Chaos Blogg 81: Tales from the Caribbean

So this took me a while but here I am once again with another Blogg. Now that my internet is back things are a bit more stable. Also E3 happened and wasn’t a complete disappointment this year. Fucking Metroid is coming back man, best news I had all year. Anyway please enjoy these tunes before I proceed with the ‘reviews’.

Alien Covenant (Movie):

While better than Prometheus this movie is unfortunately bellow average and not really worth your time unless you somehow liked Prometheus and just need to see more of the Alien or something (Maybe you really like gore?). Ultimately the movie is depressing and unfocused, which I can relate with since I am also those things but for movies I’d say those are big flaws. Some of the action is neat and I did like some of the concepts but the overall execution leaves much to be desired so lets just leave it at that folks. Just re-watch Alien and Aliens instead.

Lumo (PS4):

So I finally got a PS4 and what do I play first? An indie game I got randomly through PS+. It’s a fun little isometric platformer with some puzzle elements. It also has some backtracking and adventure elements but the whole thing is a linear affair and never quite lives up to it’s potential for exploration. For free it’s a pretty good game, but ultimately it suffers from the problem of depth perception and overall poor visual and audio polish. I can’t recommend this for full price.

Tales from the Borderlands (PS4):

I had no plans to play this until I had played the actual main series games but due to PS+ I decided to give this a shot anyway and it has increased my interest in playing them though I won’t make any promises (Not so much due to a lack of desire but more due to a lack of time, and that I really rely on my whims to decide what I’ll be playing next). As with most telltale games they have the predictable formulae in terms of gameplay with only some twists that are hit and miss. For example one of the characters has a set amount of spending cash and it turns out if you save this cash you can unlock something for the finale but there’s no indication of such an unlock being a thing until it’s sprung on you. On the other hand the other protagonist has a Bionic eye that can give flavour text and extra information about the setting. The visuals have style but lack in polish which is standard for Telltale and the music is pretty neat but a lot of it sounds the same to me personally. Of course the main point of this game is the story and characters so in that regard it somewhat excels. It’s a fun series of misadventures and while there are some laughs there’s also plenty of cringe inducing lines and the overall plot is jumbled. In short it was fun while it lasted but upon reflection it doesn’t hold up all that well. If you see it for cheap it might be worth a try but for full price I can’t fully recommend it.

Flip Flappers (Anime):

A short visually interesting anime that seems shallow at first but has some pretty good characters and a surprisingly engaging story. The main appeal is the somewhat unique visuals and the dream like nature of each episode. I say dreamlike but doesn’t really feel to vague or unclear just a little weird and/or mysterious. The soundtrack is pretty bloody good and if anything you should give it a listen. Very much worth watching for somewhat mindless fun at the very least.

Shokugeki no Souma (Anime):

An excellent anime about a subject that would otherwise not hold too much interest for myself outside of the need to eat. Thankfully this anime about cooking is so removed from the boring aspects of shows like Master Chef and other cooking shows that while it was a gamble to watch it there was no need for me to even worry. The show centres around Cooking Battles in an exciting and intense way. In many ways it follows a similar structure to other more action based anime and it benefits from that type of drama and on the seat of your pants pacing. It’s addicting to watch and has a sense of humour to it as well meaning it never gets too heavy for it’s own good. The music and visuals are pretty bloody good as well and if I had to say something negative is that there isn’t more of it yet and that overall narrative doesn’t seem even close to being finished. I’d say that this might be a must watch for viewers of anime but it’s not quite there. At the very least give it a test to see if you like the taste of it.

Wonder Woman (Movie):

In a surprising turn this was a good movie. This continues this years trend of excellent superhero based films, and I could see people putting up a case for it being one of the better films in the entire genre. It really is out of left field since the premise of Wonder Woman is quite silly with the whole thing about the gods and what not (I mean at least Thor is technically an Alien). However the conflict between the gods and mortals is one of this films strongest themes and I’d say that’s probably due to the setting of WWI (which was a great idea since WWII would have been a bit more black and white of a conflict). The film is chock full of action however some of it comes across a little goofy to me personally but that’s a problem with these DC films as a whole and not so much this individual picture. The soundtrack is pretty good although it’s mainly just the main theme that stands out in my mind. What seals this as a good movie though is one particular action scene that gave me actual emotions and it wasn’t even the climax (although I felt something substantial with that one as well). I honestly can’t remember a movie that made me uncontrollably smile in an action scene while also giving me something close to tears of joy outside of perhaps the original Star Wars Trilogy. I can’t even really explain what the feeling was or what about the scene caused it and the closest guess I have is just well combined visuals, music and story significance that doesn’t happen as often these days. I most certainly recommend this film but I do suggest moderating your expectations because hype can often sour your enjoyment and I myself set the bar quite low.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no Tales (Movie):

This film was little more than another Pirate pop corn flick and didn’t really do much of anything worthy of Praise or Scorn. It’s fun while it lasts but if you’ve seen the rest of them you should know the formulae by now. Hopefully this movie is the end of the series though since I think any more would be pointless and a waste of resources. Just rent it once and leave it at that I guess.

Koe no Katachi (Anime Movie):

A rather emotional movie this one, that dives into issues of bullying, disabilities, suicide and redemption with what feels like a lot of nuance. I think the characters are really solidly developed for the most part though some details are never given enough clarification leaving some guess work to the motivations of important characters although this seems consistent with one of the films overall messages. The visuals are great, the soundtrack is beautiful and the story is not only engaging but also incredibly moving. If I was to complain about anything here it would be the somewhat unresolved romance element that seems to be at least a part of the film. This feels like lazy storytelling to me but I guess if you go in knowing the focus is on the drama almost entirely than it probably won’t be a big deal (Doing so won’t remove the unresolved plot threads though). I easily recommend this one although just be prepared for it to get heavy at time.

That’s it for now folks. With my internet back things are a bit more stable here so hopefully I can get some more games based content in my next post. Thanks for reading, I leave you with these images.