Chaos Blogg 47: Witches!!

Well, I don’t want go into too much but I understand my last post wasn’t well received. I suppose that’s what I get for venting my rage although I was surprised to find sympathetic people whom didn’t leave an actual comment on the post. Anyway I still like all you people but I can’t say I was feeling good with some of the backlash I got, granted none of it was said with malice but some of it cut a little (I suck at coping with this kind of thing because I’m mentally unwell). Anyway THIS blogg is mainly positive, I pretty enjoyed everything here in some capacity and while I do have complaints there was nothing to disappointing. Anyway have some remixes and sit back and relax, if you can anyway.

Guacamelee! (PSVita): 

I remember someone saying that this was their favourite game of 2013, and I can say that this is indeed one of the best games I’ve played from that year. I pretty much found it by accident when I went to download Gravity Rush off PS Plus. I saw that it was free and well, I couldn’t say no to a free game that looked that interesting. I finally decided to play it after I finished Tropical Freeze. Soon into my journey I realised that this was in fact a Metroidvania game, and one of the best I’ve played in recent years. The artstyle is quirky with a Mexican luchador theme, that means bright colours and lots of interesting designs. Part of the aesthetic is constant visual references to video game and Internet culture. The most obvious being the tribute to Metroid with the Choozo Statues, although you may notice things like grumpy cat, tf2, megaman, zelda and mario all in the background of the game. It’s part of the games quirky charm and humour that blends well with the visual style and soundtrack. While I didn’t laugh a tone, I did often crack a smile and that’s pretty good considering the not so inspired story (Love the characters though). The soundtrack sounds very typical of what you think when you hear the word mexico except less sinister and more on the light-hearted energetic side. It’s catchy enough and suits the game although you probably won’t remember it once your done with the game. The main draw here is the game-play which is a mixture of 2D fighter and Metroidvania. I say 2D fighter because that’s the only words that comes to mind when describing the emphasis on melee combat perhaps it’s more in line with a 2D brawler or beat-em-up. Of course you have to find your special moves through out the game and these allow to explore new areas while at the same time allow for variation in the battles in fact they’re downright necessary for most fighting. You’ll earn a lot of awesome and strange abilities and this allows you to explore areas in new ways each time. In fact while it doesn’t have the same amount of content as say Super Metroid or SotN it really does a good job of being a metroidvania title. Exploration is rewarding and if you 100% the game you get a different ending as well as some rewarding challenges. Trust me this is a game people should experience for themselves and it’s on several platforms already (it’s also making it’s way to Wii U). The combat is actually interesting as well… for the most part anyway as it can get a bit stale later on. The highlight for me though was the chicken power up, which acts like a hilarious version of the morph ball. If I have one complaint it’s that it does feel a bit awkward at first getting used to the fighting, it may also be a bit on the short side for some people. Loved it.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright (3DS):

I remember getting really hyped about this game back in the launch days of the 3DS. Of course I had no idea it would take this fucking long to translate. But at the very least it was released and wasn’t left to fansubbers like a certain game on the nintendo DS. Is this the best game of all time… no it’s not, is it even the best of either series… no I can’t say that either. What I can say though is that it’s an excellent crossover and with a little tweaking it could have been a showcase for the best of each respective series. Firstly the visuals are pretty neat (although I think AA5 looks better) and the game is filled with charm, of course at first there was a clash of artstyle’s which could have become much more visually displeasing if it weren’t for the setting of most the game being it’s own unique creation that somewhat blends the styles together so that the differences don’t feel as huge. You’ll also notice a lot more cinematic presentation which is standard for Layton but not something the Ace Attorney series deals with often, luckily the cutscenes seem polished although in 3D they look a little bit off at times. The soundtrack is also a nice mixture of classic Layton and Ace Attorney tracks that have been heavily remixed. It starts off rather plain but as the game goes on it gets more of it’s own flare that really mixes up the two franchises while at the same time reflecting the setting of the game. The story isn’t exactly what you’d expect but it certainly does it’s job of being a mystery and anyone who is a fan of Layton will be right at home with this sense of intrigue. The introduction to the medieval setting of Labyrinthia is when the game actually starts to shine and the from there it’s a spoiler-tastic ride involving witches and magic. This game almost bought me to tears at one point and at other made me laugh with enjoyment. Of course with the amount of in jokes and references I can’t help but caution anyone who has never played any of these games. If you’re a fan of either IP though this is probably a must play title. I found the story enjoyable and I loved the characters although at times things got a little hammy and/or cheesy which wasn’t helped by some of the voice-acting being a bit lacklustre (Espella sounds like she’s talking to children the entire time, ugh). I have various little nit picks about the game including the Objection being strangely quiet, the Layton puzzles being a little too easy (or maybe they’re just not as punishing as before?) and too few (the puzzles cut out of the game though actually seem too hard), and that some of the ace attorney segments have a different logic to them at points so it feels a little strange. Overall once you adjust it’s a fun adventure game with an interesting mystery story, awesome puzzles, fun charming characters, a good sense of humour (the post game content is very funny so far), excellent soundtrack and plenty of long court battles.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3 – Rebellion (Anime Movie):

I don’t normally review these kinds of movies because they’re normally inconsequential to the overall plot of their respective series. However this Madoka movie is in fact a continuation of the series and I figured I’d give it some time to type about it. First of all anyone who has not seen the series or the other movie which recap the series I highly suggest you just go out and watch them if you’re interested. It won’t appeal to everyone but it’s a rather dark story hidden under a lot rather cute stuff and it’s one that helped introduce me to the likes of Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. Anyway this movie is beautiful and well even if you end up hating the story you may just get enough out of the visuals alone. As for music I’d say the soundtrack is nice although trying to find it was a pain, it pretty holds up the standard that the series created for the most part. There’s some exquisite fight scenes and plenty of gooey mushy stuff as well, if that’s what you’re looking for. The ending has seemed to polarise the fans of this franchise and that’s probably because it feels unfinished. Not in an obvious “cliffhanger so we can get a sequel” way but more in the sense that there’s an unresolved conflict that could have provided an excellent climax and perhaps closure. The effect is pretty much the same though, it makes the audience want more content and well there’s potential for a grand finale so to speak. Of course I have no idea what will happen, so this could just be a story that has a lacklustre ending. What’s for certain is that this was an enjoyable movie that felt like a natural next step in terms of story. Of course I can only still recommend it to the fans.

The LEGO movie (movie): 

Hey I actually went to the movies, ain’t that something. This movie only just made its way down under and I decided to go and see what the deal was for myself. For the first few minutes I wasn’t really getting into it, however once things started getting action packed I felt that the charms of the movie were kicking in and was rather impressed with what was on display. I’m not 100% sure if it was stop motion or CGI but I liked what I saw and it was quite charming including the myriad of action scenes as well as some humour based off the visuals. The soundtrack is okay, to be honest I hated the ‘everything is awesome song’ and it was probably the worst part of the whole movie. On the plus side there’s the wonderful performances of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and surprisingly Will Ferell. The licensed characters actually worked really well and didn’t feel like the soul cash ins (see food fight for that) they added quite a bit of comedy and put quite a few smiles on my geeky face. There’s really not much I could possibly complain about here, it’s nonsensical but really clever with a rather good message to it, although it’s one you might have encountered in the Toy Story films. This one I can recommend to pretty much everyone and I hope you enjoy it.

Kirby’s Dream Course (VC):

I randomly bought this game on Wii U one day and I can’t quite remember why. Perhaps it was on sale? well either way it ended up in my backlog and after seeing some entertaining footage of it I thought I’d actually invest the time to play this game. It a wise choice because Kirby’s Dream Course is the most fun I’ve had with any sort of golf based game. In truth it’s a shining example of how kirby spin-off games are of the highest quality. It’s a game that has charming 16-bit visuals and a relaxing soundtrack, although I don’t really remember the soundtrack too well. The gameplay is a mixture of golf and puzzle game and once I grasped it was more of a puzzle game I started figuring out how to complete most holes in two or three shots. It’s rather simple in terms of mechanics and they should be easy to grasp, some tips would be that you can curve the ball using the B button and that you can also spin the ball on certain shots. Also the power ups and how you use them are crucial to victory. Some of the power ups also allow you some direct control, mainly the UFO and tornado ones. It actually got a little addicting and I wouldn’t mind going back to it at a later date for some brief fun. I will say that the game is rather punishing which kind of contradicts the whole Kirby Golf thing, I found course 3 in particular to be a bit of a bitch. However you do have the option to abuse save states on the Wii U if you want to (some may frown on you doing so but it’s just a way to save time and actually figure out the puzzle) don’t use them during multiplayer though that’d probably piss someone off. Anyway this game is a huge amount of fun and an unexpected gem, and it makes that NES golf game Nintendo gave me look like complete and utter garbage.

Tamako Market (Anime):

If you’re wanting a short feel good anime that’s light on story elements but isn’t a fan service comedy this is the place to be. Tamako Market is a slice of life comedy that centers around Tamako who stumbles into a talking bird and ends up bringing it home with her. The bird is the main source of comedy but it’s nice to see a comedy that doesn’t centre around sexual circumstances. There’s also quite a bit of emotion here and I surprised that such a short show could make me water up a little at times. It’s visually attractive and has a nice soundtrack, although the highlights are the op and ed which is what I will probably remember the most from this particular soundtrack. At first there’s not much of an overarching plot-line but towards the end all the little plot threads kind of join together and there is at a least a story to this show even if it’s nothing amazing. Instead once again the enjoyment comes from characters and the dialogue which in some cases is a turn-off but for this short series it works in it’s favour. If you’re into anime I could probably recommend this to you if you’re looking for something quick and light hearted. Overall it was enjoyable.

You may not want to watch this next one since it could be considered a spoiler, you could probably get away with just listening though maybe.

Thank you for time, I hope you enjoyed some portion of this blogg and I hope to hear what you think in the comments. Also here’s a picture for you kind people. Next on my schedule I’ll be trying to finish a longer game than I normally tackle. I’ll also be trying to clear some more stuff out of the backlog so stay tuned.