Chaos Blogg 83: Unleashed Apes on the Witch Academia

Hello once again folks. Not much I want to say for this intro so lets skip straight to the music.

War for the Planet of the Apes (Movie):

A great movie to an end an unexpectedly good trilogy. I’ve never had an interest in this franchise until then, especially since the one they would show on TV when I was growing up was both freaky and boring. This take on the concept has drawn me in and while the premise is a little silly at times it provides great action and drama. This film is great ending to the whole thing, with some really emotional moments and quite a bit of depth. It’s also got some comedic relief which was much needed and not particularly out of place. It’s got a good soundtrack and good visuals too so no complaints in that department. Overall I recommend the entire trilogy, even if you just rent it (The whole thing is surprisingly good).

Blaster Master Zero (3DS):

This is a pretty fun game, that is something of a remake of an NES game that I never played. So I can’t really appreciate the improvements and changes, but I can still enjoy the solid gameplay and level design. Blaster Master Zero is vaguely metroidvania in nature but I don’t think there’s enough items to collect and secrets to uncover for it to fit neatly in that category. The gameplay is also divided into two styles, with side on and top down perspectives. It’s an interesting way to vary up the gameplay but I honestly found the side on segments more interesting and the top down stuff is just a bit too slow. The game looks and sounds great which is why I’ve included so much of the OST bellow, it’s the kind of stuff I dig although I have no idea if it has the staying power to become a favourite soundtrack of mine. There’s also story and characters here which is all rather cutely done and doesn’t really impede the flow. If you want the best ending you need to find all the items which is almost ridiculously easy and well worth doing. I recommend this title heartily to those who enjoy 2D games, and it’s also on the Switch so if you need more games on that I’d say download this beauty.

Miitopia (3DS):

If you were to tell me that an RPG-style game with Mii’s would actually be fun and well made last year I would have scoffed at the notion. Yet here we are with the strange phenomenon of Miitopia, a game that fills the role of ‘My first RPG’ with it’s more hands off approach to combat and it’s greater focus on customisation. The game has humour, but it’s more the artstyle than the actual writing that conveys this properly. The game doesn’t get difficult until the last quarter and then the post game is filled with difficulty spikes that seem to be there to extend replayability. Once you reach these harder sections though the music really begins to shine which overall lifts the quality of the experience. Interestingly you don’t control what your party does in this title, in fact you only control your own actions which is probably a bit of realism that was unnecessary but it does make this a very simple to learn experience. Outside of your own actions you can play the role of some sort of god and sprinkle your characters with healing powder or put them in a time out space. These god like functions are key to the later parts of the game and the post game but I can’t say I’m particularly fond of them. The real appeal of the game is the fact you can have ‘anyone’ filling the role of a character playable or otherwise. This makes the whole thing a rather personal experience especially combined with the whole job (class) aspect and personality traits. Overall it’s incredibly simple but incredibly charming… but mileage will vary depending on what you bring to the game yourself. For Example my game had a blooming friendship/romance between Nicholas Cage and the Swedish Chef from the Muppets (without any meddling on my part I might add). If you’re feeling adventurous you may want to give it a shot but I advise caution and research if you want to purchase since by the end it was getting a bit stale.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4):

First off I have no experience with Maniac Mansion outside of seeing videos where people violently murdered a Hamster in an NES game. I suppose I could have played it since this game actually contains said title within but I didn’t feel any want to do such a thing. This is sequel to Maniac Mansion though so it may be helpful to you to play the first title since it may make some of the jokes more relevant to you (Or you could watch a lets play). I’m not fond of this games visuals, well to be more precise the remastered visuals remind me too much of early 2000’s clip art which just feels really cheap. Of course the older visuals come with a more complicated control method so it’s a ‘pick your poison’ kind of deal. Same can be said of the music, not that it’s particularly bad but the older stuff has a better feel to it. The soundtrack in either case is somewhat forgettable though and in the PS4 version it is glitchy as all hell which really soured the mood of the whole thing. This game also freezes some times which shouldn’t be a thing but for some reason games by this company just seem do that regularly. The writing is often pretty funny but it can often fall flat as well. This is the games biggest strength next to it’s puzzles though and if solving these often cryptic puzzles wasn’t fun I’d say this title is worth skipping all together. Thankfully I had fun with the puzzles myself so I think this is worth getting on sale for those interested by what they see online.

Sonic Unleashed (360):

This was a pretty important game for the time, this was the moment Sonic pulled himself out of tailspin and began getting better (on consoles anyway). However it’s not aged gracefully since while it’s still fun it’s blown out of the water by both Colours and Generations and therefore feels somewhat outdated. Navigating the hub worlds isn’t exactly fun and the shear amount of content meant I was never going to 100% this title. It’s not really meaningful content either and having to run around and talk to npc’s to access it just isn’t fun (The next two games improved on this greatly). While I did enjoy collecting things the sun and moon medals are a bit too good at hiding and lose all value at the end of the game making them feel empty. Hell the Wii Version is often more fun even if it does have it’s own share of problems and cut content. I’d say the Werehog is more tolerable here aside for the goddamn balance beams which I swear were less common on Wii. The balance beams also make the worst level of this game even worse. Eggmanland sucks, just plain and simple, the constant switching ruins any pacing and just really exemplifies all of the games problems at once. When you get through that though you then have to fight 3 LONG boss fights in a row and the second one is by god the most aggravating. Even more so when you factor in that the Wii version did the whole Eggmanland and final bosses BETTER. It’s a pretty sour note to end on especially since up until that point the game was a fair bit of fun. The day stages are fun to play again and again, and are a great precursor to the awesome levels in Colours and Generations (And if we’re lucky Sonic Forces). It’s certainly a pretty game, and it has a beautiful soundtrack but it’s just not worth playing in this day and age. I remember hearing about some PC mods that cut the wheat from the chaff so maybe look for those if you’re really interested.

Little Witch Academia (Anime): 

Consisting of a 2 ‘movies’ and now a new series of 25 episodes Little Witch Academia is well worth watching. The visuals are great and lend themselves to visual comedy and spectacle nicely. It’s also pretty well written and can be quite funny. Hell there’s actually a surprisingly dramatic and emotional narrative in this series and while it can be predictable there’s a few good twists within. The soundtrack is neat but it’s not memorable which is one of two flaws I can think of when it comes to this series. The second flaw is the within the second half of the series somewhat main characters get completely sidelined and it seems like there wasn’t enough time to actually get them substantially involved with the overarching narrative. It just seems like a waste of good characters and the characterisation that was previously given to them. It doesn’t particularly ruin anything though as this series was still a lot of fun to watch and I feel like I can easily recommend this to most anime viewers.

Dropsy (PC):

Let’s make a point and click game without spoken or even written dialogue. What’s that you weren’t sufficiently warned about the point of no return at the end of game meaning the whole thing ended abruptly? Well screw you because everything had to be artsy. Aside from this flaw pretty much everything else about this game is great which kind of makes the eventual kick in the balls even worse. The music is wonderful, the art-style is great and the puzzles are often pretty neat. It’s really quirky and interesting with plenty of optional stuff to collect. I do recommend this game if you find it on sale since it’s quite the experience. Just make sure to MANUALLY SAVE OFTEN so you can avoid the problem I had with this title and it’s abrupt ending.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation (Anime):

For an anime based of a mobile game this isn’t bad. It’s not particularly amazing but it has some cool designs and characters. The art style is pretty and so is the soundtrack but it didn’t blow me away. The plot seemed bog standard and there was no resolution in the anime itself, which means it’s time to try out the game (Which I just might do) or wait for a chance of a second season which I don’t think is happening. Not bad but not an anime I can recommend easily.

And that’s it for now. Hopefully next Blogg will be a bit more relevant and perhaps even thematic. Anyway thanks for reading, enjoy the pictures.