Ace Attorney series it’s about the second worst only just above Apollo Justice and it’s dumb-ass time travel paradox shit. Really though it’s no going to cost you much to form your own opinion on the matter and there’s still plenty to love about this game after all is said and done.

The Giver (movie): 

I read this book when I was in high school, that was a long time ago and my memory was rather fuzzy when I watched this but it did manage to connect with what little I do remember about the book. Of course judging a movie to a book isn’t something I want to do here and on it’s own merits I don’t think The Giver was a bad film at all. In fact I’d say it’s a decent movie that’s perhaps even borderline good. I will admit though that going in I wasn’t really expecting much and well it managed to jump over the bar I had set for it. The soundtrack is beautiful, and the use of colour through-out the film was nice and I like how it subtly it changed as the movie went on. In terms of presentation it was neat and the story was fairly solid, although it does feel like the movie rushed things at times. I really don’t have much to compliment outside of perhaps the piano scene and perhaps the conflict between the giver and the douche canoes at the end, as I felt it conveyed emotion well enough to the point where I felt some emotion towards the story. I also only have one real criticism and that’s the scene where they SPOILER kill a baby END SPOILER I don’t think they needed to show that scene in detail especially when they don’t really show anything similar in nature within the film. It was a huge contrast to the rest of the movie and to me felt like it was there for just shock value. In fact I’m pretty sure the audience would have got the conveyed message if you just showed the needle and then cutaway to the reaction of the main characters. Of course that’s mainly because I also felt that the scene as it was, was rather tasteless. Anyway if you think you’d handle it then I can recommend it, but this isn’t a high priority film.

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSVita):

The first Dangan Ronpa was #5 in my top 10 last year and well it had earned it’s spot with providing an addictive game, charming characters, a wonderful narrative and unique visual style and soundtrack. SDR2 has most of these things as well, however in terms of story and gameplay it’s inferior to original game. But why is that well gameplay wise you can do more things which is a plus but a lot of these things aren’t much fun, for example the mechanic of exploring the island is just dull and might as well have been a menu screen as it’s only purpose seems to be for a tamagochi mini-game (I guess it’s optional but still). The class trial segments have also seen new content added, most of which is fine like the Logic Drive and the ability to affirm as well as negate testimony (In fact these are pretty neat). However the hangmans gambit and Rebuttal showdown are just kind of annoying, and I’m not sure why they changed hangmans gambit anyway as it was fine as it was in the original. Of course these gameplay complaints aside it’s still very much the same experience as the first game with a different story and set of characters (Also yes the visuals and sound design are great, just in case I forgot to address that). The story is a mixed bag, with some of the best chapters but also some of the worst chapters. Chapter 3 for example was horrible in that a lot of stuff wasn’t explained and it’s only at the end of the game when this chapter makes sense, although it doesn’t make up for how unsatisfying and unpleasant the chapter was. On flip side there’s stuff like Chapter 4 which I thought handled characterisation really well and was perhaps the most fun to solve. SDR2 is very much a roller coaster experience of story quality which makes it inconsistent compared to the first game that was solid pretty much all around. However I will say that I think part of this came from the fact that people have been spoiling this game like crazy for me and it’s pretty annoying how casually huge spoilers are thrown around for this series, so if you plan to play these games be extra cautious about spoilers. One thing SDR2 did well is characters and characterisation (except a certain someone in chapter 3 like wtf), a lot of these characters are well written although I don’t think I like them as much as the previous games cast (a few exceptions of course). There’s also some extra modes, one of which is a strange action minigame starring Usami the games comedy mascot character and the other is a dating sim/work management game that allows you to get to know the characters better (Including the dead ones) which has it’s sweet moments. (Hmmm I seem to have neglected mentioning the core premise of the game) Just to back track for newbies this is indeed a game where you solve murders and mysteries, similar to Ace Attorney but also with some elements of the Zero Escape series. That said if you haven’t go check out the first one (I recommend setting the voices to Japanese) and if you like what you see the move on to this one. It’s a bit of a downgrade but I’d say it’s still worth playing and is overall a good game.

No Game, No Life (Anime):

What do I think of No Game, No Life? Well to be honest at this point I’m kind of indifferent towards it. I was neither impressed or annoyed out of my wits end by what I saw and overall it’s a mediocre anime with some potential. Funnily enough a certain MyIGNer mentioned this anime after my review of Nisekoi and said that many of the things I said about Nisekoi applied to this anime. While there’s truth to that as both of these shows are good looking, rather shallow and have no end in near sight I don’t think that does this show justice since this show actually has a plot and some sort of drama. For starters No game, No life takes place in a fantasy world where all conflict is resolved through games instead of war. This means the protagonists have a goal and while the plot is rather simple and perhaps generic it at least tries to draw in the viewer. The games themselves have at least an illusion of strategy between the characters and the ‘pulling shit out of thin air’ has been done better elsewhere but it’s somewhat entertaining here. The soundtrack is decent and the characters aren’t that bad. However I can’t quite recommend this one when there’s so much better stuff out there, and I don’t see myself returning to this one in a hurry.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders First Half (Anime):

Wait wait wait Chaos, didn’t you already review this? Also what do you mean by First Half? Well no I haven’t reviewed this yet since Stardust Crusaders is Part 3 of Jjba while the ones I reviewed previously were only parts 1 and 2. As for the First Half part well Part 3 is much bigger than Part 1 and 2, and from my sources is around 50 episodes which means at this point that it’s halfway complete. I decided to watch the first half now because of reasons that I myself don’t quite understand. This series takes place in the 80’s sometime after the events of Part 2 and introduces the concept of the Stand, which is a physical manifestation of a persons spiritual energy (at least that’s how I remember the characters describing it). The Stand kind of replaces the Ripple from the previous series and is front and centre most of these episodes. In that sense it’s a lot more formulaic than the previous series and it can get a little predictable but they seem to have done that on purpose for comedic value and it’s acknowledged somewhat by the characters. The bat-shit crazy charm is still there though and the show is still highly entertaining, with a wonderful soundtrack, excellent visuals and endearing characters. Not every episode is going to hit the mark though and there was one time where I was left a little queasy. It hasn’t quite reached the same level of entertainment as Part 2 did bar for a couple of episodes (6 and 12) but I guess that’s like comparing Gold to Platinum. The first half of Part 3 is a solid anime and still some of the best stuff I’ve seen all year, if you’re curious go check out Part 1 and 2 and then decide if you want to continue, and for those who have seen that much and plan to continue you’re most likely going to enjoy this. Even if Jotaro’s adventure doesn’t have quite the same amount of brilliant bullshit as Joseph’s. Note: Brilliant Bullshit is a compliment.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

10/10 it’s Okay

Seriously though I had everything typed up and just as I saved my internet decide “lol, I better shit myself” pretty much deleting everything I had written. Honestly I can’t fucking remember it was exactly that I even wrote, and I’m just fucking lucky that I was able to recover what I did. So what did I say about Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Well I pretty much said it was a well made that’s good for short daily spurts and not much else, and that personally I just didn’t have the commitment or attention span to invest more time into this one.

The music is relaxing, the characters are cute and the so is the art-style. It’s all very simple but charming and while I don’t recommend it for everyone if you’re into similar types of games it’s probably worth your time. As for complaints well all I can really say is that I don’t like fish, that the bugs make some annoying noises when you wear headphones and that the mayoral stuff feels a little extra pointless at times. Anyway I might go back to it around Halloween so if you want me to do that let me know and I’ll get ready for the guilt trip. If no one wants me to do that though I’ll move on to the likes of Fire Emblem and Luigi’s Mansion… hopefully doing a much better review than this one. Anyway I’m going to try and finish this up now so I don’t have to put up with more bull shit. I really am sorry but I’m tto tired write all that crap again.

So aside from that last one I hope you enjoyed this blogg, I plan to do another video review soon so please stay tuned for that. And to apologise for the fuck up here’s some pictures. Seriously though feedback is helpful people. Also if you actually want to talk about Animal Crossing New Leaf then feel free to do that in the comments as well.



The Chaos Blogg 53: Limited Blade Works

This one probably took a while but to be honest it felt rather quick. Today we have not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 GAMES being reviewed (if you consider these reviews that is). There’s also some anime here, and I hope you can find something that interests you in this blogg. Now lets have some music.

Fate/Extra (PSP): 

Wait a PSP game? holy shit I haven’t talked about one of these in about a year. While probably not the best example of what the PSP is capable of Fate/Extra is what would consider a good game, and one of the more memorable experiences I personally have had on the handheld. Funnily enough I won this in a competitive raffle of sorts run by a very kind and generous individual. Such incredible luck doesn’t happen too often, so I knew I had to make the most of this opportunity. The story of this game is quite similar to Fate/Stay Night however it doesn’t acquire too much knowledge of the series due to it being set in an alternate universe. This Alternate universe is more sci-fi in nature than 100% straight up fantasy as you wake up inside a large computer known as the moon cell and are forced into a death tournament where the winner gets their wish fulfilled. That’s right it follows some Matrix like logic (although there’s more of a magic-based twist to it), and in order for you to battle the moon cell generates your servant (saber, archer and caster). The story explains itself decently throughout the game and while it can be confusing it’s not mind melting. The appeal to the story is the characters that are both charming and well developed, in particular the servant you pick is highly developed (assuming you did everything correctly) and there’s depth and variety in the opponents you face through out the story.

Visually this game doesn’t have too much going for it, however the character portraits are beautiful in both design and art style which gives the game it’s own unique feel. The inside of the arena is also visually appealing with bright colours and an interesting style even if I did think there were too many fish in the background (I don’t like fish). The Music is also top notch with lots of catchy upbeat tunes as well as some well done sorrowful pieces, there’s elements of what I call jazz here and elements of electronic music as well. Now for the gameplay which is where Fate/Extra is actually rather hit and miss. You first pick your servant which will affect difficulty (Saber is meant to be the easiest but her character more than makes up for that) then as the story progresses you must ‘explore’ the arena where you train your servant and collect items in order to be ready for the next boss fight. It’s a rather simple premise and as long as you explore the ‘hub world’ each day before entering the arena it’s pretty hard to screw up royally. The combat itself is like an RPG had sex with Scissor, paper, rock and to be honest I haven’t seen anything like this before. Each battle has 6 moves per turn and in those 6 moves you must input commands, which range from Guard, Break, Attack and Special (which uses up mana). This means you have to guess/predict your opponents moves and knowing is probably more than half the battle in this game. You gain this knowledge by fighting enemies and for boss fights you find it through the story itself. The whole system is a bit more intricate than I can describe and I don’t really want to spend all day writing a tutorial.

For the majority of the game I had fun with this combat system as enemy moves formed patterns that I could pick up on and it was fairly rewarding figuring stuff out without all the required knowledge. Gameplay wise the most fun sections are the boss battles as they offer a fair challenge and they let you go all out without having to fear too many consequences. Using all your items, skills and eventually your Noble Phantasm (super special move) to beat tough opponents is a blast although it will all depend on your servant and the amount of grinding you’ve done. This is where we reach the main complaint, and that’s the grinding which is tedious at first but eventually ends up both tedious and stressful. For starters you’re limited to small areas that take a fair amount of time to move around, you have to fight the same enemies over and over, and there’s no way to save when you’re in the arena meaning if you die in the arena hours of grinding can be wasted. To be honest it doesn’t become a problem until about the 5th chapter, which is when enemies are given their own special moves which are hard to predict and seemingly random. Some enemies can also inflict random paralysis even if you do guard an attack successfully and it’s horrifying when it happens. One situation had me grinding brand new enemies after a boss encounter and that took several retries and a lot of luck to get through. Another time in chapter 6 a random enemy managed to hit me with a special move (didn’t see it coming) that ALSO paralysed me, this paralysis let the enemy take out my character in about 4 hits sinking about 2 hours down the drain. These pure RNG elements made grinding for xp a boring slug through enemies as wondered when and where the next bullshit would come from, luckily the caution I did take saved me from a lot of bullshit but it was never quite as fun. I also found the grinding may have been too much when it came to the final boss who was kind of a cake walk, but that may just be Saber being op in some regards.

Overall there was enough good story, music, art style and boss fights to make me feel like my time was well spent, however there are some huge negatives with grinding and RNG that bring this game down quite a bit and the presentation is lacklustre in areas. I personally think fans of the Fate series are the ones most likely to garner the most enjoyment from this title. Whether you check it out or not is up to you but just be cautious friends.

Kara no Kyoukai (Anime movies): 

Anime movies? But Chaos don’t you normally just review one movie at a time? Yes I normally do that but Kara no Kyoukai is an exception since while it is technically a series of movies it honestly feels more like a mini-series with some episodes being as short as 50 minutes to some going long over the hour mark. If I were to review all 8 movies separately it’d get rather boring and time consuming. The animation quality is pretty good, it was made by the same people who did Fate/Zero and even the stuff from 2007 still holds up. The soundtrack is also well done and there’s some pretty memorable central musical themes of course since these are movies I think some of the soundtrack is quite forgettable but I still encourage you to give it a listen. As for the story well once you piece it together it’s a rather touching story that brings up various moral questions even if it does lay it on a bit too thick at times. However plot is a bit different as these movies are not only out of chronological order but the first 4 are so intentionally vague and misleading that it’s a little frustrating to try and figure out all the details. Movie 5-8 kick everything up a notch, everything visually improves and despite 5’s intentional misdirections all these movies clarify a lot of the vague details and have more solid plots than 1-4. The later half is when I felt like everything was paying off and was when I felt the most emotional investment in the characters and their stories. However I must warn you now these movies are not for faint hearted people as they contain some very dark and disturbing themes, lots of gore and the 3rd movie has nudity and rape I’ve put those Bold just in case some idiot doesn’t read through the whole thing. The nudity is rather tame but the series doesn’t shy away from things like rape, cannibalism, suicide and just murder in general (but it’s reserved enough for it to not make me feel ill). Also note that there are supernatural elements and magical shit in these movies so be warned if that ain’t your cup of tea. If you think you can handle it then it has my recommendation because half way in the series I found myself enjoying the story quite a bit.

Mega Man 6 (Wii U VC):

Mega Man 6 is probably one of the better Mega Man games I’ve played. “But Chaos that game’s too easy” I hear you say, well you do have a point the game is rather easy however considering the average Mega Man difficulty this might be the perfect starting point for new comers to the series. Difficulty aside I had a blast playing Mega Man 6 and could easily see it sliding under Mega Man 2 & 3 in my own top 5 list. I enjoy the 8-bit graphical style of this game and visually it seems nicely polished probably due to it being a later NES title. The robot masters in this game range from lazy stereotypes like Flame man and Tomahawk man to the kind of weird like Yamato man and Centaur man. The music is good old classic 8-bit Mega Man and the themes I included here I pretty much ones I all enjoyed, although the soundtrack doesn’t reach 2, 3 or 9 levels. As for the game-play itself well the charge shot pretty much wrecks everything but the new weapons aren’t exactly useless, for example Flame mans weapon can melt ice walls and also deals a ton of damage to plenty of bosses (Silver Tomahawk is pretty neat as well). The levels like Mega Man 5 also have gimmicks to them, like Plant man whose stage has springs, the Centaur man stage has water and upside down water, Knight mans stage has bumpers and treadmills, and the Flame man stage has pits of oil and moving platforms you somewhat control. The stages have variety and even replay-ability as several stages have alternate exits and hidden goodies (for example Yamato Man has a hidden miniboss). Get all the secret exits and you gain beat who can help you out in a jam. Having alternate paths is a pretty awesome thing and to get most of them you need to use the rush adaptors that give an awesome punch and a jetpack. With these adaptors they found a work around for the weapon energy problem as each now comes with a smaller gage that’s used up quickly but also recharges automatically. It’s somewhat exploitable but since it runs out fast so it’s not a good idea to over rely on it, yet at the same time you don’t have to hunt down weapon energy for the damn things. No doubt this game is easy but it’s a lot of fun and I could easily recommend it to anyone looking to start off their mega man experience on a lighter note, before they work their way onto the likes of 2 and 3 of course. Note: I think they tried to compensate for some of this with lots of ceiling spikes.

Liberation Maiden (3DS eShop):

Fans of Kid Icarus Uprising are probably going to dislike me more than they already do but I’m quite adamant about those ground controls being shit. So how on earth do you get 3D shooting to work on the 3DS with out the Circle Pad Pro and without it being on-rails. Well Liberation Maiden has a good crack at figuring that out and I have to say it’s a lot better than Nintendo’s own solution. Liberation Maiden is a small shooter where you control the president of New Japan who flies around in a mech and shoots up a bunch of enemies in order to Liberate her country. The plot and the premise are fairly nonsensical but the character designs and various artwork are very neat which is probably expected from a Level 5 game. The cut-scenes were well done and the music is pretty kick-ass, although you’ll find the in game visuals to be a little lacking on detail (I would by no means call them bad though). The biggest downside is the games incredibly short length, as you can play Liberation Maiden in about a couple of hours. However you can argue this adds replay value but I haven’t really had the urge to play it again yet, so that may just be for those who love this genre and love getting high scores. In that regard you may want to get the game on sale instead of paying full price but I’ll leave that choice to each of you. Anyway lets get back on track to the game-play itself. Unlike Kid Icarus you control Shoko by using the L button the switch between strafing and free movement, this gives you greater freedom to move around and removes most camera problems out of the equation. However this leaves the question of how do you shoot? Well they figured a way around that by using the touch screen itself to shoot, this means as you aim you lock onto targets and when you let go you fire your ammunition which is also your shields, which means the greater the damage you deal at once the more exposed you are to a quick death. It’s a brilliant idea and the controls work well for the most part unless you forget to actually fire any weapons of course. Like Kid Icarus Uprising this game gives you hand cramps but thankfully the game is short enough for those cramps to not be too detrimental (so the two major negatives compliment each other I guess). There’s also plenty of lore here hidden in the game and I guess that’s why they made a VN sequel (although I get the feeling that ass was a factor as well). Anyway it’s a short but fun game and it may be worth your time if you’re curious and have too much money (you lucky bastard).

Fire Emblem (Wii U VC): 

This is the first localised Fire Emblem and was the game we got thanks to the popularity of Roy and Marth in Melee. Also known as Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken and FE7, Fire Emblem is an excellent turn based strategy game known for its cruel perma-death feature. Now lets start with what I liked since while I do love this game I feel it does fail in many areas compared to the rest of the series. Hector, Eliwood, Lyn (who is super attractive, just getting that out there), Jafar, Nino, Athos, Ninian, Nils and the villain Nergal are all rather interesting characters who I felt had rather emotional and dramatic stories which suit this series well (they also have good designs). The dynamic between Jafar and Nino for example is a story of redemption that I thought was pretty powerful (I didn’t support them though I’m just going off the main story). Various other spoilers with these characters made me enjoy the story and hopefully I’ll remember this games story as time passes. That said there’s fantastic replay value as after Eliwoods story is complete you gain access to Hectors story, however I have yet to complete Hectors adventure so I’m not sure if it’s worth playing through just yet.

As mentioned the story is engaging and can be emotional at times which is something I found lacking in Shadow Dragon (FE11). In fact the entire game is better than Shadow Dragon as the gameplay is far more addictive and I would argue less bullshit. If you’re curious the units I found most useful besides the 3 lords were the two snipers Wil and Rebecca, the pegasus knight Florina and the druid Canas who could pretty much own both of the final bosses. The music in this game is solid, with several stand out tracks although it’s a little on the generic side at times and other games in the series have better soundtracks (this one is still great though don’t get me wrong). Also since it’s on Wii U you now have access to an optional battle save feature, the kind which was in Radiant Dawn. It’s only really viable in long battles and while it is exploitable it can easily fuck you over so it’s not an instant win thing. (speaking of exploits you can also exploit some bosses and arenas which could be handy if rng screws you).

Now for the negatives, Night of farewells can go fuck itself and so can the Berserker staff, that chapter was long tedious and to top of it off the ass-hole with the annoying staff was on his own little island with an angelic robe in tow (it’s an item that increases your HP). Trying to get that robe and survive was one of the most unpleasant things I’ve ever tried to do and I eventually said fuck it and killed that ass-hole. That being said I won’t claim myself to be an expert, in fact I know I lack skill in these games and they always feel like a challenge to me. Of course another complaint I have is this games difficulty curve or lack of one, most chapters are straight forward while others are painful and then there are times where it’s just too easy and I’m left sitting around waiting for time to pass. I remember other games in the series having difficulty peaks and troughs but never to this degree of inconsistency. This is going to get me some flack but the supporting characters felt bland and unmemorable, not quite as bad as Shadow dragon (I only remember Marth and Shiina) but to the point where they felt very cliché and that I had seen them all elsewhere. The only way to flesh out these characters is with supports which take a long time and waste a lot of turns to get, which if your impatient like I was you wont bother too much with. I also felt the ending was a little anit-climatic and the Epilogue was lacking though I get the feeling I’ll find much more in Hectors story (although that’s just my hunch).

If you’re wondering yes I love this game, to the point where I even started a second play through today. I find the game-play addictive and I kind of want to see if I can flesh out more of the characters next time. Do I recommend this game? Yes, while no Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn, FE7 is a solid entry in the series and one I can recommend to most people (Right now it’s also the cheapest out of these, so yeah go get it).

Space Dandy (Anime): 

Right so this only covers season 1 so there’ll probably be a season 2 review later this year I guess. Space Dandy is a great comedy anime, that centres around the adventures of Space Dandy a bounty hunter who is perverted and rather incompetent. That’s about as much premise as I’ll give as the series is pretty off the wall and no one episode is the same in terms of theme and plot (It’s highly implied that some sort of multi-verse thing is going on). The series looks great and sounds great. There’s plenty of laughs here, but there’s also some surprisingly emotional episodes and they do a really good job of building up most of the main characters. However I though the last episode of this season was a bit crap and it was dumb note to leave on. But really I don’t have much to talk about here. It’s a fun but short anime and I’d say it’s worth your time if you want a comedic anime set in space. Hell actually I’ll just recommend it to most people who are into anime as you should all at least give it a shot if you haven’t already.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one, there’s some long ones here and not everything got the same amount of time but hopefully you like what was done here, if not then maybe the perverts in the audience will enjoy the following pictures. Also I’m thinking of trying to do a video review on Fire Emblem, however since my equipment is shit it’s not going to be that great but I at least want to see if I can pull it off or not.


See you next time for Chaos Blogg 54

The Chaos Blogg 52: Batman in Dreamland

As of this typing it’s been one day since the passing of Robin Williams, and we all probably need a pick-me-up after such events. I myself was shaken by the news that one of the greatest heroes of my childhood had left so early. I don’t really have much else to say on the subject but I wanted to at least say thanks to him, and if you haven’t yet, go to Anthony’s (gameguy) blog he pretty much sums it up better than I ever could.

Moving on I just got back from the city with a new pair of headphones because the last pair broke last night for no reason, I also took the time to put in a special pre-order for 2015. It’s one that I think will deserve it’s own blog in the future. Hopefully I’ve got some good content here for you. It’s got lots of ups and downs. Some good games, a terrible anime, worst movie of the year and best movie of the year all await you inside. Here are some tunes to begin the show.

Batman Arkham City: Armoured Addition (Wii U):

After enjoying Arkham Asylum last year I decided to finally pick this game up on sale. I had heard that this was one amazing game, and I can clearly see how it has become beloved by many. The dialogue is as splendid as it was previously and for the most part the story and world building has been improved. However the games story does have pacing issues and the ending feels like an anti-climax. I had honestly thought something greater and more finale-like was waiting and was let down. Otherwise writing and story-wise this is an excellent game, and it also has an excellent art style that while lacking colours (the city feels very grey) at times, is overall enjoyable to look at (Graphically I was somewhat impressed but that doesn’t mean too much in the scheme of things). The soundtrack is meh and is your standard movie like music that a lot of modern games have adopted, although there were a couple of nice tunes. It just all felt rather boring to me with the occasional hint of batman thrown in and the fact that people praise these soundtracks is not something I can really understand. However the soundtrack does serve its purpose to compliment the story, the environment and the action (so it is far from bad). The gameplay itself for the most part is an improvement on Arkham Asylum and in that regard it’s still incredibly fun. The combat has been fine tuned and so has the stealth, another thing that’s been improved upon for the most part is the boss encounters which were mostly laughable in Asylum. In particular the Mr. Freeze boss battle is fan-fucking-tastic (In fact I really like Mr. Freeze in this game) as it also demonstrates the versatility of the stealth system this time around while providing a fun battle. However some boss battles are pretty crappy (Two-Face) still and there are some that just feel really out of place in a way that reminded me of the old spiderman games on PS1. Movement capabilities have also increased and the gadgets are more plentiful allowing for lots of clever Riddler puzzles that gave me plenty of “EUREKA” moments. In fact the puzzles and collecting are probably my favourite parts of the game although I do think there’s a bit too many. I also liked doing all the side-quests and enjoyed the various Metroidvania aspects still present in the game, however if you were to ask I would say I actually like Arkham Asylum a bit more. Why is that? Well for starters Arkham Asylum is much closer to being a metroidvania game in nature, and if you all follow me closely you should know I love Metroidvania. And really that’s the main reason, Arkham City cuts away the more Metroidvania design in order to have a more open world experience, in that sense it’s more like assassins creed with metroidvania elements and batman. Right off the bat you’re thrown into a huge city with collectibles galore with very little restriction on where you can go, it’s an overwhelming experience and once you’ve done it all Arkham city feels kind of barren except for the generic goons on the street which don’t serve any purpose than to amuse combat junkies (but wouldn’t you just go to challenge mode then?). Which ever one you like more though is a personal preference issue and both games I can easily recommend to you all. Of course I need to address the Wii U side of this, for starters there’s no forced motion controls and all the game really messes with is the interface and the hacking components. The interface could have used an optional pause menu, however from what I’ve seen the Wii U has an easier hacking mini-game that reminded me of the DS days. Other additions include the armour suits which I personally like the look of. and I enjoy the boost given in combat since it can help in a tight spot. The game also has this handy riddler trophy locating sonar on the Wii U which helps big time when looking for those trophies and helps make the Riddler side-quest less of a burden. Other than that the Wii U version has all the extra DLC which I’m assuming is present in the GOTY edition on other consoles. One thing to note though is that the game froze a few times on various loading screens and that the harleys revenge dlc bugged out on me when I tried to play it a second time, I have no clue if this is fairly standard or not but just do some research into it before deciding on which console to purchase the game on.

Nisekoi (Anime):

Ugh. Where do I even begin? Well Nisekoi is a series with a lot of potential that is horribly wasted. For starters it looks amazing, it has some good music (the EDs bellow are pretty neat), and has some nice characters and designs. However Nisekoi is a poorly written mess where nothing happens at all, and instead it chooses to drag on without fulfilling any requirement for drama OR comedy. The saddest thing is that there’s still more of this being made and that from what I hear it’s going to go on for a long time. The characters start off interesting however as the show goes on the writing gets repetitive and the characters suffer for it. None of the characters are developed properly with some receiving excessive amounts of screen time while others are very much ignored. The ones that constantly get screen time eventually come across as stupid and indecisive, overall they eventually becoming irritating stuck in limbo with no character growth. Now for some shows not having your characters grow is great, in fact that’s the basis of a lot of great comedy. However Nisekoi is nowhere near funny enough and nor does it even try to emphasise it’s comedy aspects. Instead it focuses on visuals and teasing the possibility of drama. Well there is some conflict as the first episodes really do a decent job of establishing characters and situations, however within 25 episodes they just don’t do anything worthwhile with it. I honestly recommend avoiding this at all costs even if you are heavily into the medium as it is a complete waste of your time. The fact the plot manages to make the characters worse as it progresses is horrifying. I also checked out a little bit of the source material due to the adamant request of a friend and found that the original idea was a lot more interesting (I believe it’s called a one-shot, something along the lines of a pilot) and I wonder whose digestive system it went through to produce this turd.

Accel World (Anime):

Accel World is set in the same universe as the somewhat infamous sword art online. This can be an instant turn off or turn on depending on who you’re talking to but for the most part the quality is more consistent than sao. Accel World isn’t that great to look at, as it has some weird metallic effects being used, but it is far from horrendous. The character designs aren’t too bad although the protagonist does feel a little out of place. In terms of music it has a fairly decent soundtrack and it can get your heart pumping at times which is pretty neat. Story wise, well it’s really hard to tell how it’ll turn out over time but so far the show has gone over some arcs that weren’t too predictable. The fact that it needs to be completed still is a bit of a turn off but it didn’t leave me feeling ripped off, and instead I wouldn’t mind watching more if it is ever made. I was honestly surprised by some of the character development and I while it’s nothing extraordinary it was good enough to surpass the likes of Guilty Crown and the second half of sao. If were to complain about anything really is that one of the villains was a bit too irritating although there is a level of pay-off at the end. Honestly there’s not much to say about Accel World, it’s just above average and is an overall good time, the easy recommendation is to those who like sword art online but at the same time if you’ve already seen much better anime then this might be worth considering. Either way it’s more worthy of recommendation than Nisekoi.

Lucy (Movie):

Where do I even begin with Lucy? Well for starters this dumbest movie about incredibly ‘smart’ people I have ever seen and quite frankly you’ll get a far better experience by watching Limitless. Lets just kind of start at the beginning where we see the original Lucy the ancestor to humans, this makes sense since it fits the name of the movie and the theme of evolution. We are then introduced to our protagonist talking to some douche canoe rather casually, I believe this was meant to be character building but it feels more like cheap exposition. Throughout the opening scenes we are given oh so clever cut-aways from a flashback at some night club, to some stock footage of cheetahs hunting a gazelle. These cutaways are obnoxious and the very first sign that this was going to be rubbish, the movie is going “look lucy is like that gazelle she has no power, see this is symbolism guys, this is art right guys? look, look see this shot of the mouse and the cheese and the mousetrap. well you’re never going to guess what that means right? It means she’s being lured into a trap. Look at that we have symbols and meaning, we must be like really smart”. Funnily enough this almost stops completely once Morgan Freeman’s character finishes his lecture and it feels just as pointless as it sounds. The film tries to be a gritty action flick as well, with Lucy throwing up minutes into the film after seeing some blood covered feet… of course moments before we did see her “boyfriend” get shot with blood splatter and everything but man those feet are so much worse. To be fair once we get to the weird and tense drug cartel scenes the movie picks up a little as in the atmosphere is tense and there’s some investment in these characters to be had. However this does not last long at all, and once again we are presented with a movie full of people doing stupid shit. For example they plant drugs into her stomach but don’t tell the dip-shits transporting her not to hit her in the stomach. And then we reach the point where the powers kick in and shit hits the fan pretty fast. Lucy’s power is inconsistent and often never explained, most of these powers are over the top and make no sense but what makes even less sense is the actions of Lucy herself. In one scene she says she can no longer feel any human emotion but in the scene before she was crying to her mom about remembering the taste of her milk… yeeeeep that’s a thing, that’s said. Towards the end of the film she even kisses some random guy for no fucking reason other than “A reminder” A reminder of what? you lost all your human emotions half an hour ago. Also why is a super human with no emotions letting the people who want to kill her live? it’s established early on that she has no qualms about killing them and yet plot convenience dictates that there be a villain until the ending I guess. I could keep going folks but I’m going to sop with the specifics here, in short the writing is god fucking awful. Not even Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansen can save this crap and they don’t look like they were enjoying this either. The action scenes and special effects aren’t even that great in grand scheme of things and in many cases they’re just as weird as the writing. Of course there are some cool scenes scattered throughout like the bit where she puts everyone to sleep, and the bit where she uses the reflections in someone’s memory to find hidden information (still stupid but cool). In fact I thought the core concept had potential and the cast was promising, however it is stupid as the myth it’s based on. Many scenes haphazardly throw around scientific terminology to make the characters sound smarter, and it’s just cringe worthy. I would honestly say more but even thinking about this awful movie is giving me a headache. This is the worst movie I’ve seen all year so far, I do not recommend it, instead avoid it until you can rent it out of morbid curiosity. This film will insult your intelligence and waste your time, however there’s at the very least a decent soundtrack and some cool shit.

Kirby’s Dreamland 3 (Wii U VC):

Dreamland 3 is pretty much an SNES upgrade of Dreamland 2, a really impressive upgrade but that’s still the simplest way to describe the game. In many ways it’s a step backwards from super star saga the previous SNES game and you’ll probably notice some similarities to Kirby 64 (I tried that on emulator once). Dreamland 3 has the usual charming and relaxing Kirby soundtrack you’d expect by now and it’s pleasant to listen to. Complimenting the soundtrack is the games visual style which is really neat and charming, and is a lot softer on the eyes. In terms of gameplay it’s a very basic for the most part you go through levels with Kirby, absorb abilities and then ride your animal friends. A standard play-through really offers not much difference to Dreamland 2. Surprisingly it’s a lot easier to take damage in this game at times, however it’s not too troublesome until you reach certain challenges. In order to properly complete the game you need all the hearts, which you win at the end of each level for doing a specific thing. Sometimes you need to find a specific object, sometimes you need to solve some puzzles, and sometimes you get a minigame. Honestly the most challenging aspects are the levels that require you to make it through the toughest stages without a single death so that you can reach the end with the required animal buddy and/or power up. Of course this means game does have trial and error elements that extend the gameplay time, but it’s never anything too intense and since it’s such a short game it won’t matter much in the long run. The boss fights are also pretty easy by Kirby standards in particular the final boss is probably the weakest of it’s type I’ve seen so far in these games. Is Dreamland 3 worth your time? I’d say yes, if you haven’t played Dreamland 2 this one will give a similar relaxing experience with a bit more gameplay variety. As goes for most Kirby games this is worth your time if you’re looking to relax and if you’re needing your Kirby fix. It’s certainly one of the better looking games in the series.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie):

Folks here we have the best movie of the year so far. I haven’t felt this much enjoyment and emotion in a cinema for quite a while and Guardians does a great job of balancing comedy with drama. I honestly have no idea where to begin, the concept for the movie is crazy enough and it’s surprising to see it work this well. The soundtrack isn’t very original as it uses lots of pop music from the past, and the original tracks in the movie are fairly standard and simply serve their purpose of complementing the action on screen. Visually I was pretty impressed and the designs for the most part feel really quirky and while they have influences in other science fiction (star wars, star trek, so and so forth) it felt like the movie was carving out it’s own unique look. Great comedy really helps lighten the tone and the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously while at the same time investing the viewer in the characters. The movie is filled to the brim with spectacular action sequences as well, and the plot itself is fairly standard for Marvel movies (magical mcguffin stones of power) although I would say there’s a greater sense of adventure here. Rocket, Groot and Starlord are incredible characters that are well written by my standards, and gamora, drax and most of the side characters where engaging as well. The only exception is the villain who is kind of just there to be a dick, and he has a room where he talks to emperor palpatine a bit. Honestly I think the only big negative I had with the film is that some of the lines where hard to hear, mainly these were exposition lines, but sometimes it was bad enough to ruin a joke or two. However keeping that in mind it could have probably been an acoustics issue, or an issue with my own ears so I’m not too mad about this problem (In future I plan to purchase this movie and watch it with subtitles). Overall I highly recommend Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s a fun time and also quite a moving time.

I hope you enjoyed this blogg, it took me quite a while but that seems to be the pace for this year. I’ve already got stuff planned for the next blogg so stay tuned. For the perverts amongst here are some pictures. NOTE: This was not published on the day I started typing, just in case the intro confused anyone.



Chaos Blogg 51: Valiant Hearts

4 games for you today folks and some anime. It’s all downloadable titles so I think you can get most of these on steam which is probably a good way to get these games on the cheap. Are they worth the price? Well lets find out. Oh right, here’s some remixes.

Battleblock Theatre (PC): 

This game may well be the funniest game of the year, or at the very one of the funniest I’ve played this year (rivalled by the Stanley parable). Received as an unexpected gift fromcelsium (who you may know as Ghandi and excellent streamer and a very generous person) I somewhat quickly started this game only to put it on the back-burner in favour of completing other things (see last blogg). However I resumed playing eventually and really enjoyed myself with this game, in fact I intend to go back and explore further at some point provided I have someone wanting to join me. The key draw of this game is the presentation: the beautiful cartoon art-style, the wacky yet simple character designs, the wonderful and comedic narration and voice acting by Stamper (whose normal work is actually kind of gross and it seems he produces amazing stuff when he has to actually censor himself to a degree), the awesome heart pounding and somewhat catchy soundtrack, and the overall level of polish. The gameplay itself is a rather standard platform affair, with elements of puzzle games and collect-a-thons thrown in. Each world consists of 9 regular levels, 2 finale levels and 3 encore levels which are often very brutal. To complete a level you need to find 3 gems and enter the exit, however the finales and encores race you against a timer which I personally don’t like but it’s often easier to A++ these levels than the regular sort. The game uses a grading system depending on how many gems/yarn you collect and how fast you collect everything, and since I’m a somewhat obsessive collector I collected most of the gems and yarn except for the ones in the final encore which can go suck on bull testicles. For the most part the platforming is straightforward and the levels are well designed with plenty of secrets, however there’s some moments where the game feels like a user made level used to dick with people and to force them to use exploits and shit. I’m guessing in those moments I missed something but luckily enough the game gives you shortcut items that can help you out of trouble. Overall the game-play is solid and quite fun, even if I wouldn’t say it’s anything extraordinary. Forgot to mention but the controls are fluid and suit the level design, it all meshes well together. As for longevity well the game has a level creator which is rather in-depth and kind of fun, it reminded me of when I used to play Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 and made levels in that game. There’s also a lot of multiplayer content including various versus modes and a co-op story mode that changes the level design to suit co-operative play. So even if the game is short by your standards there should be quite a bit here to engross you for a long period of time, assuming you have the creative and/or friends. I could probably recommend this game for the presentation factors alone, however the gameplay is also fun and worth playing. Just a reminder but I’m not sure which features are exclusive to PC so you should into that if you want to purchase this game.

Valiant Hearts: The great war (XBLA):

This game is great and it’s without a doubt my favourite game included in this post. Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure type game of a rather linear nature, the puzzles for the most part are intuitive and the game often allows some very minor exploration where you can find historical artefacts. For the most part it’s a linear experience that’s also quite relaxing doesn’t require too much skill. However there are some action sections to spice up game play, these include taxi levels where you need to avoid obstacles, some levels that have some stealth mechanics, levels where you control tanks and moments of gameplay that require a mini-rhythm game. These different styles of gameplay keep everything feeling diverse and stop the game getting stale, in fact they make for great pacing and variety. The only complaint I could give is that some of them have achievements that require 100% accuracy which means replaying/restarting levels over and over again which gets a little tedious. Another minor complaint is that some collectible objects blend into the ground even when highlighting is on. Overall the gameplay is fun and I enjoyed most of the level and puzzle designs. Music wise it seems Valiant Hearts is filled with a lot of classic (styled?) music and it seems a lot of the soundtrack was used from other sources, but I could be wrong about that. Either way the soundtrack is filled with beautiful pieces that fit the themes of the game and convey the tone well, and that piano stuff is just excellent (it’s not really what I’d call memorable though). Visually the game is very impressive with interesting character designs and hell of a lot of gorgeous detail put into pretty much every area. You can tell this is related to the new Rayman games and it’s a nice contrast between the rather gritty setting and themes. In fact considering the setting and story, I was surprised at how they managed to show variety in colours and the like, I was really impressed by it all and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a game handle this setting like this visually. Speaking of setting and story the game feels like it’s in two halves, one which is more of an adventure and the other which feels far more serious and sombre. I personally like this as the first half develops a lot of the characters while the second shows more of the impact of the war on them, while I wasn’t crying at the end I thought these were fairly well done and likeable characters and the story was a take on WWI that could be at times light hearted or exaggerated but it never felt like it was mocking the serious subject. The game is also filled with historical facts and details, which is pretty neat since it reminded me of the days when 12 year old me would just read up on history most of the time (the collectibles also contribute to these details). Overall I can’t find anything big that I thought was off about the game, and I can highly recommend this game to any looking for a puzzle/adventure game set in a unique setting for the genre. Hell I recommend it to all but the most impatient of players.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Anime):

If you have a great memory you may remember me recommending this anime some time in the past. Well to be more precise I was talking about the first season back then and with the last year a whole new season was made. This show is going to be a big one I can tell, since not a lot of the overall story threads are tied up at the end of this season but at the very least I can manage it with individual seasons. Magi looks just as good as it did previously and the visual design of new locations is pretty sweet. The same pretty much goes for the soundtrack which has some really great moments but is often mediocre and just serves its purpose. The story and characters are charming just as they were previously although I personally dislike some, and not all of the protagonists get the same amount of screen time. The first half of the story is a fun adventure where the protagonist develop and go their separate ways, there some fun action here and it’s a good time as the series keeps a sense of humour. Also developed are several other characters and we’re introduced to a much larger cast of characters and many a brand new setting. The second half decides to focus on Aladdin and the characters of magnostadt a country found on magic. Several characters are introduced here and developed quite nicely and unexpectedly, in fact overall I was impressed by some of the complex themes (well they seem complex to me anyway) and I felt the story naturally lead itself to the climax. The action and drama are quite impressive overall, and there was one moment in particular that stood out as quite epic. Really I don’t want to talk to much more since I feel like anything else I could say is a spoiler of some sort. What I will say though is that Magi season two is worth watching is enjoyed season one and that the series is so far is one that I can recommend anyone wanting a good action anime with a unique setting. Will it make the end of year top 10? Not sure really, but it has some chance.

Akuma no Riddle (Anime):

While interesting in premise Akuma no Riddle fails in it’s execution and is mostly wasted potential. The reason for this is that the show is far too short to effectively develop all let alone any of the characters. It really boggles my mind that they would try and explain one character per episode, and a lot of them end up feeling shallow. It’s really hard to give a shit about most characters in here which is a shame since the whole thing has some interesting visual design and there was potential for something so much better story wise. The fact each character gets their own ending theme is also a level of polish that suggests potential, that clearly effort was being put into some areas. Soundtrack wise though it’s nothing special outside of those ending themes and I really can’t remember a single track without any vocals which shows just how forgettable the soundtrack is. Story wise it’s an interesting premise as a bunch of (highly implied lesbian) assassins are gathered to try and kill one target in order to have their wishes fulfilled, there’s some intrigue but the plot twists are kind of meh and not really anything worth calling a twist. The ending was also fucking lazy and cements this show as mediocre at best. Of course not everything is garbage as the potential shines through in a couple of episodes starting with episode 8 and ending episode 11 once the ‘twist’ is revealed. Those few episodes focus more on action and tension, while also somewhat developing characters effectively. This is most likely because the pacing changes in these episodes giving more time for everything rather than just speeding through like the rest of the show does. Overall the action sequences aren’t bad and I was surprised by how some characters seemed bland but turned out to be somewhat interesting. At the same time some really potentially interesting characters are wasted and one in particular is completely shafted by shitty and confusing writing. Do I recommend it? No, there’s a lot better stuff out there, and while this show does have the visuals and action done fairly well, it’s just so damn rushed in terms of pacing and feels poorly written because of that. Wasted potential.

Outland (XBLA): 

Outland is one of those game where a lot of elements clash and produce kind of an average game, which is strange since in the earlier levels (areas) it shows little signs of turning out this way (In fact it’s very promising). Firstly Outland is a beautiful game that has a rather simple silhouette art style and a calming natural feel. There’s plenty of bright colours on objects and in backgrounds, and the red and blue colour coding is a key element in progressing through the games hazards. Unfortunately though this beauty is also a weakness, as some of the backgrounds make certain objects and enemies hard to see at points. Outland has a beautiful soundtrack that is incredibly relaxing and atmospheric, however not much of it is really memorable at all and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. There’s also something oddly nostalgic about this game and it’s hard to put my finger on but the presentation leaves me feeling calm and relaxed. The gameplay is semi-metroidvania in nature since there’s some exploring and backtracking, however it’s all optional unless you want 100% of the upgrades and collectibles. Even then though the game doesn’t really reward those efforts and by Metroidvania standards it’s not that great, in fact you’re better off playing Guacamelee or Shadow Complex both of which are downloadable games that are extremely fun and great examples of the Metroidvania genre. Putting aside the small size of the game and somewhat linear nature of the experience there’s a far bigger set of problems that I think hold this back from being an excellent game. The first is the mixture of clunky control and bullet-hell-like designs, the character is way too slow and cumbersome for the level design which seems like something better suited for a bullet hell shooter at times. I remember some games having similar elements and they often had fast moving characters, and they also had a health bar system… in Outland there’s a hearts system like Zelda but instead of having varying degrees of damage each hit you take loses you one heart. This is rather brutal at times when the game throws bullet-hell like challenges or gives you multiple enemies that aren’t always intuitive to deal with. You also need to deal with enemies in close range except for the couple of special projectile moves that take up one of your yellow power tank things with each use. All these things combine together at times to feel rather unfair than challenging. I think it may be because they wanted to focus on the colour switching mechanic which is necessary to avoid ‘bullets’ and to attack enemies. It’s a rather neat idea but I don’t think it suits the gameplay style at all, and I often found myself losing my hearts quickly to these annoying obstacles. Also switching has been in other games and ironically enough you’ll find something similar done better in Guacamelee, although that game lacks the colour based ‘bullets’ so it’s not quite the same. As much as I’m giving Outland a hard time I will admit that it’s still fun and is by no means a stinker, if you’ve played the best than Outland could fill your Metroidvania cravings although even the linear Metroid Fusion may offer you a better meal in that regard.

Brothers – A tale of two sons (PC):

Brothers is that game you may have seen Xbox trying to promote last year amongst the likes of Flashback and that crappy TMNT game, in fact it’s the only game from that promotion that I could say is worth playing. The game has an arguable generic style but I personally feel that it has an almost fairytale fantasy kind of charm and you can see some of those darker fairytale elements throughout the game. My explanation doesn’t really do it any justice but the level design is rather charming and there’s some well designed creatures even if the visuals aren’t ground-breaking. The music for this game is pretty meh at best as seemingly all of the soundtrack has annoying vocals. Sure they help build the atmosphere but they are rather ear grating and I don’t think I’ll return to this soundtrack at any point in time. Story wise Brothers is a somewhat dark adventure but the darkness is more in the themes than the tone itself. I found the adventure interesting and I think if you want to play the game you should discover it all for yourself. What I will say is that I’ve seen better and more interesting stories but I think this game still offers a worthwhile narrative. Before I forget I noticed that the PC version I was playing suffered from glitches and graphical fuck-ups, one time the younger Brother clipped through a cliff-face and I couldn’t get him out, and there were several occasions where textures wouldn’t load on certain objects. I’m not sure if the glitches are exclusive to the PC version or not but keep that in mind before you go to buy it (assuming you want to). The gameplay itself is a rather linear puzzle/adventure game, however there are several small things you can do as extras and some of these even involve extra puzzles. You’ll find this game is extremely easy to 100% so it’s certainly more about focusing on the experience itself and the unique gameplay concept. Said concept is the fact that you control two brothers at the same time using both of the control sticks to move one brother each and one of the shoulder buttons to trigger actions. It’s hard to get used to but luckily the slow pacing doesn’t punish you for the adjustment period and it leads to some interesting gameplay experiences later on. Overall I really enjoyed these puzzles and I think it’s something worth experiencing. Sometimes the game is a bit to slow and sometimes some of the actions you have to do make no sense, like the time I had to dive underwater to save one of the characters but found myself unable to save them except by pure random accident. If anything the core concept is a lot of fun and this game has a lot of potential. However I would say it needs some polish in some areas and as it is I would say it’s worth picking up on sale but I wouldn’t buy it full price unless I was really curious to try the controls (don’t get me wrong I like this game).

Well that’s it for this blogg, as you can see I may have been a bit too harsh but I honestly enjoyed everything here in some capacity. I think I’m noticing that with time the bars get set higher and higher as I experience more and more. Luckily for me there’s also an opposite bar that gets set lower and lower, and this week it hasn’t budged much at all. Anyway my nonsense aside I hope you enjoyed reading this or at the very least I hope you have something to comment. Here’s some pictures as a reward for the more perverted among you. Thanks for reading.




Chaos Blogg 50: X-men Kart

Well I’ve done 50 of these now. That’s right welcome to the big one. In todays blogg you’ll find plenty of games and a good helping of anime and movies. For the most part everything here does have positive aspects but I feel I may be a bit harsh. That said though I personally feel people let some awful things slide so maybe it’s best if I don’t hold too much back. Since this section isn’t making too much sense please ignore it and indulge in the following music remixes.

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U): 

Super Mario 3D World is the sequel to 3D Land on the 3DS a game which I personally consider the worst 3D Mario game, and one that felt like an awful experiment. 3D World unfortunately suffers some of the key flaws and these flaws stop it from being a great game and make it just a good one, a game somewhat on par with the new super mario games. 3D world has awful controls, mainly because despite the fact you can use the analogue stick you can only really move in about 8 directions which limits the range of movement you have and works poorly within a 3D game. Hell even Crash Bandicoot felt better equipped to deal with this design choice and that was back on the PS1 when the main control was the d-pad. In this day an age this kind of sloppy control is almost inexcusable and the same goes for the camera which is normally static with some very basic movements (more like angle choices). Mario has never had a truly perfect camera but the other games at least tried and realised it was a good for a 3D platformer. Of course if the camera were to freely move then the multiplayer wouldn’t even be possible reallybut the camera provided still doesn’t quite work with multiplayer either and quite frankly this game didn’t really need multiplayer to begin with. So to summarise the game controls poorly and the camera is still static isometric bullshit. This is a real shame because 3D World gets a lot of stuff right and it had so much potential. For starters the game isn’t just Racoon mario the game, and the distribution of items feels a hell of a lot better, it feels like we have more choices in items somehow. The level is also much more interesting this time and only the final 2 worlds recycle any content. Also I don’t remember seeing any shadow mario bullshit meaning the bonus levels had some fucking effort put into them. In fact there were new bosses and shit, new characters and new twists on the themes of the levels. Also every thing looks really nice except the draw distance. The music is the best Mario soundtrack since the galaxy games, with lots of remixes and new tunes giving off a really fun vibe. Oh and that Bowser map theme just listen to it, it kicks ass. So overall if they had fixed the fundamental problems of the game they could have had a solid 3D platformer here, one that could easily hang out with the best of them. I also enjoyed the collection aspects which were emphasised in this game through green stars and stamps. However the only level I didn’t like was the very last one, the timed blocks can fuck themselves and being put into a level with no checkpoints is disgusting considering how much of a difficulty spike it is. Regardless it you see Mario 3D World on sale than it may well be worth your time it’s by no means a terrible game but one that’s incredibly flawed in some fundamental areas. In short it’s wasted potential but that potential is amazing.

Golden Time (Anime): 

Golden Time is a romance anime that actually focuses more on an actual relationship rather than just the forming of one like most shows of this genre do. In a way though it actually seems to focus more on the idea of memory and identity. Taking in place in a college setting the story follows somewhat generic protagonist Banri as he deals with amnesia. His problems stem from his memories returning and if I were to delve further I’d be giving away the plot. Suffice to say the returning memories are the key drama here and the story focuses on how to deal with the past. Some episodes are heartbreakingly painful but overall it’s an enjoyable experience. It’s not outstanding to any degree though and I think you’d be better off watching Toradora or Clannad if you’re looking for romance. Hell even Honey and Clover might be a better choice even if that show does repeat itself just a bit too much. The look is nice and it looks almost exactly like Toradora so there’s not much to complain about there, the soundtrack however doesn’t do much to stand out to me besides the opening and ending themes which really set the tone of the show very well. I liked the conflict between past and present to a degree and it has its sweet moments that could make you barf rainbows. The ending gets a bit too symbolic for it’s own good at one point and that could have been handled better. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it but if you’re wanting this type of experience and you’ve already seen better shows then it couldn’t hurt to give it a watch. To be honest though there are much worse things you could watch in this genre.

Godzilla (movie): 

Two camps seem to have formed around Godzilla 2014, one side adores the suspense of the film while the other finds the film to be a tease of awesome monster action. I think my own view is somewhere in the middle, perhaps leaning towards a more negative view. For starters I really loved the first part of the movie as we focus on Bryan Cranston and his relationship with the protagonist and his constant pursuit for the truth behind an “Earthquake”. This part had interesting drama, good acting and plenty of suspense. However due to major plot events the story decides to focus on exposition to explain the monsters and the protagonists journey. The protagonist however is quite bland and boring, and brings this into the territory of other military/monster/alien action films (like Battle Los Angeles). It’s quite painful to see the waisted potential for this story and luckily it’s not complete garbage but it gets awfully dull at times. Godzilla also fights some monsters and these scenes are pretty cool but you’ll notice that most of these are cut at weird times which makes them incredibly short and while it could be a suspense thing it honestly feels more like a tease or a budget cut. The soundtrack is pretty neat and the visuals are also pretty neat but I wouldn’t describe any of them as outstanding. For the most part I’d say this a good movie if only for the first part and the action provided throughout, however I was never invested in the protagonist to any degree and his trials felt unimportant yet the film spent so much time show us them. Instead his story helps to develop a tone that I felt was far too serious for the contents of the film. This has fucking nuclear seeking monsters firing laser beams at each other and yet everything else is so damn serious, hell even jaws knew when to give a good line (I’ve seen people compare this to jaws). A better story for the protagonist and maybe some more light hearted writing could have made this an incredible movie but as it is, I’d say just rent it when you can.

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Mario Kart feels like it’s been in a bit of a mediocre slump since the amazing Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart Wii suffered from bullshit AI and some boring track design, overall the game felt unfair the majority of the time. What Wii did though was introduce bikes which I personally prefer. Mario Kart 7 on the other hand just hasn’t kept my interest but I’m still willing to go back and complete later on. For the most part Mario Kart 8 fixes these problems or at least provides a more enjoyable experience. It’s probably the best Mario Kart with had since DS but it does have some issues I want to get out of the way. The Battle mode is garbage, luckily for me battle mode was never a priority and I’m only mildly sad to see it turn into a weird variant of race. More importantly the character roster is fucking awful, with the history of Mario being as huge as it is surely we didn’t need to resort to Baby and Metal characters that simply show poor thinking from Nintendo. Granted it wouldn’t be that bad but Nintendo is removing staple characters like diddy kong and dry bones in order to replace them with recolours/fanfic characters. Honestly that’s about all that stops this from being my favourite Mario Kart game so far. For starters the game is beautiful graphically and style wise, with excellent colours and lighting. This is one of the best looking Wii U games and even duller courses a revitalised by looks alone (I’m looking at you moo moo meadows). This game also has a freaking beautiful soundtrack, consisting of excellent remixes and awesome new tunes. Just listen to dolphin shoals, it’s a shame you don’t get to hear much of the clip because of the track design but still. Speaking of track design it’s all pretty sweet here, while no F-zero the anti-grav helps add even more diversity to tracks so you’re constantly moving between air, sea, land and ceiling. The freedom they have alongside the new HD stuff has lead to some to stunning courses being made with the likes of Sunshine Airport, Cloud-top cruise, Mount Wario and that racetrack from Wreck-it Ralph. Then we have the retro courses given a whole new feel due to the new mechanics. Even GBA Mario Circuit in now fun and I’m really impressed at how some of these once mundane tracks now have life to them, and that also goes for already amazing tracks like Tic Toc Clock and Yoshi Valley. The gameplay is typical Mario Kart but the coins add an element of depth particularly in time trail mode where you need to go for coins on your first lap which map increase the lap time. The tires and body of your kart make a big difference in this game and once you find something that works for you it’s rather satisfying, although you may have to factor in the characters weight as well. The online play and multiplayer is fun although I admit that I didn’t spend as much time as I’d like with it (Thanks Australian Internet). The single player is also relatively fun this time with only the occasional unfair AI or RNG bullshit that plagued Wii, in fact the items feel far more balanced with the introduction of the super horn. The game is kind of easy though since you no longer need to 3 star every cup but I believe that was done since they knew that you could still unfairly lose out of the blue. The time trials are also fairly reasonable and they show quite a few shortcuts as well. Getting the golden glider might be a pain though since it needs 10,000 coins and I don’t have time for that. Finally there’s the Mario Kart TV stuff which allows you to edit replays to some degree and spawned plenty of memes, it’s a neat little addition that gives value to the replay function which the replay function hasn’t really had since it’s creation. Overall this is a great game and one of the Top 3 games on the Wii U. If you have the console you should go pick it up, I highly recommend it.

Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS):

Kid Icarus Uprising is another game that could have been amazing but is fundamentally held back by shitty controls. In fact if nintendo had simply used Circle pad pro effectively they could have fixed the problem entirely. Let’s start off with the good, the game looks nice and has plenty of visual flair and variety. Although some of the on ground stages use some very basic backgrounds at points. The visuals also include the well designed locations and characters with lots of new and old crazy enemies and such being added to the mix. In short I like the design in terms of visuals. I also love the soundtrack, it’s not all amazing but there’s some excellent themes here and each piece of music does well set the mood and theme of the levels. In flight sections the music reflects the action and story perfectly in the same way a film actually would and it’s nice to see this done well here. The story isn’t anything extraordinary but the dialogue certainly is and it’s all rather light hearted and comedic. The characters are all likeable for the most part and the charm is actually in part to a well done localisation and good voice acting which is something Nintendo hasn’t seen much of if at all. Seriously some games like this require me to change the voices to another language due to really bad voice acting, so I’m genuinely happy to say that I didn’t feel the need to even look for that option here. It shows they put effort into the presentation. But all this brilliant stuff feels kind of wasted here, because majority of the time this game controls poorly and it’s painful to play. Hand cramps are common thing to experience trying to play this and the fact nintendo bundled a stand is all too telling of how bullshit it is. The air sections play very well though so gameplay wise it’s not a complete pain but the problem is these sections don’t last long enough compared to the ground stuff. The game is constantly switching from Sin and Punishment/Star fox styled gameplay to wonky camera on ground sections that feel like a bad 3rd person shooter. Now Prime Hunters did a similar thing of DS however I found that first person was decent to control with this set-up. KIU is a 3rd person game though and so not only do you control your aim with touch-screen you’re also rotating the camera around. This one aspect is what breaks the game because you are always fighting the camera in order to aim and progress, it’s unintuitive and when you factor in hand cramps and power ups on the touch screen it just too much pain. If you’re lucky you can eventually adjust to it but quite frankly you shouldn’t have to begin with. Also the dodge mechanic is linked to the run mechanic and is unreliable at best, clearly another side effect of the controls chosen. The game is also kind of too big for it’s own good in terms of collectibles and the like, it clearly tries to emulate Brawl but doesn’t have that same longevity to it. I don’t normally think this is a good idea but if Nintendo could port this to Wii U with new controls using dual analogue then we’d have a freaking good game here. Or even better we could make a sequel on Wii U that’s designed with the dual sticks in mind from the start so we can solve all the problems. As it is now KIU is not worth your time unless you’ve got a lot of money and want to take a gamble, there are so many better games on the 3DS to play and even the original Kid Icarus is a hell of a lot more fun even if it does lack the wonderful visuals and characters.

X-men: Days of future past (movie):

As far as I’m concerned the X-men movies have been a roll ever since First Class. After that we had the Wolverine and now we have Days of future past which takes the series in a rather interesting direction. For starters there’s a nice visual contrast between the future setting and the past setting, it’s also pretty neat to see both versions of the cast in the same movie. I also enjoyed the soundtrack to a degree, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve heard it suits the movie fine. There’s lots of great drama and action here and not much I really feel like complaining about which is far better than cap 2 and spidey 2 got from me. I like how the movie has some fun with itself at times and Quicksilver is pretty big part of that aspect and he does his job well. What else can I say without spoiling it for you guys? In many ways it’s a bit of a game changer for the story and there are some pretty cool scenes I don’t want to spoil for you. Some of them rather emotional. It’s quite obvious though that the series won’t be the same after this movie and there are still some logical inconsistencies in these movies due to how many there have been. Also anything involving time travel easily creates plot holes but the logic they use here reminded me a little of Steins;Gate in some ways and that in itself kept the time travel intriguing and tension filled. I can easily recommend this movie to anyone who has seen the previous X-men movies and I encourage you to go see it for yourself at the cinema if you can.

Gone Home (PC): 

Gone Home is a rather controversial game it seems, probably because it received a huge amount of praise from various journalists yet doesn’t have a lot going for it in the gameplay department. I’d like to think I’m more middle ground because while I don’t dislike this game, it’s nowhere near game of the year material even if it does tackle some pretty serious subject matters. For starters if you do play this game please turn subtitles on as there’s a lot of handwriting and small fonts used in this game, using subtitles should make the experience a bit clearer and smoother. Next I’d like to address that this game is of the same genre that The Stanley Parable and Dear Esther belong to, this genre I shall dub “the walking vn” although in terms of these games Gone Home has the most gameplay mechanics yet at the same time is probably the least quality of the three. For starters while Gone Home has a decent soundtrack it doesn’t have anywhere near enough music to include in this blog or at the very least not much of it has made its way to YouTube. Gone Home looks rather nice but it’s not really going to win any graphic awards, however it does have a 90’s visual charm to it and the use of lighting creates atmosphere. The tone of the game is rather serious but it does try to throw you red herrings which make the game a little tense at times. It feels cheap and dishonest though since the story isn’t really about anything the atmosphere conveys and having red herrings kind of muddies your expectations. However I will admit that the environment created is well done. I won’t delve too deep into the story but I did find it somewhat interesting but I think the game needed better focus on what topics it wanted to cover. But that attribute helps in building a somewhat realistic world and makes it feel like you’re looking into the lives of realistic people. The majority of the game is walking and picking up objects and examining them, not everything provides to the narrative though and later in the game the amount of repeated objects around the house gets annoying. This is also an incredibly short game that could take you between 2 and 4 hours so it’s best to get it on sale if it does capture your curiosity. It tells a decent story and immerses you briefly in the lives of these characters as you investigate, almost everyone on the internet spoiled this one though so that may explain why wasn’t exactly blown away by the narrative. It’s a nice little game that has some heart to it but it’s nothing that I would highly recommend, luckily though it’s the steam sale so it may be worth the look. Note: the bellow videos do not represent my opinion but I thought I’d give you some other perspectives so you can make up your own mind.

Akagi (Anime): 

Ummm Akagi is an anime about Mahjong which from my understanding is a Japanese gambling game which I would kind of compare to Poker in a way. To be honest I’m not really knowledgeable on the subject matter and the same goes for any type of gambling really, although I do see the appeal in playing a card game every once in a while for fun. Having tried a little Mahjong I’d say the same goes in that I wouldn’t mind playing it every once in a while with friends, although learning the rules getting past the language barrier seems a little difficult. With that out of the way I’d like to say knowing at least some of the basics of Mahjong should make this anime a rather entertaining experience but I won’t say it’s entirely necessary since the anime guides you along the key plot points and details (even better if you use fan subbers or something). The story follows Akagi and his adventures in various high stakes Mahjong games, there’s a lot of clever thinking and the like going on here in other words a good old battle of wits. The visual style feels unique although I will admit it’s a little ugly and all the characters are reminiscent of Wario and Waluigi. It’s a tense viewing experience and one that mostly enjoyable, although there are some episodes that simply explain the events of the previous episode in detail giving an insight into Akagis tactics. This show is indeed horribly paced but it drew me into the experience and I was somewhat hooked to the events shown, which often got rather over the top in terms of visual flair. My only other real complaint is how unceremoniously the show ends, there’s no real conclusion and in that sense it feels very unfinished. Of course I personally found the experience worth my time although it’s tough show to recommend, and I’d say it’s rather niche. One thing I can recommend though is the excellent soundtrack which is both atmospheric and catchy to a degree, in fact it’s a very good note to leave on.

Well that’s 50 Chaos Bloggs completed now, I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you continue with me into the future with this series. If you have questions or things to say that’d be nice. Almost all comments make me feel some kind of warmth.





Chaos Blogg 49: Kill la Kill

Hey this one is ready relatively quick. And guess what guys it’s mostly good news, everything here is flawed but none of this stuff was a major disappointment like last time. However almost everything here is freaking weird, and I can’t promise this weirdness is for everyone. On with the remixes.

Megaman X2 (Wii U VC): 

Megaman X easily became my second favourite Megaman game when I played it a couple of years ago. I loved the slightly more forgiving game-play the increased mobility and the introduction of wall jumping. I also loved the kick ass soundtrack and the minor metroidvania elements added to the game. Originally on the SNES, X2 pretty much ticks all of these boxes but doesn’t shine as brightly as the first X game. The visuals are the same for the most part although X gets a new suit design and the introduction of the C4 chip means that you’ll see the occasional wire-frame. The level designs don’t really stand out much visually except for perhaps the snail and moth levels (the names escape me) speaking of which the maverick designs are rather quirky or at least quirkier than the last game. In short it looks as good as X1, however in terms of soundtrack it doesn’t quite ever reach the same level of greatness. The tracks in X2 are still amazing though and I had to think a little about which I wanted to include in this blogg. In each stage there’s 2 collectible items that increase your health, give you a suit upgrade or a reserve tank. The suit upgrades are fairly decent as they give you extra firepower, allow you to locate other secrets and dash in mid-air. In fact for the most part 100% this game is rather easy, as long as you can find the secrets and have enough dexterity to use your arsenal to collect them. I really felt like I was using all of my weapons in this game rather than just relying on the mega buster, for example flame stags weapon can be used to dash in mid air when fully charged, combine this with the mid air and and you can pull off some tricky stuff. This nets you a final secret weapon which is pretty neat since it can instant KO some of the final bosses. Hell this game even has an ice beam which can turn enemies into platforms. In that regard I really like the gameplay here, but at the same time it felt a little bit on the easy side. The challenge of the game comes from trying to beat the X Hunters hidden throughout the game that unlock the true ending and let you skip a boss towards the end. It’s an interesting mix-up but because of their random nature you could end up fighting them when you’re not prepared to deal with thus getting your ass kicked. As you can see I’ve gone way too much into the details, the game is good but lacks the flair of the first and that’s a simple summary. If you want to check it out I can highly recommend it but I would suggest checking out X1 first if you haven’t already.

Jazzpunk (PC): 

Jazzpunk was introduced to me through the videos of two people, Jim Sterling (who voice acted in this game) and MyIGN’s own Ghandi who also goes by the username Celsium and runs a stream on Twitch called The streaming mug. Jazzpunk is an experience, one that I would say is just as fun to watch as it is to play, which isn’t something I normally say about story driven games but Jazzpunk thrives on humour over substantial story and characters. Jazzpunk is weird and is a little difficult to describe, the visual style is simple but does a good job and feels like some sort of cartoon. The visuals aren’t the best graphically though but the style is enough compensation. The soundtrack is there but it’s all based on where in the environment you are rather than following you and your actions, it’s a weird effect and it makes it tough to appreciate the soundtrack (which is decent at best). The gameplay is kind of clumsy and most of your 4 hours will be spent on clicking on NPCs and random objects. However there is some variety here with various minigames referencing many popular/infamous titles like space invaders, quake, street fighter, wave race and even tennis for the virtual boy. In short the gameplay is fun but can get boring quickly. This game really does depend on it’s humour to pull it through and since humour is so very subjective I can’t recommend it to everyone. The game is random, off the wall and the jokes will probably only work once, or at least they did with me. Of course if you see it on sale during the summer sale then I say it may just be worth it for the experience alone, otherwise you may just want to watch it. I mean there are some pretty neat jokes and humorous moments.

Kill la Kill (Anime):

After some mediocre anime I finally decided to watch something good. Let me start with the soundtrack, this is one of the few animes that had me seriously thinking about which songs I wanted to include in this blogg. Almost every character has a unique theme filled with personality and it still fits the show very well. It was apparently the same composer as Attack on Titan which had a few excellent tracks, however for Kill la Kill he freaking pulls out some amazing stuff and the whole thing sounds amazing. This show lets the composer shine. The visuals are done by the same people who made Gurren Laggan a show which I recommended a couple of years ago I think. It has an awesome style that allows for crazy stuff to happen and I find it difficult to describe. I guess it allows for more humour and is far less realistic than other styles you might be used to. Also to note is that this show has almost every character without clothes at some point which ties into the plot however it may come across as too fanservice-y for some. The sheer amount of skin exposure though pretty much makes it feel like a non-issue, not many times did I feel like the show was trying to arouse me, unlike other shows such as high school of the dead or numerous short comedy animes. It just feels like a part of the visual style and at times a part of the humour and the plot. As for story and character well it feels like a mixed bag. The show has an extremely fast pace which is a double edged sword. The pacing works very well for the first half where the story is mostly action comedy and while the fights are meant to be somewhat serious the show feels balanced between light heartedness and seriousness. The pacing doesn’t work as well in the second half however as a whole bunch of plot twists cause the show to change the status quo dramatically several episodes in a row. The fights also became less spectacular after a certain point (i.e. the huge plot twist) but overall the show doesn’t really suffer greatly. Kill la Kill is a fun time, and it’s a show I can highly recommend to people who enjoy anime. I would just caution those who don’t like seeing too much ‘skin’ although there’s no graphic details. I forgot to mention that some of the style choices reminded me of Tarantino for some reason. Please listen to the music.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (movie):

Spiderman is a device topic when it comes to the movies. Many like and grew up with the Rami movies and many also like the more humour filled spiderman played by Andrew Garfield. Each set side of the argument has it’s merits and each spiderman movie has been a mixed bag. Personally I adore Spider man 1 and 2, while also thoroughly enjoying the amazing spiderman. One movie I do despise though is Spiderman 3 which had a poorly thought out plot and flipped flopped all over the place without making anything feel connected. It also had emo peter which has gained the same kind of ‘praise’ as The Room did i.e. so bad it’s good. When I saw the reviews for the amazing spiderman 2 I was surprised by the level of hate it had received. Worse than Spiderman 3? How? How could they fuck up that badly? So out of curiosity I went to see it with my own eyes and this may be one of the few times I enjoyed a movie with such negative press. Is this the best spidey movie? No it’s not. Is it better than the amazing spiderman? In some areas I’d say yes, in other areas no. Is it worse than Spiderman 3? No way in hell. Now it does attempt some of the things Spiderman 3 did like having multiple villains and too many plot threads, it could have been 2 movies to be honest. But it executes these things far better. The plot threads actually feel tied together as if the actions of each character are effecting the overall story rather than just randomly fighting each other at random points. I also really enjoyed Electro as his character was interesting not necessarily another scientist, he was also visually more impressive than both the lizard and the green goblin. The ost for this movie stands out a lot more than the previous one although it’s still not as iconic as the main theme of the rami trilogy. Another compliment I have is just how humorous this movie is, especially with Spiderman himself which is an aspect I’m glad to see return from its predecessor and given even more focus. Spiderman himself is a far more endearing character this time if it wasn’t for some awkward peter parker performances. Speaking of awkward performances this movie has plenty of them, and it can be kind of distracting maybe it’s truer to the characters (I’m not the guy to ask about that) but some lines just made me cringe and think “did we really need to say that” not all performances were awkward but enough were for me to notice. Overall I’d say the movie was overly ambitious yet still wasn’t quite the train wreck it’s a far prettier web of plot threads than Spiderman 3, and I can recommend renting this at the very least once. For myself I enjoyed it enough to contemplate purchasing it on sale. Perhaps they might even improve on some scenes with a directors cut as the ending was meant to be a lot darker than what was delivered. I think they would have been better off making it either longer or two separate movies. Now I’ll brace myself for impact from the people who detest this movie.

Another World/Out of this world (PC):

Another World is an obscure retro multiplatform game that was bought to my attention by game grumps. It’s been on the Amiga, the Mega Drive, the SNES, the 3DO and now PC as it was remade in HD. The artstyle is simple but somewhat unique and the HD visuals give the game a much smoother look. The game is charming and has a decent soundtrack even if there isn’t much of it. From what I’ve played and seen the PC version has less music than the older counterparts which I found strange, overall though I had a hard time finding and noticing the music in this game so it’s not the strongest feature. This game reminds me of Heart of Darkness a PS1 game from my childhood that was punishing and relied on try and error. The same very much applies to this game, if you can’t think like the creator you’ll have a hard time. The length of this game is really short so it does depend on you failing for longevity. Given that it’s a strange platform/adventure hybrid you often find yourself screwing despite knowing what to do as well, especially when it comes to the combat involving your ray gun. By no means would I say this is a bad game, but I really can’t recommend it unless you’re curious and see it on sale. The trial and error gets a bit frustrating and the game can be rather clunky at times, although there’s a weird sense of satisfaction in completing it. I did have fun though just in case you thought otherwise.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (anime):

I was going to say Kill la Kill was the weirdest thing I had seen in a while but then I watched this show. This show is based off source material from a different era in time to ours and that shows itself in the artstyle. The artstyle is excessively manly in a way that has a weird sense of charm. It’s also a little off putting considering how different the medium looks in this day and age. If you do take the plunge though you’re in for one hell of a an experience.., a bizarre adventure if you (I said the line). An action comedy JoJo centres around the adventures of the Joestar family, things get rather serious yet it all still feels rather campy and comedic. The music is nice and the ending theme is a British rock piece (at least I think it is). The dialogue is excellent and the sound effects are also something that stands out, the setting is rather unique by anime standards and the time period caught me off guard. Now I’m only talking about Part 1 and 2 when I say all these things since this is an ongoing show with Part 3 currently airing. However the way the story is set I can easily recommend this anime. Of course this is very much something you should experience yourself before you decide if you want to watch it or not. I had an absolute blast and laughed quite a bit and to my surprise I was even invested in the story somewhat. To be honest I don’t have much else to say since I enjoyed this so much.

Okay so this blogg is over. I really hope you found something here that got your curiosity in particular I found the anime included here to be top shelf stuff but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. Expect the next blogg to be larger in size as it’s the big 50 next time. Anyway here’s a picture.


see you next time.

Chaos Blogg 48: Slightly disappointing sequels 

there I think that should suit the tone nicely. Now these things aren’t terrible in fact many of them are still good, just not as good as they could have been or have made out to be. I hope enjoy the content today, and here’s some music.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Movie):

Marvel movies have been doing well in maintaining quality as of late (ignoring Ghost Rider), after the couple of missteps in Iron Man 2 and Thor, Captain America and the Avengers were a nice a comeback to quality. With Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 both being improvements over their predecessors (and No I don’t mean the first Iron man movie) Captain America 2 had bigger shoes to fill. The first movie was a rather heart warming origin story set in the second world war. Judging from the reviews I was fairly confident winter soldier would be an even better experience and well while I didn’t expect it to reach the lofty heights of the Avengers I really didn’t think people would have overrated it this much. Of course it’s probably a matter of preferences but I found this movie somewhat lacking. I think it’s because the tone of the movie feels perhaps a bit too serious for the actual events within. Sure we’re dealing with more of an espionage scenario but at the same time there are mechanical wings, cyborgs, Indiana Jones villains, and a fucking 1980s(?) computer with a human consciousness on board. The music for instance feels far too serious for these events, and this film is very much lacking the humour quality present in almost all the other films (we get maybe a couple of jokes and that’s it, in fact the delivery of most of these jokes falls kind of flat). It’s a very visually engaging movie for sure, and the second half was really enjoyable even if it reminded me of star wars in some ways (not a bad thing but not something would want your audience to catch onto too easily). However the plot is weak, and thanks to the internet it’s even weaker as all major plot-twists have become FUCKING MEMES (at least to people who go into these movies without any comic book knowledge). Sure it’s a rather huge game changer for the series of movies but it also feels kind of stupid since some of the antagonists are so obvious (um extra scene really highlights this with the fucking campy ass germans with the fucking monocles how did you NOT notice those guys?) and the computer oh god the computer. That scene with the computer completely fucked up my sense of disbelief. In a world of gods, aliens and super villains you’d think that would be the least of my worries, but to suddenly say this universe had the tech to store human consciousness in the 1980s(?) pushed my logic too far. Why hadn’t we heard about this before? Surely Stark or Banner would have done this by now then? was ‘magic’ used? How the fuck did they figure out how to do this? Perhaps I’m looking too much into but that scene hurt my head. The Falcon is a pretty cool character and most of the cast does a decent job but I don’t feel connected to them as much this time around. It may have something to do with the abuse of death and revival “does anyone in this movie die?”, or maybe the scene with peggy (that’s her name right?) where she looks so not convincingly old, or maybe because the first half was pretty much “the good guys are the bad guys”. Not that the overall product is terrible but I’m just having such a hard time wrapping my head around why people love it when I myself see this as a step backward from even the first Captain America. One thing I will say though is that helps set up the foundations for the next movies although whether that’s positive or not depends on those movies and personal preference. I recommend this movie but set the bar kind of low or at least lower than the reviews set it.

Professor Layton and The Last Spectre (DS):

I fucked up on this one. The Last Spectre has been in my backlog almost completed since 2011. Suffice to say most of this review is going off my memories alone and as such I’m very much open to any actual corrections if I get any facts wrong. First off lets start with sound, as far as these games go this is your standard Layton Soundtrack. The main theme is one you have to wait for to get good which makes me often skip it on the title screen, it’s a wonderfully soundtrack though. This game is also incredibly beautiful, and while it doesn’t have the best environments from my perspective it’s hard to deny the quality of the art and the overall wonderfully feeling this game gives you. The gameplay itself is your standard Layton puzzle solving with puzzles involving logic, math and moving blocks *shudder*. These puzzles are pretty hard and in that respect you might be better off learning the ropes from the more forgiving Layton vs. Wright (oh the irony). Apart from a few puzzles and the block puzzles I remember enjoying the puzzling aspect quite a bit. In fact I’m finding myself with cravings for these types of Puzzles as of late so going back to this game helped me get my fix. Layton is also an adventure in some aspects so you’ll be tapping the screen looking for coin and other hidden goodies. There’s also minigames that open up over time and these carry their own charm and challenges, they’re also important if you want all the puzzles. Unique to this game is the London Life feature, which functions like a Layton styled animal crossing and is styled to look like Earthbound. It was a fun little distraction but really nothing that should be a priority. The only real thing that holds this game back is the story itself, or more so the fact that the mystery was rather lacking. I found myself predicting the conclusion very easily for the most part except for some of the specific details. However as an origin for Luke this story works fine and it even gets somewhat emotional at the end, so in that respect the story isn’t terrible just too predictable. Also I find American Luke kind of jarring after being so used to the European cockney Luke voice. I could pass it off in my head as time changing his voice but voices don’t really get higher, in fact the common understanding is that they get deeper with age. Overall I can recommend this game but it loses points on story and you’re better off playing the first trilogy. Oh almost forgot, the villain is kind of lame.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren (Anime):

Now you might remember that last year I highly enjoy Chuunibyou and it made it’s way into last years top 10. When I heard about the second season I was pretty happy, since the first had a nice story I thought this would be a continuation. However this sequel has no reason to really exist and doesn’t progress the series in anyway substantially. Instead it chooses to give a message of “go at your own pace” which is a fine message to give people but overall it’s not good for a story and certainly wasn’t worth an entire 12 episodes. Firstly this anime is rather good looking with some top notch visuals, the music isn’t bad either and the characters are still somewhat charming. However the only plot lines worth caring about are those of the side characters who go through character development and actually change a bit throughout the season. It feels like the main protagonists are dragging this down ironically enough, their interesting story arcs seem to be over and constantly going back to focus on them just shows how unnecessary this anime is. Sure they face minor challenges and the like but everything goes back to the status quo at the end of the day like some god damn sitcom. Sophia steals the show which makes sense since she’s a brand new character who actually has to go through some change towards the end of the series. There’s potential for some quality drama here, to go along with the decent comedy but it’s never really capitalised on which brings up the question why bother with these protagonists? If you’re not going to do anything interesting with them why not switch the focus completely and have them as the side characters this time. Changing the main character could have kept things fresh and give us an actual story. Overall this series is a waste of time unless you want some light hearted comedy that looks really pretty. So in many ways I can still recommend it but it pales compared to the first.

D-Frag! (Anime):

D-Frag is a comedy anime and probably one of the better ones I’ve seen in my time. Although I wouldn’t say it’s close to the best, it provides an enjoyable time without giving any impression that it might attempt a thrilling narrative. It’s also not as fan-service-y as other shows in this genre at least by comparison. In fact this may be the only thing on this blog that didn’t disappoint me in some capacity. None of the characters were too bland, and it felt like it was focusing on the jokes and characters rather than spending time creating unneeded drama or overextended exposition. There’s conflict and character progression but it felt like it simply focused on keeping things fun. Though this isn’t Nichijou quality, it has fine music and visuals, and decent characters. It’s filled with troupes of course but it didn’t feel like I was simply just exploring things I had seen before. If you want a comedy anime then I can recommend this, it’s short and nowhere near as garbage as some of the rotten stinkers you can find in this genre. In fact it may even feel a little unique in some ways and the protagonist doesn’t feel bland as is the norm for the genre.

They Bleed Pixels (PC):

I can’t quite remember who gave me this game, but I thank them for this experience nonetheless. They Bleed Pixels is a game of uneven difficulty, and this is probably the biggest issue I had with the game. Most levels were fun, challenging experiences as I hunted down my enemies, slaughtered them with the combat system and searched for collectible pages of a book. However for at least 4 levels the game was a painful task of trial and error, with some brutal challenges that felt more cheap than fun. Now this is about 30% of the game that suffers from this and it’s not 100% evenly distributed with the first of these levels being only 4 levels in. Perhaps the controls are too tight or maybe too floaty it’s hard for me to pin down why but these levels felt like I was being punished for not being pixel perfect. That may have been the objective but the rest of the game seemed to find the perfect balance. Maybe it was dickish enemy or spike placement but towards the end I felt like the levels of cruelty were a bit too high and not very rewarding. In fact I assumed at one point I had to perform some almost impossible wall jumps which I didn’t have to do at all. The fact I had so easily accepted the idea proves just how much the game was dicking me around. What did I like though? Well I liked the soundtrack, it felt somewhat unique but suited the dark gloomy tone. One track sounded like the suspense theme from Ace Attorney though. The visuals are also charming for the most part, although I feel the lack of detail in the actual levels was a bit of a downer. It was probably to try and focus on the gameplay (irony is that the visuals sometimes impede gameplay since spike surfaces blend with the outlines at times) more but this game could have looked a lot a better. The bonus levels you unlock are a fun change of pace in sound, visuals and even gameplay mechanics. There’s also unlock-able art which is pretty beautiful though it doesn’t feel like the best reward. The fact the bonus levels overshadow some of the actual levels is a bit of a problem and reminds me of Resident Evil 5 where the DLC trumped most of the game. What makes the gameplay unique is the combat system which works on one button and has quite a bit of diversity and the check point system which is dependent on the player collecting blood and forming the checkpoint themselves once the bar is full. With the full bar you can get a higher core so there’s an element of risk and reward. However because the checkpoints depend on the player stopping all movement the game uses other methods to control where you place checkpoints. Which includes placement of hazards and enemies that at times are more of a cheap hindrance than an actual challenge, like the damn ice surfaces. The checkpoint idea was pretty clever though and this certainly has the foundations of a fantastic game. The majority of the levels are well designed bordering between the lines of punishment and fun. The backgrounds are beautiful and the stages being themed is a nice touch. It’s still a good game and one I can recommend if you see at the steam sale. Just prepare for a few hours of swearing and raging.

Witch Craft Works (Anime):

I decided to speed run this anime in a couple of days and to my surprise it wasn’t terrible. It’s no masterpiece but it had potential to be a good comedy/romance with action to boot. The story centres around generic protagonist and the ‘princess’ of the school who turns out to be a witch and his bodyguard. The interactions between these two is the romance element, while the various villains that try to attack them represent the comedy element. The plot is all over the place and it’s rather wacky yet rather standard for anime. However in the later half the story tries to take itself too seriously, and gets rather convoluted without answering any of the key questions or mysteries raised throughout. These details are hinted at and it seems this sloppy storytelling is the result of this being an ‘anime only’ ending meaning that the source material wasn’t complete when this adaptation was made. This anime is visually appealing with some impressive action, and it’s soundtrack is pretty decent with a really catchy ending theme (note I should have watched this for the last blog now that I think about it). I felt the protagonists were developed to a reasonable degree even if they were bland at times, however none of the quirky cast is given time to develop and shine, and when they are given time it’s often an irrelevant comedy skit scene that’s not really funny and often jarring (like what the fuck does this have to do with anything? why should we care?). It’s far from terrible but it’s not something I can easily recommend since it doesn’t really have enough time to excel at anything and has a very sloppy plot and ending. Also the main antagonist felt random, shoehorned in and wasn’t a very well written character. So much potential but it needed more time.

I hope you all made it through this rather negative addition of the Chaos Blogg. We’re getting ever closer to the big milestone, so I hope you all stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy these two pictures. Also comments are encouraged.