Chaos Blogg 80: Ninja Stardew Galaxy 2199

I’m still without a stable internet connection but I have found a temporary substitute for the time being in order to produce this one blogg. It’s been rough and to top it off I’m without transport as well. Thankfully this blogg is full of the many helpful distractions I had during this time and I hope you enjoy reading about them or at least listening to some music.

Boku no Hero Academia S1 (Anime):

This is a fun battle anime about a super hero academy in a world where amazing powers are the norm and being powerless is similar to being disabled. The protagonist is one such powerless individual with the dream to be a hero. It’s an interesting watch with lots of cool battles, some interesting if cliche characters and a pretty neat art style. I recommend waiting for the current season to finish airing before jumping in since it’s a somewhat addictive show to watch. Other than that I have little to say since it’s not exactly fresh in my memory right now.

The Lego Batman Movie (Movie):

This movie felt like it was recycled from the internet content of a few years ago, from batman beatboxing, to the forced “I’m Batmans” there wasn’t exactly a lot of positive stuff here to remember which is unfortunate since it does have some genuinely funny moments. However for each laugh I felt there was just as many eye-rolls, cringes and outright sighs of exasperation. It’s too rocky a ride for me to recommend so I’d save it for a rental… assuming you’re a parent otherwise it might be best to browse old YouTube videos for a similar and cheaper experience.

Flame Over (Vita):

In terms of visuals this game looks awful, or at the very least it’s menus look rubbish since the actual gameplay looks good enough to not cause eye strain or disorientation. The game has not much quantity in terms of soundtrack but it’s alright since it serves it’s purpose and is quite catchy. The gameplay is actually quite fun, however I was never able to fully explore all the game offers due an unfortunate problem. The game randomly deleted my progress not just once but TWICE which pretty much leads to believe that this may be a common occurrence. Therefore I can’t recommend this game, it’s not worth anything if you can’t even reliably save your progress in a modern day title no matter how fun the core gameplay is.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Anime):

This was an excellent sci-fi anime with a large amount of naval flare, taking the term spaceship in a bit more of a literal direction. It’s action packed with plenty of drama, has a catchy theme song and some well developed characters. It was fun to watch and while it might be slow to start it’s well worth watching and I highly recommend this one.

Power Rangers 2017 (Movie):

This was a fun little movie but it was nothing particularly amazing. I recommend renting it at least once but other than that I have no strong feelings about this picture and not much I actually want to say.

Ninja Slayer (Anime): 

Ninja Slayer is rather off-putting from it’s style choices that make it look rather rubbish. However it’s obvious that it’s ugliness is on purpose as it comes across as comedic and satirical (At the very least it’s mocking low budget/poorly done anime from what I can tell). I think this works since the writing is almost as satirical (although it does have some good emotional moments and characters surprisingly) and the style of the drawings themselves is pretty cool with what seems like a unique colour palette. It all meshes together in a weird way that I don’t think I have the ability to explain. It’s an odd experience that’s quite short and not one I recommend to the average viewer. Do your own research on this one before you invest the time to watch it though since it seems quite divisive.

Stardew Valley (PC):

This game pretty much saved me from my boredom during this long period of time. Stardew Valley is pretty much a farming rpg with a lot of charm and arguably simplistic visuals. It’s not all farming though, as you also mine, fish and even engage in combat while exploring caves. To balance all these things is kind of tough as you have a limited amount of time in the day (which is only like a few minutes) to get things and collect all your produce and loot before it all starts over again. The game is simple to learn but has a lot of complexity and has enough to do that I have to experience it all myself. In fact the game seems endless from what I can tell and you’re not exactly forced to do anything and what you pursue seems entirely up to you the player. Hell there’s even Marriage and children in this game: each character has little bits of story and some of them are romance-able thanks to the relationship system (it’s all PG and wholesome). The visuals are nice, but are a little rough in places and are outshone by the music. If I had one large complaint it would be the controls are way too finicky and this made the slingshots almost unusable myself and overall made the combat the least appealing part of the game. It’s a much better experience than Animal Crossing which is about the only comparison I have right now and I recommend it assuming you can get it on sale since the normal prices I’ve seen are absurd. Thanks Stardew Valley you served me well.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Movie):

This was pretty much as good as the original and in terms of character development and overall drama it’s perhaps even better. I loved the comedic moments but I was surprisingly moved by the ending of the film and the overall story itself. I recommend seeing this film however I honestly have nothing interesting to say about it. So lets leave it with that.

Chaos Vault – Crash Bandicoot (PS1):

Since Crash is being remastered or remade or whatever we’re calling it now I figured it was time to revisit the original from my childhood. Quite frankly it was harder in my memory but still stupidly difficult in terms of 100% which is why I only got about 82% completion before I grew exasperated with the whole ordeal. I believe the problem is that crash has some odd momentum and jumps further than intended. The biggest issue is that 100% requires a deathless run of all levels which in some cases is absolutely ridiculous and something that should be changed in the remake. As a child I struggled getting anywhere in this game so to be able to finish this game as quickly as I did while also obtaining a lot of gems was like crossing off an item on my younger self bucket list. All that aside it’s still a fun game (with good visuals and music) but at this point I suggest waiting for the remake if you haven’t already played this title.

Ninja Senki DX (Vita):

This is a fun little action platformer with rather simplistic visuals that eventually grow on you. It has a pretty great soundtrack and you can choose between two different versions of the soundtrack within the options. This game is pretty freaking difficult but not impossible and is sort of like megaman but with linear progression, ninjas and a double jump. It was free thanks to the PS+ but I can’t say it’s worth full price. I was somehow able to get the best ending which was cool but other than that I was unimpressed by own performance. I recommend this (for old school platformer fans mainly) if you see it on sale and I believe there may even be a free version online but I’m too lazy to look that up myself right now.

Okay that’s all for now folks. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed yourselves or at least found something mildly interesting within this blogg. I leave you now with some pictures and I hope to see you once I have my internet connection set-up properly.