Chaos Blogg 73: The Mighty Psyducks search for ReLIFE!

That’s right that title makes no freaking sense whatsoever. Hell I don’t even fully comprehend it, but I guess that’s the kind of lack of quality you can expect from this particular post. I’m going to try and make each ‘review’ short, but I can’t make promises since I could always ended up waffling on at some point. This post is mostly games I think but I managed to include some anime and movies as well. Enjoy these remixes.

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSN):

While it wasn’t on my must play list I’m quite glad I got around to playing another God of War title, even if it was once again a PSP title and not necessarily representative of the core franchise. Since my only frame of reference is Ghost of Sparta all I can say is that this title feels less polished and shorter than that game. However this being a PS+ title means that shortness of gameplay isn’t quite as detrimental as you’d think. It’s a fun action game that has some cool set pieces but nothing left a huge impact outside of the ending. The attempt at puzzles to avoid the combat getting stale was a good strategy in my book and I think the game has a decent pacing, never getting too drawn out by my standards. It’s fun, basic, and entertaining which means it’s worth your time if you find it on sale. The soundtrack isn’t bad but it borders on ‘meh’ territory, give it a listen.

Pokemon Soul Silver (DS): 

It’s been quite a while since I played this title, so this year I decided to boot it up and actually finish the title since my previous copy fucking corrupted itself back in 2010. I’m still quite confident that this game is perhaps one of the best in the series, standing alongside Black/White 2 and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. The core gameplay is still fun, the sprites are great and the music is better than I remember. It evokes great nostalgia in myself since Gen 2 was a huge part of my childhood and the upgrade in itself now carries a different layer of nostalgia. If I was to levy any complaint it’s that the Health Bar is too damn slow to move, and that’s more of a retroactive complaint and one I never noticed before. Since I can’t think of anything else I’ll just list my team for this playthrough: Typhlosian, Pachirisu, Rampardos, Nidoqueen, Wigglytuff, and Honchkrow.

Mighty Gunvolt (3DS): 

A simple 8-bit styled game meant as a crossover of mighty number 9 and azure striker gunvolt. Having played neither of those titles the story is lost on me altogether but the poor spelling and grammar puts the nail in the coffin for any potential narrative. Thankfully I got this for like under $4 which is still too much but hey I’ve seen it priced higher. The game offers 3 characters with different abilities and that’s all it offers for gameplay variety. There’s no new weapons to collect as far as I can see and the characters don’t have any character specific stages that cater to their actual abilities. The stages are easy, and in terms of visuals it all feels quite bland, as if it was trying to be mega man but not quite getting what made that series style work. In contrast the bosses are stupidly tough and this mainly applies to the DLC which makes it feel like that content wasn’t tested properly. Overall it’s fun but feels really cheap and quite honestly you can get the most out of it by just listening to the soundtrack on YouTube. I do not recommend it, even if it does show potential.

Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Anime):

A somewhat short gag anime about a student who seems almost infallible, Sakamoto is a fun watch but the type of comedy is somewhat subdued and at times it drags. It’s not much to brag about, but it may be worth watching for some of the better scenes/jokes. It’s not much of a looker in my opinion but in terms of music that main theme is the shit, it’s excellent and I’m sad I wasn’t able to find an extended version to post here.

Independence Day Resurgence (Movie): 

It’s overall a fun sci-fi action movie but halfway through it jumps the shark and quite frankly it’s funny in a “I can’t believe someone wrote this shit” kind of way. It’s not terrible though and quite frankly the original movie isn’t exactly a masterpiece. In my opinion it’s just a lazy sequel and one to enjoy munching popcorn to. I suggest renting it.

ReLIFE (Anime):

This anime is pretty damn good. It’s a drama with a lot of comedic elements and the premise hits close to home. The presentation is great with a decent soundtrack and an overall pleasing but simple visual style that lends itself to comedy. It feels polished and the story and characters are quite engaging, in fact it’s one of the more emotionally moving anime I’ve seen this year. It speaks to my own personal regrets in life and a desire to do things over. The only negative I can find right now is that it needs to be finished as this is only one season and there are many unanswered questions. It’s well worth watching and I somewhat recommend it.

Evoland (PC):

A very simple indie game that attempts to show a history of gaming but it comes across as more of a low budget parody of Zelda and Final Fantasy. For the most part it looks alright but I personally think it loses a lot of charm when it switches to 3D models. The music is generic but it’s actually quite good for the most part. The main idea of having to unlock mechanics and features of the game is pretty cool, and there’s some neat jokes within (although some are quite dated). It’s very basic but considering how stiffly it controls it pretty much needed to be in order to be playable. There’s some neat puzzles and exploration but nothing really make this stand out as a fantastic game. If you can get it for cheap it may be worth it but considering there’s a sequel you may be better off putting some research into that title instead.

Finding Dory (Movie):

Yeah it was good. Didn’t really find it tugging on my hearstrings except for like one scene at the start. Ultimately it was a feel good pixar movie that was nowhere near as depressing as it could’ve and perhaps should’ve been. It was overall well written and offered plenty of laughs even if it did get a tad stupid at the end with an action sequence that felt a little out of place (Not bad though). Of course it’s also beautiful and has a fantastic soundtrack, although these are all things that form a basic checklist for Pixar titles. I can easily recommend seeing this if you already haven’t, especially since there’s not much else of substance out right now.

So yeah sorry if this was particularly lackluster I’m currently dealing with stomach acid problems that have put a drain on my rather small energy supplies. I hope you all have a great day, and a great week for that matter. Here are some pictures, featuring Oshiete! Galko-Chan a short anime I watched but couldn’t be bothered writing about due the nature of the show and its rather short length.