Chaos Blogg 81: Tales from the Caribbean

So this took me a while but here I am once again with another Blogg. Now that my internet is back things are a bit more stable. Also E3 happened and wasn’t a complete disappointment this year. Fucking Metroid is coming back man, best news I had all year. Anyway please enjoy these tunes before I proceed with the ‘reviews’.

Alien Covenant (Movie):

While better than Prometheus this movie is unfortunately bellow average and not really worth your time unless you somehow liked Prometheus and just need to see more of the Alien or something (Maybe you really like gore?). Ultimately the movie is depressing and unfocused, which I can relate with since I am also those things but for movies I’d say those are big flaws. Some of the action is neat and I did like some of the concepts but the overall execution leaves much to be desired so lets just leave it at that folks. Just re-watch Alien and Aliens instead.

Lumo (PS4):

So I finally got a PS4 and what do I play first? An indie game I got randomly through PS+. It’s a fun little isometric platformer with some puzzle elements. It also has some backtracking and adventure elements but the whole thing is a linear affair and never quite lives up to it’s potential for exploration. For free it’s a pretty good game, but ultimately it suffers from the problem of depth perception and overall poor visual and audio polish. I can’t recommend this for full price.

Tales from the Borderlands (PS4):

I had no plans to play this until I had played the actual main series games but due to PS+ I decided to give this a shot anyway and it has increased my interest in playing them though I won’t make any promises (Not so much due to a lack of desire but more due to a lack of time, and that I really rely on my whims to decide what I’ll be playing next). As with most telltale games they have the predictable formulae in terms of gameplay with only some twists that are hit and miss. For example one of the characters has a set amount of spending cash and it turns out if you save this cash you can unlock something for the finale but there’s no indication of such an unlock being a thing until it’s sprung on you. On the other hand the other protagonist has a Bionic eye that can give flavour text and extra information about the setting. The visuals have style but lack in polish which is standard for Telltale and the music is pretty neat but a lot of it sounds the same to me personally. Of course the main point of this game is the story and characters so in that regard it somewhat excels. It’s a fun series of misadventures and while there are some laughs there’s also plenty of cringe inducing lines and the overall plot is jumbled. In short it was fun while it lasted but upon reflection it doesn’t hold up all that well. If you see it for cheap it might be worth a try but for full price I can’t fully recommend it.

Flip Flappers (Anime):

A short visually interesting anime that seems shallow at first but has some pretty good characters and a surprisingly engaging story. The main appeal is the somewhat unique visuals and the dream like nature of each episode. I say dreamlike but doesn’t really feel to vague or unclear just a little weird and/or mysterious. The soundtrack is pretty bloody good and if anything you should give it a listen. Very much worth watching for somewhat mindless fun at the very least.

Shokugeki no Souma (Anime):

An excellent anime about a subject that would otherwise not hold too much interest for myself outside of the need to eat. Thankfully this anime about cooking is so removed from the boring aspects of shows like Master Chef and other cooking shows that while it was a gamble to watch it there was no need for me to even worry. The show centres around Cooking Battles in an exciting and intense way. In many ways it follows a similar structure to other more action based anime and it benefits from that type of drama and on the seat of your pants pacing. It’s addicting to watch and has a sense of humour to it as well meaning it never gets too heavy for it’s own good. The music and visuals are pretty bloody good as well and if I had to say something negative is that there isn’t more of it yet and that overall narrative doesn’t seem even close to being finished. I’d say that this might be a must watch for viewers of anime but it’s not quite there. At the very least give it a test to see if you like the taste of it.

Wonder Woman (Movie):

In a surprising turn this was a good movie. This continues this years trend of excellent superhero based films, and I could see people putting up a case for it being one of the better films in the entire genre. It really is out of left field since the premise of Wonder Woman is quite silly with the whole thing about the gods and what not (I mean at least Thor is technically an Alien). However the conflict between the gods and mortals is one of this films strongest themes and I’d say that’s probably due to the setting of WWI (which was a great idea since WWII would have been a bit more black and white of a conflict). The film is chock full of action however some of it comes across a little goofy to me personally but that’s a problem with these DC films as a whole and not so much this individual picture. The soundtrack is pretty good although it’s mainly just the main theme that stands out in my mind. What seals this as a good movie though is one particular action scene that gave me actual emotions and it wasn’t even the climax (although I felt something substantial with that one as well). I honestly can’t remember a movie that made me uncontrollably smile in an action scene while also giving me something close to tears of joy outside of perhaps the original Star Wars Trilogy. I can’t even really explain what the feeling was or what about the scene caused it and the closest guess I have is just well combined visuals, music and story significance that doesn’t happen as often these days. I most certainly recommend this film but I do suggest moderating your expectations because hype can often sour your enjoyment and I myself set the bar quite low.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no Tales (Movie):

This film was little more than another Pirate pop corn flick and didn’t really do much of anything worthy of Praise or Scorn. It’s fun while it lasts but if you’ve seen the rest of them you should know the formulae by now. Hopefully this movie is the end of the series though since I think any more would be pointless and a waste of resources. Just rent it once and leave it at that I guess.

Koe no Katachi (Anime Movie):

A rather emotional movie this one, that dives into issues of bullying, disabilities, suicide and redemption with what feels like a lot of nuance. I think the characters are really solidly developed for the most part though some details are never given enough clarification leaving some guess work to the motivations of important characters although this seems consistent with one of the films overall messages. The visuals are great, the soundtrack is beautiful and the story is not only engaging but also incredibly moving. If I was to complain about anything here it would be the somewhat unresolved romance element that seems to be at least a part of the film. This feels like lazy storytelling to me but I guess if you go in knowing the focus is on the drama almost entirely than it probably won’t be a big deal (Doing so won’t remove the unresolved plot threads though). I easily recommend this one although just be prepared for it to get heavy at time.

That’s it for now folks. With my internet back things are a bit more stable here so hopefully I can get some more games based content in my next post. Thanks for reading, I leave you with these images.


Chaos Blogg 80: Ninja Stardew Galaxy 2199

I’m still without a stable internet connection but I have found a temporary substitute for the time being in order to produce this one blogg. It’s been rough and to top it off I’m without transport as well. Thankfully this blogg is full of the many helpful distractions I had during this time and I hope you enjoy reading about them or at least listening to some music.

Boku no Hero Academia S1 (Anime):

This is a fun battle anime about a super hero academy in a world where amazing powers are the norm and being powerless is similar to being disabled. The protagonist is one such powerless individual with the dream to be a hero. It’s an interesting watch with lots of cool battles, some interesting if cliche characters and a pretty neat art style. I recommend waiting for the current season to finish airing before jumping in since it’s a somewhat addictive show to watch. Other than that I have little to say since it’s not exactly fresh in my memory right now.

The Lego Batman Movie (Movie):

This movie felt like it was recycled from the internet content of a few years ago, from batman beatboxing, to the forced “I’m Batmans” there wasn’t exactly a lot of positive stuff here to remember which is unfortunate since it does have some genuinely funny moments. However for each laugh I felt there was just as many eye-rolls, cringes and outright sighs of exasperation. It’s too rocky a ride for me to recommend so I’d save it for a rental… assuming you’re a parent otherwise it might be best to browse old YouTube videos for a similar and cheaper experience.

Flame Over (Vita):

In terms of visuals this game looks awful, or at the very least it’s menus look rubbish since the actual gameplay looks good enough to not cause eye strain or disorientation. The game has not much quantity in terms of soundtrack but it’s alright since it serves it’s purpose and is quite catchy. The gameplay is actually quite fun, however I was never able to fully explore all the game offers due an unfortunate problem. The game randomly deleted my progress not just once but TWICE which pretty much leads to believe that this may be a common occurrence. Therefore I can’t recommend this game, it’s not worth anything if you can’t even reliably save your progress in a modern day title no matter how fun the core gameplay is.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Anime):

This was an excellent sci-fi anime with a large amount of naval flare, taking the term spaceship in a bit more of a literal direction. It’s action packed with plenty of drama, has a catchy theme song and some well developed characters. It was fun to watch and while it might be slow to start it’s well worth watching and I highly recommend this one.

Power Rangers 2017 (Movie):

This was a fun little movie but it was nothing particularly amazing. I recommend renting it at least once but other than that I have no strong feelings about this picture and not much I actually want to say.

Ninja Slayer (Anime): 

Ninja Slayer is rather off-putting from it’s style choices that make it look rather rubbish. However it’s obvious that it’s ugliness is on purpose as it comes across as comedic and satirical (At the very least it’s mocking low budget/poorly done anime from what I can tell). I think this works since the writing is almost as satirical (although it does have some good emotional moments and characters surprisingly) and the style of the drawings themselves is pretty cool with what seems like a unique colour palette. It all meshes together in a weird way that I don’t think I have the ability to explain. It’s an odd experience that’s quite short and not one I recommend to the average viewer. Do your own research on this one before you invest the time to watch it though since it seems quite divisive.

Stardew Valley (PC):

This game pretty much saved me from my boredom during this long period of time. Stardew Valley is pretty much a farming rpg with a lot of charm and arguably simplistic visuals. It’s not all farming though, as you also mine, fish and even engage in combat while exploring caves. To balance all these things is kind of tough as you have a limited amount of time in the day (which is only like a few minutes) to get things and collect all your produce and loot before it all starts over again. The game is simple to learn but has a lot of complexity and has enough to do that I have to experience it all myself. In fact the game seems endless from what I can tell and you’re not exactly forced to do anything and what you pursue seems entirely up to you the player. Hell there’s even Marriage and children in this game: each character has little bits of story and some of them are romance-able thanks to the relationship system (it’s all PG and wholesome). The visuals are nice, but are a little rough in places and are outshone by the music. If I had one large complaint it would be the controls are way too finicky and this made the slingshots almost unusable myself and overall made the combat the least appealing part of the game. It’s a much better experience than Animal Crossing which is about the only comparison I have right now and I recommend it assuming you can get it on sale since the normal prices I’ve seen are absurd. Thanks Stardew Valley you served me well.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Movie):

This was pretty much as good as the original and in terms of character development and overall drama it’s perhaps even better. I loved the comedic moments but I was surprisingly moved by the ending of the film and the overall story itself. I recommend seeing this film however I honestly have nothing interesting to say about it. So lets leave it with that.

Chaos Vault – Crash Bandicoot (PS1):

Since Crash is being remastered or remade or whatever we’re calling it now I figured it was time to revisit the original from my childhood. Quite frankly it was harder in my memory but still stupidly difficult in terms of 100% which is why I only got about 82% completion before I grew exasperated with the whole ordeal. I believe the problem is that crash has some odd momentum and jumps further than intended. The biggest issue is that 100% requires a deathless run of all levels which in some cases is absolutely ridiculous and something that should be changed in the remake. As a child I struggled getting anywhere in this game so to be able to finish this game as quickly as I did while also obtaining a lot of gems was like crossing off an item on my younger self bucket list. All that aside it’s still a fun game (with good visuals and music) but at this point I suggest waiting for the remake if you haven’t already played this title.

Ninja Senki DX (Vita):

This is a fun little action platformer with rather simplistic visuals that eventually grow on you. It has a pretty great soundtrack and you can choose between two different versions of the soundtrack within the options. This game is pretty freaking difficult but not impossible and is sort of like megaman but with linear progression, ninjas and a double jump. It was free thanks to the PS+ but I can’t say it’s worth full price. I was somehow able to get the best ending which was cool but other than that I was unimpressed by own performance. I recommend this (for old school platformer fans mainly) if you see it on sale and I believe there may even be a free version online but I’m too lazy to look that up myself right now.

Okay that’s all for now folks. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed yourselves or at least found something mildly interesting within this blogg. I leave you now with some pictures and I hope to see you once I have my internet connection set-up properly.

Chaos Blogg 79: The Umbilical Star

So seems like I’ll be moving house soon, which means there may be an even longer period of time between this post and the next. This is amplified by my latest problem and that is a broken TV which means no Zelda for me until I get that replaced. It kind of just shat itself randomly one day and for no explicit reason (It may have been due to a single day of hot weather where I wasn’t home but that’s more of a wild guess). Anyway enough of the update please enjoy the blogg.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U):

While not an entirely new idea for the ‘kart racer’ genre this Sonic racing game is an excellent example of the genre. In fact on the Wii U it’s only really outclassed by Mario Kart 8 (which is arguable) and I don’t think it’s got similar competition on any other platform. The Wii U version starts off with the Metal Sonic and Outrun DLC on the disc so I don’t regret my choice of platform but from character roster alone you’ll get more value with the PC release from what I can tell. This game is visually impressive by my standards or at the very least it has a lot of striking visual variety due to the huge amount of video game IPs it draws from. The Galactic Parade, the Seasonal Shrines, Sky Sanctuary Zone and the NiGHTS level were some of my favourites and they were often fun to play as well. The soundtrack is beautiful and the fact some of the sonic tracks mix in some Sonic R music to great effect is amazing. The gameplay itself is quite similar to the first game but I don’t think you’ll be able to get a feel for it unless you actually play it yourself. Everything feels a lot faster and weightier than the typical mario kart (unless we’re talking the new 200cc mode) and the items are bit more balanced (the NPCs are often really good shots though). The main gameplay mode is mission mode that tasks you with winning races and doing a bunch of challenges, such as a drift challenge or a boost challenge. Some of the more frustrating missions were the traffic attacks and tank battles which involve a lot of dodging. Interestingly if you want to unlock characters you need to play this mode quite extensively so it’s pretty much the bulk of the single player experience. Thankfully the variety and challenge here was quite fun and I had obtained all the characters by the time it started to get stale. Of course there’s some unlockables in the GP mode (you know the standard mario kart single player) and it may be worth clearing this mode first. Overall it’s a fun title and one that I’m glad I played.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (Anime):

A somewhat lengthy anime that hasn’t even really finished yet from what I can tell. Or at the very least it doesn’t have much of a satisfying end at this point in time. It also seems to have divided opinions with a lot of praise for it’s more realistic and/or mature take on a high school experience with also a lot of criticism about the shows tendency to drag on and at times repeat itself. Both these points of view seem right to a degree, the show does indeed drag towards the end and it did get a bit repetitive. It also does start off as more of a comedy and progressively gets more and more dramatic almost completely losing it’s humour towards the end (or at the very least it came across this way). It’s got a fine soundtrack and visual style but I think the main appeal is the characters and the dialogue. It’s often thought provoking and the protagonist is a character who is intelligent and anti-social (which I can relate to on some levels). It makes good viewing however the pacing at the second half is just too slow for me to fully recommend this yet, if they wrap up the story in the future then I’d say it’d be well worth it. Of course it just depends on the individual as to what you think is more important in a series.

The Great Wall (Movie):

A fun action film that tells the story of a couple of western medieval mercenaries who in their pursuit of a legendary black powder find themselves involved in a conflict between Chinese warriors and strange green monster hordes that try to break through the titular great wall. The acting was quite fine for this type of film and the overall writing was fine as well, although the ending left some loose ends (in terms of the characters journey not so much the actual conflict) that could even lead to a sequel. It’s got a good soundtrack however it’s overshadowed by the more memorable visuals which were really colourful for this kind of movie. The action scenes are spectacular and sometimes crazy. It was a real blast and I often found myself giggling at some of the more ridiculous battles. This movie is well worth watching at least once and I recommend it somewhat highly.

Mob Psycho 100 (Anime):

This is a fantastic anime that isn’t close to finishing but is very much worth watching. Made by the same lot behind One Punch Man it’s just as entertaining and arguably even better. It’s visually appealing while also being somewhat unique if we compare it to OPM. It also does this without becoming hideous which is something I can appreciate (balancing beauty and originality is tough from what I can tell). The music is on par with OPM and even better at times. It’s not as action packed as OPM but it makes up for it in better character development and writing, it’s pacing is excellent as well and the twist on standard conventions was fantastic as well. There’s not much else I wish to say since I highly recommend this to all of you to at least try out once.

Logan (Movie):

If you were to me last year that I’d end up almost tearing up TWICE! in an X-men film last year I would have just laughed or given you a really confused look if we were in a face to face conversation. Logan is perhaps the most emotionally moving superhero film and in an age of ultra happy action fests made by Marvel and whatever it is that DC is doing it’s nice to see something in an incredibly different tone. It’s serious and gritty and wolverines claws fucking cut people up like they fucking looked like they would when I first saw them. It’s well paced, it has a good soundtrack and it’s well worth watching if it’s still airing in cinemas. I’d say it’s a must watch.

Girlish Number (Anime):

This show seems to be taking the piss out of the anime industry for the most part and it’s kind of all over the place in terms of it’s narrative structure and overall focus. If it wasn’t for likeable characters and some good music I’d say it wouldn’t be worth watching at all. Thankfully this comedy does have some charm so it may not be a waste of your time but I can’t say it was a satisfying experience and it’s not like I even set the bar that high to begin with (It’s not what I’d call trash but both of the other shows on this blogg are well worth watching way before this one).

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PS3):

Thanks to PS+ I was able to play this game which from my understanding is considered a classic fist person shooter at least by some if not most. However I can’t say for sure since I’ve seen more people talk about the franchise with derision thanks to Duke Nukem Forever. Either way though I managed to have fun with this simple title, going around shooting things, blowing shit up and finding hidden secrets. The old school graphics are pretty neat for the most part and lend this title a charm that it might not have otherwise. The music is quite fitting and contains some tracks that are fun to listen to. The ‘cutscenes’ are rubbish though and there’s nothing close to a substantive story here, but thankfully the fun gameplay and the overall style make it unnecessary to the enjoyment of this title. This game parody’s action films of the 90’s and 80’s and often references culture from that time (It’s really dated but that’s the charm) it’s therefore rather cheesy. Important to note however is that this game froze on me several times at random, however it wasn’t often enough to cause much stress. There was also a huge glitch in Duke Carribean on the first level where one of the rooms bugged the fuck out but possibly more annoying was the fact that the christmas levels got stuck on the leaderboard screen which meant I had to exit the game in order to move on to the next level (which also resets your items). All that considered though I think this game is worth checking out for a cheap price although just keep in mind that it can be quite crass.

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (Vita):

In terms of story this is a sequel to Fate/Extra on the PSP which was in itself an alternate universe of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night. I’m not 100% sure on what from Extra is a part of this canon since that had elements of player choice and a second game that was never given an official translation (which to my understanding was an alternate timeline or route). However it gets too confusing to think about for too long so lets not do that, instead the story in this game is fairly well executed in the fact that it has likeable characters, drama, spectacle and even romance. It unfortunately gets muddied by the unclear backstory and some time travel elements. I’ve dealt with more confusing things in my life though so I can’t say it ruined my enjoyment but I did scratch my head on several occasions (and to counter that there were times where mysteries were solved or the plot went in neat directions). Visually well the model quality isn’t impressive but thankfully it’s not too noticeable mid action and the character portraits are really nice. It’s definitely got that Extra art style and it’s nice to some series favourites in this style including the original Saber and Rider. The music is excellent however this is mostly because of the amount of remixes of past tunes and not so much the original compositions which mind you are still pretty good. What is extremely different to Extra though is the gameplay, which seems to be Dynasty Warriors as far as I can tell. You hack and slash your way through enemy attack programs and take over there territory until you win enough sectors to unlock the boss fight. There’s more to it than that but that’s pretty much it in simple terms and it’s a fairly fun and straight forward time however I can see it getting repetitive in the long term. Overall I can only confidently recommend this title to those who are invested in the franchise and the Fate/Extra alternate universe.

Well that’s done, so hopefully I covered everything I wanted to cover. If you have any questions feel free to ask and what not. In the meantime I thank you for reading and here are the usual pictures that signify the end of the post.

Chaos Blogg 78: Dance and turn into a tree that produces what looks like oranges

Welcome to the first chaos blogg of 2017, the terrifying reality that another year has past is sinking in and well that’s not a good feeling. This blogg is here for your interest/mild entertainment, as well as mine, actually it’s mainly mine but hey if you’re reading this that’s fantastic. I hope you enjoy the contents, and we shall begin with some remixes.

Fate/Grand Order: First Order (Anime one shot):

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game based on the fate series, think something along the lines of the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes. The game itself I can’t review since I only played a certain portion of it before it would no longer work on my PC (I don’t have the correct phone to access this). This special is one I watched to the end so I feel okay in expressing an opinion on it. The visuals are good but compared to the UBW anime it’s a bit rubbish but that’s relative quality. The characters are pretty neat but not many are developed meaningful however that doesn’t seem to be the point. The music is pretty great from what I remember but most of it is borrowed from the game. The action is the main draw here as fan favs and brand new characters battle it out. Fans of Lancer from UBW will probably get a good kick out of a lot of these scenes so consider that as motivation for you folks. As it was adapted from a mobile game the story is utter rubbish and it feels like it exists just for the sake of the game rather than being something that has any depth or meaning. It’s only a one and done deal for now so it’s not the biggest waste of time but don’t expect anything great.

Minecraft (360):

I had never played this game until now, which is quite odd considering that it’s had a huge impact on the medium. Better late than never though I guess. I can see the appeal of this title, it can be quite relaxing but also requires some skill, stress and curiosity. At the same time for each moment of enjoyment I had I found an exponentially increasing amount of boredom that ultimately comes from games that are too open. There’s a lot you can technically do but it never really seemed like there was much to do. Perhaps this a flaw within my own character and I’m just not suited to this style of game, but ultimately I can only see myself going to this on rare occasions if my mood would call for it. Visually it’s kind of blarghhhh but it also has beauty and I seem to find that it’s partly due to randomness that this duality exists. The music is calm and relaxing which helps with this being an overall calming experience however it’s unmemorable for the most part. I can’t personally recommend the title but I can understand if you decide to play it and I hope your personality can allow that to be an enjoyable time for you.

Orange (Anime):

A solid emotional anime that excels at pulling at the heart strings with some tough topics, some well fitting music, and well developed characters. It’s a little underwhelming in it’s visuals and at times it drags on. I think more visual polish could have made this fantastic but otherwise it’s just something you should consider if you’re looking for drama to watch but not an anime I can highly recommend (But it’s more to do with it not clicking with me on a certain level).

Assassins Creed: The Movie (Movie):

I was expecting a whole lot worse from this film, but I wasn’t really disappointed until the end of the film where whatever little quality was there suddenly dissipated in an attempt to heavily sequelbait. It has some cool ideas and action sequences, but the characters aren’t properly developed and it falls under the weight of it’s own lore but without ever really expanding on anything within the games. The soundtrack is pretty good and is another reason I recommend just renting this and then going to play one of the many actual Assassins Creed games to have some actual substance and fun (varies depending on game).

Occultic;Nine (Anime):

This anime felt like a huge waste of time and a huge waste of talent. Not since Nisekoi have I watched something that was such a treat to the eyes and ears but ultimately had about much substance as an empty tube of toothpaste. Occultic;Nine certainly has interesting ideas and characters but it never really fully fleshes them out and what we end up with is an unsatisfying mess of a plot with underutilised characters and a shit tone of fast talking that even puts monogatari to shame. Throughout most of the series I was confused as to whether I was watching brilliance or insanity. The problem is in the pacing since most of the series is spent up building the mystery’s once the curtain is being pulled back it’s only got a few episodes left to pull off a climax and a conclusion to what seems like a complex mystery. However it ends up rushing through all this and it comes across as a bunch of contrived bullshit that completely shits on any potential the narrative has left. I don’t recommend this at all. Oh and the actual conclusion is anticlimactic and rubbish.

Prison Architect (PC):

A fun little game that involves the construction and management of prisons. It’s not all that visually fascinating but its not offensive to the eyes either. Same can be said of the soundtrack which serves it’s purpose but is ultimately forgettable. The campaign was quite nice and I wasn’t expecting that at all when I booted this up. It serves as a great tutorial and has some decent writing. The gameplay is really fun but it does suffer some glitches and I doubt it’s got longevity. On the upside the individual play sessions were often really long so I felt like I got some good value here. However I didn’t particularly enjoy the prison escape mode which seemed really clumsy but I never gave it a lengthy shot so I can’t give a definite opinion on that mode. However this game isn’t bad and may be worth checking out at some point.

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime):

Not since high school of the dead do I think I’ve seen something that was a blast to watch while being soaked in ‘echhi’. Perhaps Kill la Kill counts? However I think that was more excepted by the world due to it’s stylistic choices. Keijo is a sports/battle anime about a water sport that involves the use of the chest and buttocks exclusively. The soundtrack is great, the fights are awesome (not the best I’ve ever seen but still much better than I would have expected from such a premise), and ultimately the characters and story are solid even if they’re not all that complex or original. The absurdity of the show makes it more of a comedy and I think that’s the intention, to take the piss while also being competent. Its an enjoyable experience and it was a hell of a lot better than I was expecting, in fact I think I can recommend this to the curious amongst you quite highly.

Shantae: Half Genie Hero (Wii U):

This game is the perfect example of kickstarter it’s produces great games and great disappointments. Shantae’s latest outing is both of these, a fantastic little game in it’s own right but also a disappointment to the overall quality of the series as a whole. First off lets get the praise clear the game controls fine, has a lot of neat powers up and even optimises some stuff. It is a visual and audio treat and while I do prefer the look in the previous 2 games this new style is beautiful and filled with charm. Also back to audio for a second, this game has a fantastic soundtrack for certain however it feels like it would be more at home in a mighty switch force game but that might just be the instrumentation or something like that. The problem is that this game feels like it doesn’t know what to be. The story is almost inconsequential and so divided that it could’ve been several episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon. It loses the sense of adventure the other games had and ultimately makes everything feel a bit too pointless. Also all the characters seem to have forgotten any of the previous progression they had in the previous games and if it wasn’t for nods to past titles within the dialogue you’d swear this was a reboot or some kind of alternate timeline. It’s quite confused and it feels like they don’t where to go with the characters at this point (even though fleshing out the back story seems like an obvious path to take). The next major disappointment is that the level design went from Metroidvania to Mega Man but with forced replays. I’m not sure why they did this but instead letting the player move freely through the world they decided that having some linear levels to go through would be a better choice, which it wasn’t. Forcing replays of levels doesn’t count as backtracking guys and while I did enjoy the occasional item hunt it was no replacement for an actual metroidvania experience. Not only that but the series staple of labyrinths are obviously gone as well removing one of the best elements of the series. I hope wayforward can get this series back on track now that they’ve got a whole new bunch of flashy art assets. Otherwise it may just be time for me to give up on ever getting a consistent Metroidvania experience from any developer. It’s still a good game but it could’ve been so much better it hurts.

Well 2017 is off to a very lukewarm start judging from what I just typed. A couple of big disappointments, and one nice surprise along with butt-load of business as usual. I hope you enjoyed this blogg, and for the more perverted amongst you here are some pictures.

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Top 15 Games played in 2016

Another year another list of games. As with all my lists I’ll only be covering games I’ve played in 2016. This also means that most of these games won’t be from the year 2016 itself.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Gex: Enter the Gecko
  • Grim Fandango Remastered
  • Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

Now with that out the way it’s on with the actual list.

15. Pokken Tournament

14. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

13. Danganronpa: Another Episode

12. Dragon Age Origins

11. Pokemon Yellow

10. Mega Man 4

9. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

8. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

7. MediEvil

6. Klonoa: The door to Phantomile

5. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

4. Pokemon Moon

3. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

2. Another Metroid 2 Remake

1. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

And that’s the end of that chapter.


Top 10 Anime watched in 2016

Just like every other year it’s time for the lists. Remember this is the top 10 I myself watched in 2016 and NOT about stuff that actually aired in 2016 exclusively. Included will be songs from each anime and that’s about it since I’m not motivated to do much else.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Selector WIXOSS
  • New Game!
  • Charlotte
  • Sakamoto Desu Ga?
  • Macross Frontier
  • Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
  • Heavy Object

Now with that out the way it’s on with the actual list.

10. One Outs

9.  GATE

8. Overlord

7.  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

6.  Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


4. Macross Delta

3. One Punch Man

2. Planetarian

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

That’s all folks. Have some more pictures and wait for the next two yearly list blogs.

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Chaos Blogg 77: Ten Carat Hill is Unbreakable

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all the folks who have stuck with me throughout this year. I’ve been somewhat behind when it comes to posting on this blog but at least I got something for you all now. Here are the tunes.

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (Wii U VC):

So yeah this was meant to be in the last blogg but I decided to take my time with this one as I wanted to at least do 2 playthroughs before I considered it beaten. Castlevania III takes the series back to the castlevania 1 linear style but mixes things up with branching pathways and multiple playable characters. This gives you a lot of choice in how you play the game but you could end up screwing yourself over if you pick a character that you can’t gel with. Sypha is perhaps the most broken character in this game with the homing blue balls of magic making this entire game fairly easy. Well easy in comparison anyway, even when taking the path of least resistance this game won’t hesitate to kick your ass. In an era of save states this isn’t so bad and I found myself enjoying the gameplay while avoiding any major frustration. My second playthrough was less taxing despite the increase in difficulty due to experience, and it was quite interesting to see how many different stages were put into this game, with a lot variance and creativity to boot. I decided to call it quits halfway through my 3rd playthrough since I had seen all the stages and characters in action by that point. Overall I think this is a great looking game for its era with and excellent soundtrack and some really addictive gameplay that often kept going long into the night. It’s tough though so while I do recommend it I think you might be better off playing the first game to gain experience.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (3DS):

Ace Attorney is always a great time. So far each game has been worth playing and I’ve enjoyed each of them to some extent (Yes that includes AAI2 and Apollo Justice even though I think they were lacking in areas). Spirit of Justice is no exception and is a game that easily holds it own against the rest of the series. Taking place after Dual Destinies this game takes the story in a different direction while also expanding on some of the main characters backstories. The returning cast is balanced with a new gallery of quirky characters and an entire new setting. The story is good by my book and while I did find myself predicting most things ahead of time there were still twists that even I didn’t see coming and I’m glad I was kept on my toes. The soundtrack is fantastic as per usual and the setting introduces some new sounds that allow this soundtrack to stand out a little bit since it does borrow heavily from Dual Destinies. If I have any negatives it’s got to be Case 4 which is almost inconsequential to the rest of the game and seems to be somewhat lost in translation. It’s not the worst I’ve seen but it felt rushed as hell. Anyway it’s a small fault and it doesn’t at all stop me from recommending this game. It’s fantastic.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta (Anime):

A fairly simple comedy anime with a fairly large romance element. The anime follows an MMO couple who get together in real life and various miscommunication ensues. It’s standard and doesn’t exactly wrap up nicely but it’s endearing to an extent, and has the potential to be something more if another season is ever made. It wasn’t bad but I can’t recommend it to newcomers to the medium.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movie):

The very first scenes of this film are shot in a rather weird way that makes it hard to follow. However the film eventually starts to follow a more conventional pace and properly introduces the characters. Thankfully it’s a fun little movie that ends up feeling different to the Harry Potter films while also keeping all the necessary elements in to keep it within the same fictional universe. I found the ending bitter and sweet, leaving me curious as to the future of these characters. I think it’s worth at least renting at some point, assuming people still rent movies anyway. It’s got a pretty good soundtrack as well.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Movie):

I’m having difficulty with this one. I liked it for the most part and it had some of the best action scenes I think I’ve seen in this franchise. It made the threat of the Empire feel a lot more real, from the looming Death Star to the casual onslaught of AT-ATs. However I can’t help but agree that these characters could’ve used some more fleshing out. For example were meant to care about the old dude with the metal legs? he just casually dies in a pathetic way and we really get no visible connection between him and the protagonist that makes us feel anything for her loss in this scene. The soundtrack is good but not quite up to the standard set by John Williams, it gets bloddy close at points though and I think this composer has a lot of potential for greatness. The film tries a serious and dark tone which I quite liked and while time is yet to show if this is better than the Force Awakens it at least does something slightly new (somewhat ironically I guess) and most certainly puts the prequels to even further shame. Make sure to check it out if can, that is if you haven’t already, so you can make up your own mind. Of course if you somehow haven’t yet watch the original trilogy first.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo (Anime):

Another anime set in a fantasy world that seems like a bloody MMO. Thankfully this is a comedy and considering how much I enjoyed Overlord I was hoping this would be good. Well it kind of is, it’s a fairly hit and miss comedy and while it did keep me entertained I can’t say it’s one I highly recommend. It’s rather short and some characters are introduced poorly but it may be worth watching if you’re wanting a comedy in this setting. Not bad.

Pokemon Moon (3DS):

While I was quite engaged by this games story portion and unique setting, it’s showing a lack of staying power. While I haven’t personally completed all of the post game content just yet it’s obvious that it’s nowhere near as expansive as the post game of ORAS or HGSS. In fact all I have to do is round up some Ultra Beasts and Zygarde Cells and it’s pretty much back to hatching Rowlet eggs for me. In terms of music and visuals I think this may be one of the best games as it exudes charm and variety. While I do miss the more blocky traditional look I can’t deny that this looks much better overall. The story has some interesting characters and themes but it felt like it needed a bit more punch to it, however as far as pokemon goes this is great storytelling and character development. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about most of the gameplay changes just yet and quite frankly if I went over all them I’d be wasting a lot of my time. Suffice to say the biggest flaw is probably the internet features being unnecessarily complex, although a lack of triple battles is also a negative in my book. If anything the game needs more content and luckily PokeBank should be filling some of that void in future. While I do recommend this game highly I would like to encourage you to ask me specific questions about this title so you might get a more fleshed out opinion from myself.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Anime):

I never quite know what to expect from Jojo’s but I’m almost always pleased by this fun and often intense anime. It’s such a good time with fantastic visuals and a kicking soundtrack. This particular season feels a lot lighter at the start but gets pretty damn intense all the same. Hell I don’t think there’s much I want to disclose about this series since it didn’t really do much negative in my eyes, and anything positive could be a spoiler. As previously I highly recommend this anime as a whole which not only includes Diamond is Unbreakable but also all the previous parts. If you do just go with the flow.

Allied (Movie):

This movie does contain some sex scenes so consider that a warning to those sensitive to such material. I would describe this film as a romantic/thriller as I found myself on edge for majority of the film. It wasn’t bad at all and found myself actually slightly emotionally moved by the ending. I recommend giving this a watch at some point unless romance is a turn off for you, but there’s a really solid story here in my opinion and it didn’t feel all that sappy so even those folk could probably sit through it.

All right it’s done. So yes the year is over soon and I hope you found enjoyment in this last blogg of 2016. Soon I’ll do the usual list crap so keep your eyes pealed for those posts. In the meantime you can enjoy these pictures while I slowly drift into sleep.

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