Chaos Blogg 82: Long Live the Gravity Queen

This would have been out sooner if my viewing of spiderman had gone to plan. While I saw most of the movie I feel unable to properly judge it since I missed about 5+ minutes near the crucial ending section of the film. From what I saw it was worth watching but my over all impression is soured just enough for me not to bother. Anyway enjoy some music before we get started.

Konosuba 2 (Anime):

Pretty much exact same quality as the first season. And some of the plots are the same as the first as well, which gives the series an even stronger sitcom feel than previously. Overall the comedy is still fun and the characters are still charming and some of them are fleshed out a little in terms of backstory. Of course I recommend this somewhat but I am tentative about the future of this series. Can this series maintain this level of comedy without becoming stale and predictable? I’m not sure since by the end of this season things were slowly starting to mould but that may be my own personality at play.

Masamune-kun no Revenge (Anime):

What starts off as an interesting premise devolves into a somewhat generic romance without an actual ending at this point. Subplots pop up mid way through the season and end up shifting most of the focus away from the actual revenge although there’s a couple of interesting twists that benefit the theme. If this series gets a conclusion it has the potential to be great (it also has the potential to be a train wreck). However I cannot recommend it at this time simply because it feels so unfinished.

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4):

A fantastic game with great visuals and an excellent soundtrack. In many ways it’s a huge improvement over the first game in particular it takes advantage of the system in terms of controls, meaning many more gravity mechanics are intuitive and fun. With the introduction of multiple styles the combat and overall movement is a lot more fleshed out and provides necessary variety to the gameplay. I noticed that I used the throwing mechanic a lot more than I did in the first title but hey I’ve no idea if that’s got anything to do with the controls. The visuals have obviously improved due to better hardware and this game is really freaking pretty with plenty of colours and cool designs. The characters are pretty cool as well but they suffer from the badly written story. This game had plenty of neat ideas and concepts but never fully explored most of them. It’s a jumbled mess and doesn’t really answer any questions that would tie up certain story elements neatly. I think the story just moves too fast for it’s own good to the point where each chapter could have been a plot for it’s own game had it been fully realised. Thankfully enjoyment of this game doesn’t rest on the story and if you switch your brain off and go with the flow it’s a fun time. Overall I can recommend this game quite easily but I lament some of the lost potential in its narrative.

Long Live The Queen (PC):

This is a neat little visual novel-esque game where you must raise a princess so that she survives long enough to become queen. It can be tedious but it’s short fun and has a lot of different branching pathways that are affected by your choices and the skills you’ve taught the princess. It’s not going to win any awards in the audio/visual department but it’s no eyesore either. I spent yesterday just going through a bunch of alternate pathways and finding almost all the things that could happen, it was pretty neat. If you see this for cheap on steam it may be worth giving it a shot.

Attack on Titan Season 2 (Anime):

There’s a lot more plot twists in this season but it overall feels like much of the same. Lots of violence, action and intrigue in here and the pacing is a lot faster than the first season which means you can watch it all in one day like I did. It’s addicting and fun while it lasts but I’m still not the type of person to hype myself up over it nor will I lose sleep waiting for the next season.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4):

Excellence. Crash 1 is now feasible for me to 100% and I made sure to do just that, it was rough in places but ultimately being able to die without consequence in the majority of stages is the final piece in the puzzle that makes this game whole. Crash 2 is still fantastic but it’s a little harder thanks to the hit boxes (btw in the ruin levels you can spin away the logs) and the lack of a z-axis in certain levels. Crash 3 was a lot of fun but I honestly can’t think of any major changes although I will say that it’s far easier than I remember it being when I was a kid (I only borrowed the game though). So I’ve made sure to get all the gems except the one where you needed all Gold Relics in Crash 3 because I don’t have the patience for that, and yes that does include the stormy ascent DLC. The introduction of time trails in Crash 1 and 2 is alright I guess but it’s more plausible in 2 and even then it’s not going to keep me around. Coco is a neat addition to the games and comes with her own set of animations which add even more charm to the game. These games are a visual treat with some exceptions in terms of lighting, and the whole thing oozes with charm that is both similar and different to the originals. Animations are great. Music is fantastic and makes some songs go from zero to hero in my book. The voice acting gives a new flare to an old script. Overall these games are still fun and it’s great to see them back in a new take. It’s a must play in my books.

Dunkirk (Movie):

A really suspenseful war movie, that has a great soundtrack that sounds like it’s always counting down to something. It’s got some excellent editing and I’d say it’s well worth watching at some point. I’ve got not much to say about it but I do recommend it.

Ace Attorney (Anime):

A somewhat decent anime adaptation of the first two Ace Attorney games. Phoenix is a lot more intelligent in the anime and everything goes by faster than expected. The music isn’t as good, and the animation quality is kind of rough. It’s still solid thanks to it’s foundation but you’d be much better just playing the games (Although I feel that the HD versions look a little janky). If you really don’t want to play the games or just can’t than this may be a suitable alternative otherwise it’s pretty much for fans only. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing more especially if they up the overall quality.

That’s all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed this post to some degree. Here’s some pictures.