Chaos Blogg 41: Ahoy, Small Fry!

So this is my first Blogg on word press and for the time being this is the new home for this series. I’m about to get really busy in the next couple of weeks. This includes a play I’m writing for a class. I’m somewhat happy at the moment surprisingly although this is mainly because of a certain someone’s influence. Β Anyway time for remixes. Note: I’m trying out this linking feature most of the links will lead to wikipedia pages though.

2 guns (Movie):

Okay so this is a decent movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wharlberg. The acting is okay but the plot isn’t really up to par. The soundtrack is unmemorable and somewhat serves its purpose. I can’t say it’s watch-able but that’s not much of an accomplishment these days. The problem I have is that movie can’t decide if it wants to be serious or comedic, some movies can pull off both pretty well or they eventually lean more towards one tone over the other. The witty dialogue is contrasting to the movies plot which is a convoluted corruption based mess of a thing that had some potential. The plot just tries to take itself too seriously except for the climax which feels like it was meant to be funny and perhaps the opening moments which captured the balance well. Perhaps the major problem is that the climax feels anticlimactic which could be the fault of the camera work and/or the writing. Washington is his usual self here although having recently watched Flight I can say this isn’t one of his great performances. The same can be said for Mark who acts the comedic relief but never really fully lightens the tone. Either way I’ll leave it up to you since you could easily interpret the movie as some sort of satire.

Dangan Ronpa (PSP):

Some of you probably already know about this game. However I would think most of my regular audience haven’t heard of this gem. Dangan Ronpa is a Japan only PSP title that received a fan translation and is also receiving an official translation for the PSVita. To say this game is amazing is a bit of an understatement as it’s earned it’s place among my yearly top 10. It’s also probably my favourite PSP game so far which removes the crown the puzzle platformer Crush. To be fair this may be because this game finds itself feels like an amazing hybrid of Ace Attorney, 999 and modern anime. The visuals are rather unique and at times it feels a bit paper mario-esque in places (as in some-things feel like 2D cut-outs). The style also changes in the cut-scenes and everything just works, giving this game a very unique image of it’s own. The music is brilliant as well, and is another key factor in establishing the games unique feeling. These songs are well timed and really get the blood pumping (catchy as hell). The story is the main draw factor here though as you’re introduced to cast of quirky characters and then forced to deal with a 999-esque scenario. However instead of being trapped on boat you’re stuck inside a prestigious high school and instead of puzzle rooms you’re given Ace Attorney like situations. The dialogue is pretty top notch and nothing felt too predictable, in fact the writing is solid throughout. Although the ending was a little lacking in some ways it’s still quite epic. As for actual gameplay the critics of 999 and Ace Attorney often complain about a lack of interactivity (Edgeworth being the most interactive so far) can shut up since Dangan Ronpa makes plenty of effort to make the experience engaging as well as immersing. For starters you’re given periods of “free time” where you can interact with characters and obtain information about them as well as earning little bonuses. The information doesn’t spoil anything major and at most acts as a foreshadowing of later events. What this aspect does though is help create further bonds with the characters and since you have limited time so to speak it also gives an illusion of choice and helps to make your experience with the game feel unique. Another major difference is that you travel around the map manually in first person instead of doing the whole point and click travel thing. Where gameplay shines though is when we get to the Ace Attorney like sections. These sections are timed and also involve a shooting element where you have to shoot your evidence at the contradictions. It’s less intense logically than the Ace Attorney method but the time and shoot design makes the story flow more and helps with pacing. Of course if you need my explanations of Ace Attorney or 999 ask me in the comments. But I would recommend this game to as many people as possible, it’s just THAT amazing. (I didn’t mention the series mascot MonoBear but he’s also another awesome part of the game).

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (Anime):

Railgun was a spin-off the anime series “Index” (that’s the short version of the title most give the series). It was also surprisingly far more enjoyable than Index and had a much better pacing and didn’t feel as repetitive as Index did. However with Railgun S it feels like the series is trying to separate itself from Index by showing a different perspective on events that happened in Index. It means that watching Index isn’t a necessity if you want to understand railgun, which is probably a good thing since newcomers don’t have to see the butchered second season of Index. Railgun S also expands on one the best stories in Index which is much appreciated, the events are far more epic and heartfelt here than they were in Index and I found myself heavily engaged in a plot that I already knew (That’s usually a good sign that you’ve done something right). Of course there’s also a somewhat lacking second half of completely new material that eventually picks up at the end. The music is pretty decent although I probably won’t remember anything outside of the opening theme. You’ll also notice that this is an action packed affair and these fight scenes are well done by my standards and they follow the same over the top pattern that the series is known for. What I will complain about is how some characters have foreshadowing segments in one episode and yet are never seen until the ending credits, I mean what the hell were they just meant to be convenient plot devices? So yeah if you want to watch anime you could do far worse than railgun.

Dangan Ronpa (Anime):

This is probably the second most disappointing anime adaptation I’ve seen so far, with first place going to the anime adaptation of Fate/Stay Night. The Dangan Ronpa anime had potential but it just feels like a rush job that takes away important elements of characterisation and leaves the viewer with just the main plot points from the game. It should have obvious from the start though, since the anime is only 13 episodes long, had they given it more time it could have been amazing. The game is by far superior and I highly suggest you don’t watch the anime since it will SPOIL the game for you. The investigations are cut laughably short and the protagonists various lines are given to other characters which makes the protagonist look like a complete dunce. However, fans of the game may still want to check this out and I don’t really blame you since it’ll be a while until we’ll see a translation of the games sequel. The anime looks okay, although some of the visual appeal is lost in the courtroom scenes. It also sounds fantastic with tracks from the game and an awesome opening theme that grew on me. I also found that the final episode of the anime actually improved on the conclusion of the game, and it felt a little more epic. (Spoilers: the protagonist actually says inspirational dialogue to move his friends and I found this more moving than the game which had you shoot ellipses). Other than the ending though you wont find much else of value here, however you could go on YouTube and look up the abridged series which is actually far more entertaining so far.

The Family (Movie):

This movie was surprisingly decent. I had no idea what to expect and while it doesn’t really succeed in being a comedy it was still somewhat enjoyable. Its hard to describe the tone since it’s dark but it tries to look like a comedy. I didn’t laugh a lot but I did smile most of the time, but considering my company at the time I can’t help but feel I was in an easy to please mood. The plot seems to be the usual affair with a family going into witness protection, however this family doesn’t really try to adapt. Instead various crimes happen with the family at the epicentre. It’s a mildly entertaining romp that I can’t really think much to say on, for both negatives and positives. I would say this is more worth seeing than 2 guns though but I won’t promise a good time. Instead if you’re curious you should just rent it one day.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U):

Those who know me already probably know that I love this game. It was an important step in my long winded journey to becoming a gamer. I still have memories of those hot summer evenings where I would seal myself away in my room and play this game the fan blowing away and the smell of the games manual wafting through the air. This was my first experience with Zelda and it still holds up as my favourite. Going back though I see just how much I sucked at the game, there was just way too much stuff I missed when I was younger. So I took it upon myself to explore as much of the game as I could handle. This meant finding all the sea charts and Heart pieces as well as that secret mask and magic armour. I didn’t attempt to complete the statues but I got rather close with only 4 left to place. Of course the Wii U version makes everything easier with the dual screen capabilities, the speed sail and the sharing of photos. Not to mention some of the item placement was altered to make the experience more fluid. This also includes a certain fetch quest that gets way too much flack. So yes in order to challenge myself I took on hero mode and 100% the game. It was a fun experience that was a somewhat challenging at first but it eventually became rather easy. It never became too easy though and I enjoyed the level of challenge the game presented. The absolutely stunning visuals flawed me as soon as I saw outset island. The music has been updated as well and it remains as beautiful as it was the first time, although I think Wind Waker would have benefited from more tracks being used for the different islands (It has the best boss music in the zelda series though). The gameplay is just as solid as I remember with most items being used fairly well, the dungeon design is beautiful and even though I was retreading old ground I enjoyed my experience. Not often I would buy a game again, the only other time I can think of is Metroid Prime Trilogy. I’m sorry if this wasn’t too informative It’s just hard for me not to gush over this game.

So that’s my debut here on this website. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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18 comments on “Chaos Blogg 41: Ahoy, Small Fry!

  1. blackarachnid41 says:

    I have so many fond memories of Wind Waker =3 I got it free when I bought my Nintendo Gamecube back in 2003, and as I consider the Gamecube as my first game console, and although it wasn’t my first video game (which was a PC copy of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which I got as a gift), I still consider Wind Waker as the first game I purchased myself (granted it was free with the purchase of the system, but as I had to buy the system well… you get what I mean XD)

    Anyways, still Wind Waker is one of the earliest games I got to experience. The only games I got to play beforehand were some Mario and Sonic games on my uncles’ NES and Genesis and whatever my dad had on his Xbox at the time (which I rarely got to play as I didn’t live with him).

    On a side note, I now have one complaint about wordpress. I just made myself an account so I can comment on your blogs and it didn’t allow me to capitalize the B and A in BlackArachnid41. Very minor and stupid to complain about, I know, but I still prefer having those two letter in caps! =P

    • chaosmetroid says:

      Yes the lack of capitals is a little irksome. But I deal with it just fine.

      My first experiences were all Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong until the late 90’s when I got to play Crash Bandicoot and Croc. I then eventually found Smash Bros. which in turn lead me to buying the gamecube and I started exploring more franchises from that point onward. Starfox, Metroid, Zelda were all games I truly discovered on that console and it’s probably the reason why I adore it so. Of course to this day I’m still discovering awesome games from all time periods, I never really know what I’ll play next.

      But yes Wind Waker was a big game for me back in the day :3

  2. Arcterran says:

    Wind WAKER!

  3. I’ve seen a bit of Railgun/Index, I should continue sometime :p

    Also, Wind Waker looks sublime, especially with the makeover (mm). Will probably be one of the first Wii U games I pick up along with the system ^_^

    • chaosmetroid says:

      With Railgun yes you should πŸ˜› Index leads to disappointment though.

      Oh yes, I believe you can still get the Wii U bundled with the game (I would also suggest you get Pikmin 3). Thanks for commenting cookie.

  4. Deraj626 says:

    I still need to find time to get WW HD myself. Like you, I’m probably much better at it now. πŸ˜›

  5. cemishler says:

    Thanks for the linking me here Chaos! Wind Waker may be one of my least faves in the series, but I still love it. Your write-up about the HD version really makes me more excited to eventually play it. It seems to fix a lot of the issues I had with the original, so I may end up ranking it much higher in my Zelda rankings.

  6. Elia Pales says:

    I haven’t experienced most of the stuff here, except WWHD. I’m loving it, but I don’t see the graphical upgrade as much as you do.

  7. MJO1450 says:

    I love Wind Waker, but I never thought I would get HD. Maybe I’ll give in one of these days. πŸ˜›


    I haven’t seen The Family yet, but I have it on my list of movies to watch later on. I’m really looking forward to seeing Thor 2 when it releases I want to get that out of the way first. The Original Wind Waker was amazing the HD remake brought back memories of going through Link’s epic journey. Best of luck on the play you are writing dear friend.

  9. […] Chaos Blogg 41: Ahoy, Small Fry! ( […]

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