Chaos Blogg 85: The Last Doki Doki Christmas

I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays or if they’re already over I hope you enjoyed them. I’m currently enjoying a nice mix of scotch and Pepsi while contemplating what the hell I’m going to write. The following ‘reviews’ won’t be too positive (well there will at least be one large negative one), so enjoy some music before the more negative stuff begins.

Doki Doki Literature Club (PC):

The latest internet sensation, that’s free on steam and that you’re best off playing blind but just keep in mind the warnings before you make your choice to do so. As for now I’ll try to avoid spoiling much but if you want full impact best stop reading and move on to the next section. I’ll be honest I had known some spoilers going in myself but I didn’t know the whole thing and was still shocked and taken aback multiple times. Not everything is as it seems and if I was to compliment the title it does the whole subversion thing correctly as subverts convention with a specific purpose and payoff while also foreshadowing a shit tone without necessarily making things too obvious. I’m still left with the impacts of this game as even the music brings upon a certain emotion and uneasiness. For a free VN it’s extremely well crafted with deep characters that I found myself relating to a little too much at times. Of course internet culture is probably going to ruin in this one if it hasn’t already so get into it before it completely decomposes in front of you. If I do have one criticism it’s that the ending is a little sloppy with it’s pacing but it does provide a good emotional end point so it’s not terrible by any means. Adventure into this if you dare.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower (Anime Movie):

I had a whole bunch of shit written for this one and I swear I fucking saved it but I guess this prick of a website decided to delete it or something. Fucking glitch filled piece of shit. So instead of putting in any effort I’m just gonna rapid fire this shit from this point. Starting with this movie which was really fucking good but you need to watch Fate/Zero and UBW first. Next!

Danganronpa 3 (Anime):

It’s good but you need to play the games first and you need to watch it in a specific order. Some of it felt like it was exploiting fans for cheap emotional ploys at times but it’s nothing majorly detrimental.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Movie):

It’s pretty looking garbage. It takes all the potential of it’s own ideas and the ideas presented in Episode 7 and fucks it over in an attempt to be subversive and different. All plot-lines are killed off anti-climatically leaving absolutely no fucking reason to see episode 9. I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed in Star Wars since Attack of the Clones. Also they did wrong by Luke’s character and everyone who can use the force is pulling off ridiculous shit with no explanation or build up. Then add on the Finn and Rose subplot that was absolutely pointless, some lacklustre attempts at comedy, and Ghost Yoda who can now summon lightning.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (Anime):

A generic action/comedy/drama anime about magic battles for the most part (the twist is that the protagonist is a magic teacher, I guess). It felt very generic but it wasn’t bad.

Justice League (Movie):

Not the most groundbreaking movie visually, but it’s a serviceable popcorn flick if you have low expectations. It’s probably second best out of these DC movies so far but it’s not even close to Wonder Woman in terms of quality.

Chaos Vault: Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo (3DS):

I went back to playing this in October and have played it throughout these past months. It’s calming and thanks to the update there was a lot more shit for me to do. I plan on re-visiting this title every once in a while in between games. Good shit.

Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS): 

Not enough is different in the earlier portions to fully justify the price however I’d say this is the definitive gen 7 title at this point in time. End game and Post game are dramatically improved so far and I hope to keep playing this into the new year. I just wish they had been a bit more honest with how similar this was going to be. Especially since B2W2 showed that so much more can be done with a pokemon sequel. Wait for a price drop I guess.

So I think it’s time to say goodbye to the Chaos Blogg series folks. I’m putting it to rest since I don’t think I’m enjoying this anymore nor is it really fulfilling. I’ll be doing some lists to end the year but other than that unless I change my mind this is farewell to these semi-regular posts. Enjoy these pictures and have a happy new year.


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