Help me pick my next steam game

Welcome to a first in many polls on this page of mine.

Help me decide what I should play next and hopefully you’ll see a review of it in a future post.


4 comments on “Help me pick my next steam game

  1. Arcterran says:

    For the record I have not played : Bionic commando, , Bit.trip.runner, Evoland (though I do reccomend avoiding it), Laura Croft and the guardian of light, Papo and yo, Psychonauts, Quantum Connundrum, Saints row the third, Sleeping dogs, , Super Puzzle Platformer deluxe,Volgarr the Viking , World of goo, Ys, and antichamber

    However I’ve heard good things about: Bit.trip runner. Laura croft (If you have a buddy), Psychonauts, Volgarr, World of goo, and antichamber

    That leaves Commander keen, FF7, Frozen synapse HL2, and Super meat boy

    I’ll narrow it down further with these two lists based on how I personally feel

    Volgarr, Antichamber, Bit.trip.runner, Commander keen, Frozen Synapse, Super meat boy

    Now out of that lineup, Commander Keen would probably provide the most value but it’s an OLD game and some of the platforming can be a bit frustrating, it’s loaded with it’s own charm though,

    I loved Frozen synapse when it came out, though there is a painful difficulty spike in the campaign (which has an interesting, if dense cyberpunk story), also it’s got a freakin awesome soundtrack.

    Super meat boy is just very well made.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Half life 2 to be perfectly honest, it really hasn’t aged very well. FF7 Idk how it handles on the PC

    Evoland from what I’ve heard was a MASSIVE dissapointment, Great concept, terrible execution, I played the original and it was fun! I was hyped for this one because it sounded like they were taking it to the next level…apparently they didn’t….

    Antichamber is good if you want to bend your brain around, kinda like a more weird, troll-y version of portal

    Volgarr, If you want your old school kick, by all means!

    Really it depends on what you are feeling, and I’ll cast a vote for Frozen synapse but I hope it helps!

  2. 81jono81 says:

    Bit Trip Runner. Such an incredible game.

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