Chaos Blogg 76: Bugger!

This was meant to be the Halloween blogg but time got ahead of me and now here I am typing this out in November. Thankfully I only played one game themed around the holiday so it’s not a major loss I guess. Hopefully you all enjoy this blogg in some capacity. Lets kick this off with some tunes.

Journey (PS3):

Journey is a good looking game, and that’s kind of it’s best feature. It’s short, simple and feels like the hybrid of a walking simulator and a platformer. The platforming aspect is really fun and there’s at least some reward for exploring your surroundings as you can find items that give an extra jump. The audio design is also quite nice and the online features aren’t a bad idea either. The problem though is that it doesn’t feel all that interactive and it doesn’t have an engaging narrative to compensate for this either. What you’re left with is a fun short experience that doesn’t live up to the hype. I don’t regret playing it but that’s because it was free, I don’t think I would have parted with my money for this.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! (Anime):

A simple comedy anime about an art club, that doesn’t exactly do anything extraordinary with the genre or premise. It’s competent though and provided some laughs. You could do worse when it comes to this genre so while I don’t recommend it highly I think it may be worth your time if you’re into the genre. At the very least it is average.

MediEvil (PSN):

A fun action/adventure/platformer game originating on the PS1. Like many Classic PS1 games I never had the chance to properly play it when I was a kid (I believe I only tried a short demo of it once) and while I have no idea if my childhood self would have been good enough to complete this game I am at least satisfying some long term curiosity. MediEvil is clunky and cumbersome however for an early 3D game it’s not the worst I’ve seen and it’s quite functional all things considered. In terms of visual style it’s what I’d call cartoony horror and it’s held up decently since it didn’t try to take itself so seriously. This whole game is perfect for Halloween, I mean there’s a fucking pumpkin level and everything. The music is atmospheric which is fine but it lacks anything that makes it memorable or catchy. There’s 2 very frustrating levels mid game that involve some rather small platforms and given the controls this was a terrible idea. Luckily it’s a relatively small percentage of the game and the rest of the experience makes up for these lacking areas. A huge positive aspect has to be the be the writing and voice direction, it’s often cheesy but in a good way and I would describe some of it as ‘British Comedy’ in it’s approach. I recommend this game highly but on the condition that you can handle some mildly archaic controls.

Macross Delta (Anime):

After having watched Macross Frontier I figured I’d watch Macross Delta and while it helped with my understanding of the setting I don’t think it’s 100% necessary in order to enjoy this anime. The battle scenes are pretty neat but you may have seen better by now and they often take a second seat to the musical performance. The music in this anime is great, it’s fun and often quite catchy with a few exceptions to help with tone and story. In fact the story here is relatively solid all things considered and the conclusion is at least somewhat satisfying. I’d say it’s worth watching for the action and music alone but the narrative isn’t that bad at all and helps keep it all together (in fact it’s important since it’s what maintains the long term interest but I’m underplaying it because I don’t think  y’all should be expecting something amazing).

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Movie):

A good but forgettable and incredibly standard action movie. Honestly there’s not much I can say positive or negative about it. What I will say is that I enjoyed it more than the last Mission Impossible movie so I guess that’s something. If you want to relax mindlessly for a few hours this is a decent film to rent out and that’s probably about it.

Flying Witch (Anime):

This anime feels so laid back it’s quite strange. It takes the supernatural story of a witch and makes it a casual slice of life anime with some comedy elements (main reason why I kept watching to be honest). It’s not bad at all but it can be quite slow due to it’s nature. This makes it a bit tough to recommend but at the very least it has some enjoyable soundtrack pieces so give them a listen. I think being into the ‘slice of life’ genre might be a requirement for this title.

Doctor Strange (Movie):

Marvel once again makes a movie about an odd character that hits a home run for myself. I had no idea what really expect and they managed to pull it off. Which is impressive since magic is about the last thing I thought could be believable in this movie well that is to say magic that isn’t from fucking Asgard which so far has been the major co-out for all the weirdest shit in these movies. I was impressed with the visuals (in particular how it was handled in the 3D version) and the audio had it’s own flair to set it apart from the rest of the current MCU. The story was solid with lots of great action sequences and a great character arc for the protagonist. It’s very much worth watching so hopefully you catch it before it goes out of cinemas.

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

So over a year ago I bought another titty ninja game on a whim, hoping that I would find gameplay more substantive than Shinovi Versus on the Vita. However I only recently got around to it since I wanted to clear out the space on my 3DS for other games like Gunvolt and Ace Attorney. Overall the game suffers some of the same problems as the Vita title but it often feels less fluid. There’s a lot more enemy and boss variety though, a better story and a whole bunch of weapons to unlock (including some novelty weapons). Visually it’s not bad but that’s an incredibly subjective area and not everyone likes jiggle puffs. The music is pretty damn good though which is why so much of it is bellow, I wouldn’t say it’s all catchy but it’s certainly blood pumping and some of it is memorable. The gameplay is incredibly simple though and it serves it’s purpose as a 3D beat em up title, although I think the Vita game had better combat even if just slightly. I don’t think I can recommend it in a broad sense since it really only has value to a certain niche that wants this kind of fanservice and enjoys somewhat mindlessly hacking and slashing away (It can be cathartic though so it’s not what I would consider a bad game by any means).

Okay it’s done folks. I’m guessing there won’t be another one of these until December but I could easily prove myself wrong. I’ll see you later anyways.

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Chaos Blogg 75: Hollow Ataraxia

So I intended to get this out at least a week ago, but between my stomach issues, a lack of internet and now a full on cold I’ve been unmotivated to type up this stuff. Within we have a lot of anime, and at least one interesting game. Anyway you know the drill, here’s some music.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (Visual Novel):

It took me a while to get back to this one. Ultimately I can only recommend this to people who have played/read the first VN and even then I can’t say it’s a necessity. In terms of story it’s not quite a traditional sequel and comes across as more of a side story that takes place after the first game. I think it’s important not to get your hopes up for the narrative here, the focus is more on characters, comedy and mystery. This is contrasted with some really dark and serious shit that can be somewhat disturbing. In many ways Hollow is to Stay/Night as Majora’s Mask is to Ocarina of Time. Even some of the music reminded me of Majora, it’s often more sombre in tone and gives off a foreboading feeling. The extreme contrast of tones creates a weird experience but one that’s still enjoyable. It’s non-linear in structure which makes 100%-ing it a bit less tedious and the rewards for exploring more of the game include a couple of minigames which are pretty cool (Even if they’re a bit bullshit). There’s only one mandatory H-scene this time which makes it more bearable for those who dislike such content (even then I’m confused as to why they didn’t make them all optional). Overall I can only recommend this for huge fans who want to see more character interactions and the like, otherwise it’s very inconsequential.

Ben-Hur (Movie):

So I haven’t seen the original so I can’t make any comparisons. I found this to be an entertaining action/drama movie that just falls apart at the conclusion. It gets a little preachy and it ends up with a lot of plot holes. I was left confused and while the movie was long it could’ve taken a few extra minutes to explain shit properly. Quite frankly I have nothing else to say on this movie, I think you don’t miss much by skipping it but there’s no major harm in watching it either.

Bakuon!! (Anime):

A short anime about a bunch of girls in a motorbike club. It’s not much on an actual plot but it maintains some continuity and has enough character development to not feel too static. The show is a comedy about a somewhat niche subject matter (seems niche to me anyway), but it still made me laugh and didn’t leaved me confused. I guess that means it’s semi-educational (or just advertising)? Or maybe it’s just good at providing the viewer with enough context to land a joke? And that’s all I want to say, give it a look if you like but it’s not one I would consider a priority. Note: Oh almost forgot they make some excitebike jokes in this as a sort of running gag, not everyday you see that.

Planetarian (Anime OVA):

A short five episode series based off of a short Visual Novel. Planetarian is well worth watching as it is quite the emotional experience and won’t take up much of your time at all. Easily recommended and that’s all I have to say, just give it a look.

Joker Game (Anime):

A 12 episode series about Japanese spies in world war 2, it’s more or less a bunch of short stories about espionage. It was a good watch but somewhat unremarkable. There’s no clear protagonist or much of an overarching story, so it’s not a show you have to overly invest yourself in but neither is it one that encourages consistent viewing. Worth a look at least.

Another Metroid 2 Remake (PC):

Nintendo really is out of touch these days, as can be seen by the fact that a fan made remake of an old game was able to become the best Metroid game of the past 7 years. So while Nintendo peddle out the insulting pile of crap that is Federation Force, it’s up to people who understand the series to keep it alive. In fact they’ve done it for free. The people behind this game deserve a lot more than they’ve received. Instead of being given a job though Nintendo screwed them as it was their legal right to do so (it’s still a huge dick move though). Anyway point is while you can still find the game online the official site for it isn’t offering it and there’ll be no more patches to it in future (unless someone else does it I guess). It’s such a shame since this game is fan-fucking-tastic taking the base game of Metroid 2 (which I already adore) and giving it the Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission polish. Of course this means the game is more linear than the norm but they managed to add more exploration and backtracking in a game that didn’t have the traditional backtracking. Honestly I’m not sure how you could make Metroid 2 more exploration based than this without changing a lot of the games core. The graphical style is great although the image slides at the beginning and end are unpolished. The music in this game is beautiful and gives a prime style to some classic tracks. Just everything about this game was so fun. It’s a real treat for fans of the series and one that even adds some minor innovations or perhaps you’d call them minor gimmicks. These additions are all great and show that new things can be done with the series without fucking derailing it and turning into an entirely different genre (*cough* Other M *cough*). So yeah please check out AM2R folks I think it’s well worth your time especially if you’re a fan of the series.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (PS3):

A fairly standard LEGO game at least as far as I remember them being. The main difference is the explorable hub and a larger amount of abilities compared to previous titles (and by that I mean LEGO star wars since that was the last one I played like over a decade ago by now). The game is very relaxing due to it’s low stakes and overall mindless collectathon nature. The presentation needs some work as it lacks polish however a soundtrack pretty much ripped out of the movies makes up for this in some aspects. Being a LEGO game I don’t feel there’s much to critique, however this a fairly easy game to recommend to family’s with younger children or just about anyone looking to relax.

New Game! (Anime):

A small 12 episode anime. It’s the usual comedy fair but it does have some heart and something that resembles a narrative structure. It’s nothing spectacular but it does what it sets out to do fairly well and was a joy to watch. It’s worth a watch for anime fans but not something I recommend for newcomers.

The secret life of pets (Movies):

A fairly forgettable animated feature that can’t quite decide what type of story it wants to tell. It has some fun moments but there’s nothing close to real substance here. Maybe take your kids to see it but you’d better off renting it for them later or something.

Alright that’s all for now, I can’t say I was too enthusiastic about much of this stuff which is why I haven’t written much here. Hopefully this is helpful someone in the future. I’ll leave you with some pictures now.

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Chaos Blogg 74: Harmony of Dissonance

As I type this I am currently dealing with a lack of stable internet and a case of indigestion. I’ve been struggling and it’s quite obviously the fault of my internet provider who decided to disconnect me because they didn’t want to provide “an unsatisfactory experience”. It sounds like horseshit to me since I’ve been through some real unsatisfactory times with them and stayed with them. Anyway enough of that drama, I’m pleased to present the latest blog and would like to kick things off with some remixes.

Sonic 3D Blast (PC emulator):

Not sure what compelled me to play this game but I suppose boredom is the main suspect. Sonic 3D Blast is tough to control, however it is possible to adapt to the controls and the visuals. The game is fairly easy once you can adapt and it’s also one of the easiest classic sonic games to collect the chaos emeralds in. It’s fun to collect stuff, however this game is a bit too slow for a sonic title. The visuals are interesting, and the music is fan-fucking-tastic and I can hear hints of sonic adventures soundtrack in the making. If you’re a patient person who is curious about early sonic spin-offs, this game is worth playing however I can’t recommend it to the average person.

Musaigen no Phantom World (Anime):

This is a pretty good anime thanks to high quality visuals and audio. The show is episodic in it’s writing, and while it does have some heart it’s not particularly great in terms of drama. It’s mainly good for action and comedy, and some fan service. I can somewhat recommend it.

Trinity Seven (Anime):

Nothing impressive here, it’s an action show that quickly turns into one of those harem shows but it’s not outright obnoxious. To top it off it doesn’t actually end properly so overall it’s a prime example mediocrity in anime. On a positive note the soundtrack is alright, and if you want fan-service this show can offer I guess.

Star Trek Beyond (Movie):

This movie wasn’t too bad. There’s some awkward stuff and that’s about all the negatives I can think of on the top of my head. This is certainly better than the previous star trek film, however it also seems to have some characters repeat the same pattern again. There’s a great soundtrack here, and I also enjoyed some of the plot twists. It’s got excellent visuals and plenty of fantastic action sequences. I can recommend renting it at least but it may be worth purchasing for yourself.

Selector WIXOSS (Anime):

It’s Yu-gi-oh meets Madoka, and as you’d expect it’s got a lot of drama. There’s also some really tough themes here, that caught me off guard but I guess it helps make this show memorable for myself. It’s got a decent soundtrack, good visuals and some neat plot twists. It’s a fairly decent anime and if you’re running out of stuff to watch I can give this one some recommendation.

Suicide Squad (Movie):

This movie was pretty good, considering how much I was expecting it to be bad. It has a somewhat unique visual style, the soundtrack is almost 100% licensed tracks to my understanding and while the songs are alright its a bit much. Harley Quinns butt has more air time than some of the supporting cast, that’s not so much a complaint but it is worth noting anyway. The story is alright and most of the characters are decent to pretty good. I’m not a fan of this current Joker, he just seems like a generic villain from some other movie. I think this film is worth giving a shot so I recommend renting it.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Wii U VC):

This game is pretty fucking sweet. I was in need of Metroidvania gameplay and this game hit the spot. It’s a lot of fun exploring and the action gameplay is fun as well. The visuals are good for a GBA game although they’re not the best. The soundtrack is excellent and at the very least I recommend listening to it. I was able to get the best ending thanks to my obsessive nature to collect everything, including the furniture. It’s an excellent and while I’m not doing a good job of selling it, I can easily recommend it. Although I would suggest Symphony of the Night first if you haven’t played that already.

One Outs (Anime):

This anime is pretty good, and makes the sport of baseball actually interesting (to an Australian anyway) with the help of gambling and mind games. It’s got a good soundtrack and the visual style is alright. The pacing is addictive and it’s tough to stop watching once you’ve started. It’s a really entertaining series and if you liked stuff like Kaiji and/or Akagi I can easily recommend this. I suggest checking it out to most of you though, however just be aware the opening credits are weird and not representative of the actual show and its tone.

Okay so this whole blogg was lazily put together, but hey it’s done now. I guess being put on time limit isn’t helpful to me writing anything adequate. I hope you got something out of this anyway. Have some pictures for your perseverance.

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Chaos Blogg 73: The Mighty Psyducks search for ReLIFE!

That’s right that title makes no freaking sense whatsoever. Hell I don’t even fully comprehend it, but I guess that’s the kind of lack of quality you can expect from this particular post. I’m going to try and make each ‘review’ short, but I can’t make promises since I could always ended up waffling on at some point. This post is mostly games I think but I managed to include some anime and movies as well. Enjoy these remixes.

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSN):

While it wasn’t on my must play list I’m quite glad I got around to playing another God of War title, even if it was once again a PSP title and not necessarily representative of the core franchise. Since my only frame of reference is Ghost of Sparta all I can say is that this title feels less polished and shorter than that game. However this being a PS+ title means that shortness of gameplay isn’t quite as detrimental as you’d think. It’s a fun action game that has some cool set pieces but nothing left a huge impact outside of the ending. The attempt at puzzles to avoid the combat getting stale was a good strategy in my book and I think the game has a decent pacing, never getting too drawn out by my standards. It’s fun, basic, and entertaining which means it’s worth your time if you find it on sale. The soundtrack isn’t bad but it borders on ‘meh’ territory, give it a listen.

Pokemon Soul Silver (DS): 

It’s been quite a while since I played this title, so this year I decided to boot it up and actually finish the title since my previous copy fucking corrupted itself back in 2010. I’m still quite confident that this game is perhaps one of the best in the series, standing alongside Black/White 2 and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. The core gameplay is still fun, the sprites are great and the music is better than I remember. It evokes great nostalgia in myself since Gen 2 was a huge part of my childhood and the upgrade in itself now carries a different layer of nostalgia. If I was to levy any complaint it’s that the Health Bar is too damn slow to move, and that’s more of a retroactive complaint and one I never noticed before. Since I can’t think of anything else I’ll just list my team for this playthrough: Typhlosian, Pachirisu, Rampardos, Nidoqueen, Wigglytuff, and Honchkrow.

Mighty Gunvolt (3DS): 

A simple 8-bit styled game meant as a crossover of mighty number 9 and azure striker gunvolt. Having played neither of those titles the story is lost on me altogether but the poor spelling and grammar puts the nail in the coffin for any potential narrative. Thankfully I got this for like under $4 which is still too much but hey I’ve seen it priced higher. The game offers 3 characters with different abilities and that’s all it offers for gameplay variety. There’s no new weapons to collect as far as I can see and the characters don’t have any character specific stages that cater to their actual abilities. The stages are easy, and in terms of visuals it all feels quite bland, as if it was trying to be mega man but not quite getting what made that series style work. In contrast the bosses are stupidly tough and this mainly applies to the DLC which makes it feel like that content wasn’t tested properly. Overall it’s fun but feels really cheap and quite honestly you can get the most out of it by just listening to the soundtrack on YouTube. I do not recommend it, even if it does show potential.

Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Anime):

A somewhat short gag anime about a student who seems almost infallible, Sakamoto is a fun watch but the type of comedy is somewhat subdued and at times it drags. It’s not much to brag about, but it may be worth watching for some of the better scenes/jokes. It’s not much of a looker in my opinion but in terms of music that main theme is the shit, it’s excellent and I’m sad I wasn’t able to find an extended version to post here.

Independence Day Resurgence (Movie): 

It’s overall a fun sci-fi action movie but halfway through it jumps the shark and quite frankly it’s funny in a “I can’t believe someone wrote this shit” kind of way. It’s not terrible though and quite frankly the original movie isn’t exactly a masterpiece. In my opinion it’s just a lazy sequel and one to enjoy munching popcorn to. I suggest renting it.

ReLIFE (Anime):

This anime is pretty damn good. It’s a drama with a lot of comedic elements and the premise hits close to home. The presentation is great with a decent soundtrack and an overall pleasing but simple visual style that lends itself to comedy. It feels polished and the story and characters are quite engaging, in fact it’s one of the more emotionally moving anime I’ve seen this year. It speaks to my own personal regrets in life and a desire to do things over. The only negative I can find right now is that it needs to be finished as this is only one season and there are many unanswered questions. It’s well worth watching and I somewhat recommend it.

Evoland (PC):

A very simple indie game that attempts to show a history of gaming but it comes across as more of a low budget parody of Zelda and Final Fantasy. For the most part it looks alright but I personally think it loses a lot of charm when it switches to 3D models. The music is generic but it’s actually quite good for the most part. The main idea of having to unlock mechanics and features of the game is pretty cool, and there’s some neat jokes within (although some are quite dated). It’s very basic but considering how stiffly it controls it pretty much needed to be in order to be playable. There’s some neat puzzles and exploration but nothing really make this stand out as a fantastic game. If you can get it for cheap it may be worth it but considering there’s a sequel you may be better off putting some research into that title instead.

Finding Dory (Movie):

Yeah it was good. Didn’t really find it tugging on my hearstrings except for like one scene at the start. Ultimately it was a feel good pixar movie that was nowhere near as depressing as it could’ve and perhaps should’ve been. It was overall well written and offered plenty of laughs even if it did get a tad stupid at the end with an action sequence that felt a little out of place (Not bad though). Of course it’s also beautiful and has a fantastic soundtrack, although these are all things that form a basic checklist for Pixar titles. I can easily recommend seeing this if you already haven’t, especially since there’s not much else of substance out right now.

So yeah sorry if this was particularly lackluster I’m currently dealing with stomach acid problems that have put a drain on my rather small energy supplies. I hope you all have a great day, and a great week for that matter. Here are some pictures, featuring Oshiete! Galko-Chan a short anime I watched but couldn’t be bothered writing about due the nature of the show and its rather short length.


Chaos Blogg 72: Birthrights and Love

Time to post yet again. This time we have an equal amount of anime, games and movies. Among which is the first of three Fire Emblem Fates ‘reviews’ I’ll be posting this year (hopefully). Hopefully you find some enjoyment here and to kick things off lets have some tunes.

One Punch Man (Anime): 

Finally getting around to this one long after the huge hype has died down. Thankfully it’s actually a good show and the popularity is somewhat warranted. It’s got fantastic action, decent comedy and even some depth. It’s not fantastic though as its own randomness can get in the way of a coherent story or theme. It’s still got good visuals, music, characters and overall presentation which makes this anime well worth watching and fairly easy to recommend. Not much else to say, so lets move on.

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (PS3): 

Outside of the upgraded graphics compared to the PS2 titles this is pretty much your standard ratchet and clank title with a few motion based gimmicks thanks to the six-axis controller (Thankfully it’s nothing overly intrusive). I’d also the difficulty is much lower in this title and overall the game felt shorter. It was nice that some backstory for ratchet is explored but the writing isn’t quite as amusing as Ratchet and Clank 3 or various other titles. The attempt at a more personal and epic style of story has potential but I don’t think it’s ever capitalised on properly. On top of that we have an ending on a cliffhanger and an odd one at that. The game is still fun to play though and it has the visual and audio charm necessary to keep the whole thing an awesome experience. In fact I can’t even remember any core gameplay complaints I had outside of difficulty and six-axis bullshit, which I think is indicative of it being a good game.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (PC): 

While a lot better than most of the games that inspired it the AVGN game is really flawed game mainly because of the overuse of death blocks and the over commitment to being as shitty as possible without actually being shitty. It’s a fine line to tread and the fact that I was able to enjoy it in some way means they achieved their goal somewhat. The music is excellent, the visuals are alright and the whole thing is dripping with references to this particular internet show (Outdoing a lot of licensed games in the process). However there are times when it feels like it crosses the line into becoming shit as opposed to parodying said shit, for example the characters have a slight momentum that makes precision a pain in the ass, the vanishing death blocks outright suck and the lives system is a terrible idea for a game that has such quick and frequent deaths. I do put some blame on having to use my keyboard but ultimately the final cluster fuck of a level at the end shows just how unfair it can be. Which is weird since it can also be a fair challenge at times and there are the making of a great game here. Rambling aside I recommend checking this out when it’s on sale, otherwise don’t worry too much about it.

Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii (Anime):

An okay anime that includes romance, fan service, drama and action. In many ways it has difficulty finding a consistent tone but thankfully most of what it does has at least visual polish. The romance and fan service are quite connected to each other and this ends up connected to the drama as well so I can’t say much of it felt too out of place in the story. Thankfully there are lighthearted moments that induce laughter but the show doesn’t ever feel like it’s trying to be a comedy which if it did would probably ruin the whole thing. The soundtrack is also fine. Not much else I wish to say other than that I don’t recommend it highly but at the same time I think it could be worth watching for some and I personally thought it was alright.

X-Men: Apocalypse (Movie): 

A rather fun action movie that covers quite a lot of characters and at times seems to retread old ground a tad too much. I mean this is somewhat expected after they rebooted the universe with Days of Future Past and in many ways I found it quite fascinating. I was also surprised how violent this movie was in comparison to the previous one and I think that lent the villain of this title a lot more presence. The villain was menacing and while he was more fantastical than previous villains he never felt out of place in this movie. It was a bit of cluster fuck but it manged to have some depth and was overall a fun time. However I think this is also time for a warning since the whole professor X and Magneto character arcs are starting to feel really repetitive in the same way that wolverine was. If there is going to be another X-Men film these characters need to take a back seat or at the very least not seem like they’re repeating the same paths they followed in the previous films. Other than that I think the film is well worth watching for all but those who are easily confused.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime):

The concept of fantasy worlds and our modern one has lead to some good stuff recently, Overlord and Gate being the examples of this. Grimgar tackles a similar concept to Overlord (Vaguely I guess, maybe the first season of sao is a better comparison?) but with a larger amount of mystery and protagonists that don’t remember anything. This leads to a darker tone as the characters have to work themselves up from scratch and risk their lives facing even the most common fodder enemies. It’s admittedly slow (I’ve seen some call it a slice of life set in a fantasy RPG world) but in return it offers great drama and a fuckton of tension. The artstyle is beautiful and the soundtrack is pretty good too. However I don’t think it’s close to finished yet as none of the actual mysteries are solved in this season, So while I personally recommend it I think it might be worth waiting for a second season.  

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (3DS): 

I love this game but I also feel disappointed in this localisation. It’s not so much the cut content and cringe worthy dialogue that left a slightly sour taste but the lack of dual audio and the terrible dubbing on most of the characters. For example Camilla now sounds like someones creepy grandma who smokes too much, Kagero sounds like a zombie with a lisp and the male Corrin voice I chose made some of the more emotional scenes absolutely laughable. Thankfully some of the characters sound okay like Xander, Caeldori and my personal favourite Sophie so I can’t say it’s 100% awful. The fact we’ve taken such a step back from Awakening by removing dual audio is what I consider the games biggest fault, since for the most part the game plays like Awakening but with some altered mechanics and a better narrative. The music is great and for the most part I like the visual style. For the most part I enjoyed the gameplay but with the removal of the weapon durability it feels a little less important to spend as much time planning ahead. There’s also two/three difficulty spikes in the Birthright campaign and I feel like the game intentionally tried to encourage grinding at these points.

Anyway as much as I complain I actually really enjoyed this playthrough and I got quite addicted to the game. In many ways I think the problems I have with it come from a place of wanting it to be even better and quite frankly it’s a little hard to even critique the meat of the game when the presentation problems are so distracting. I’m planning my next playthrough already and it’s going to be quite the undertaking to even get it underway but I hope the next two reviews of this game can be more substantial than this. At this point I can’t recommend it but I think I may be able to once I’m done with all 3 routes.

Money Monster (Movie): 

A mediocre thriller movie centred around stock and a tv show about the stock market. It was okay I guess, but it felt a tad preachy and had a cameo or two that seemed a little odd to me. Ultimately it’s not worth your time but I was lucky enough to have a free ticket so no harm done. Maybe rent it for cheap in a few years time?

Alright folks I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to reading some of your thoughts on this stuff. Assuming that someone actually comments. Anyway if you’ve sat through all this, I hereby reward you with the usual pictures. Thank you for sticking with me.



Chaos Blogg 71: Frontier of Despair

Decided to cut this series from 12 to 8 since it was taking a stupid long time between posts. So here we go again, enjoy these remixes.

SteamWorld Dig (Wii U):

I bought this game on sale out of a desire of something simple to play, and thankfully SteamWorld Dig is quite simple and a fair bit of fun. It’s a platformer with some very light metroidvania and puzzle elements with a large focus on digging. The soundtrack and visual style are pleasant to a degree but nothing amazing. The game is very short but quite addicting and don’t seeing it lasting a long time since there’s no apparent replay value and the digging eventually becomes a tad boring once you’ve obtained all the upgrades the ore can buy. In short it’s fun while it lasts but I can’t recommend paying full price for it. Wait for another sale before you consider it.

GATE Season 2 (Anime):

Season 2 of GATE ramps up the action and provides some really cool battles and drama. The soundtrack is still pretty sweet and it’s visually solid. This season leaves many unanswered questions but presents it’s ending as a conclusion to the series (Probably in attempt to hedge its bets just in case a third season doesn’t happen). Something feels a little lacking compared to last season but I can’t quite place my finger on it. Either way I recommend this series quite highly.

Pokken Tournament (Wii U):

This game is a lot of fun but unfortunately the online is quite unreliable or at least my experience leads me to believe. Offline multiplayer works and is quite fun but I wasn’t quite able to enjoy to it’s full potential due to the controls I had on hand when I tested the feature with friends. Do not try to play this game with the wii mote and nunchuck. The single player is repetitive but I found it a great stress reliever and I think it’s a great way to train the player (after the training mode of course). It’s sparse on content and screams for dlc, but it’s still a really fun game. It’s got a great visual presentation outside of some of the pokemon looking a little weird (Mewtwo why you all slimy looking?), and it has an amazing soundtrack that gets the blood pumping. I recommend the game for those with good internet connections and for others I suggest waiting for DLC, a price drop or a sequel with more single player content.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (3DS VC): 

Oddly enough this game seems like a prequel to the NES one since it talks about the protagonist Pit being in training. In terms of visuals it’s basic but it’s not terrible. The soundtrack is fairly limited but I thought it was quite nice although I think that might be my fondest for 8-bit talking. The gameplay is slightly improved over the NES game in some of it’s concepts but it doesn’t feel quite as polished as the original. One problem is that the first boss is stupidly hard compared to the rest of the game (or at least it’s the only the challenge I remember). It’s a short but fun time and while I can’t recommend it as a priority it still has worth and I think you can do so much worse.

The Jungle Book (Movie): 

I never expected this movie to be good, and I was therefore pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a well done family film that paid a good tribute to the classic animated feature. The voice acting is neat, and the film is quite visually striking. It’s a fantastic example of how a terrible idea on paper can actually work in practice. The soundtrack is fucking brilliant and offers several surprises. In fact don’t listen to the tracks I’ve provided until after you’ve seen the film… unless you don’t plan to see it of course. I recommend seeing this with family if you can.

Danganronpa: Another Episode (PSVita): 

An interesting experiment for the franchise that expands on the danganronpa universe. However making the jump from Visual Novel to third person shooter isn’t smooth at all but forgivable due to it being a spin-off. The gameplay ranges from passable to good, and in some ways it’s reminiscent of Resident Evil 4 but far less serious and refined in it’s mechanics. In fact the game eventually devolves into a bunch of separate horde and puzzle rooms, and thanks to genocider syo you can almost ditch the 3rd person shooter stuff entirely. Another big turn off point is the forced English dub, there’s no dual audio here folks and because of that the game suffers. For example Togami’s dub voice is unbearable and only outdone by the horror that is shirokuma (even if he does grow on the player). Thankfully a lot of the main cast is voiced decently so overall the dub is tolerable. The writing is pretty solid and even in 3D the series has a distinct visual style, if we include a pretty neat soundtrack it wins in presentation. The story is actually more fucked up than normal for the series, like some really dark shit so that’s something to keep in mind. Thankfully the story is somewhat self-contained while also providing some backstory for the main titles, unfortunately there also some unanswered questions and loose ends that I can only assume were left like that just in case there was a sequel to the spin-off. I think it’s worth playing for the story, the characters and presentation but I can only recommend it to people who have played both Danganronpa 1 and 2 but I also think that should go without saying.

Macross Frontier (Anime):

Space battles and music, with a relatively open love triangle (protag is more avoiding the issue than just being oblivious). While some of the character design feels a bit dated, and a bit janky this anime is an audio and visual treat as it takes catchy songs and uses them as a weapon in pretty cool space battles. It’s got decent story and characterisation but a lot of those aspects suffer/take a back seat due to the amount of music and space battles. I’m hesitant to recommend this one as it feels quite niche but hey if you like the sound of the music bellow maybe it’ll do something for you. I’m honestly on the fence, I enjoyed watching it but at the same time it didn’t really hit the spot for me due to some of the sloppier story telling mainly dealing around the antagonists. I plan on watching the movies for this which could be deserving of their own section but if my overall impression is the same I won’t bother.

Captain America: Civil War (Movie): 

By far the best Captain America movie to date, that capitalises on the huge cast of characters and the building internal conflicts seen in the previous Avengers movies. It’s got fantastic action, humour and drama with a tad bit of a darker tone. If I have one criticism it’s that the villains scheme seems way too luck based, which does break immersion but quite frankly delivers one the best fights I’ve seen from the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole. It’s also got good audio and visuals of course, outside of maybe a few shots in one scene. The introductions of Black Panther and Spider-Man were handled really well and I’m surprised at just how much I want to see a Black Panther movie now. Fantastic movie that I recommend highly assuming you haven’t already watched it by this point.

Well that’s all for now folks, let me know if you like this more middle of the road approach to this series. I’m trying to find what feels right so hopefully this is it. Anyway have a great day and enjoy some pictures.



Chaos Blogg 70: Bones, Bones and Cubones

Okay I’m back, I hope you all had a good Easter and whatnot. At the very least I hope you got to enjoy plenty of chocolate. In this Blogg I’ll be looking at several games, anime, and movies in a quicker way than normal but there’s a possibility of some mild ranting. You’ll find out checking down bellow obviously but right now I have no clue. Some more notable things in this blog include Pokemon Yellow, Batman v Superman and Zootopia. Anyway on with the show I guess, lets kick it off with some remixes.

Aldnoah Zero (Anime):

A sci-fi action anime with a lot of potential and a pretty good first season which focused on the protagonist overcoming the odds using wit, with a secondary protagonist having to deal with living life amongst the invaders and treated as a slave of sorts. Visuals and Audio are fine but half way through the writing starts turning to shit, the narrative loses focus and a lot of meaning and outside of an awesome battle or two it doesn’t do much to redeem the losses and quite frankly it has a terrible ending. It’s a loss of great potential and not a show I can recommend at all.

Grim Fandango Remastered (PSVita): 

A fun classic point and click adventure game, a type of game I haven’t had too much experience with but one I find to be interesting. This game has nice visuals although the remastering isn’t much to brag about. The soundtrack is very nice and while the game has it’s frustrating moments that make you feel stupid, it’s still an enjoyable story with nice voice acting and humorous dialogue. Aside from small frustrations there’s also issues with performance as the game froze on me several times and often took ages to save (which you need to do a lot since it can freeze at random). Overall though if you can find it for cheap it’s well worth playing and I am glad I got to play it.

The Finest Hours (Movie): 

A live action Disney movie based on a true story about an oil tanker accident in the 1950s. It’s a fairly straight forward movie that was nice to watch but didn’t leave much of an impression. Maybe watch this with the family or something, you could do far much worse and there’s at least some interesting themes and characters although the romance element might be a tad sappy for some (Since I have little idea on how to define levels of sappiness). I personally thought it was handled decently and tugged at the heart strings a little. Nothing amazing but I don’t regret going to see it.

Zootopia (Movie): 

Due to obnoxious crowds I missed the very start of this movie so I can’t quite say it fully captivated me. In fact all I can say it was an enjoyable watch with the usual Disney polish and a movie that certainly trampled over the lacklustre Frozen. The performances are enjoyable for the most part and there’s some good humour and plenty of visually stunning action. However there’s also this weird shakira character all over the place and the message of the film is very on the nose to an almost a cringe inducing degree. Thankfully the ending saves this to a degree but something still feels off and I can’t quite put my finger on it, however chances are you’ll be in the majority and enjoy it so it’s probably worth checking out.

Pokemon Yellow (3DS VC): 

Back in the day I received a copy of Pokemon Red alongside my game boy colour. Of course I was quite young and was absolutely terrible at it, never getting past the halfway point (until replaying it on emulator). Somewhere along the line I lost my cartridge and I’m glad to finally to own an official copy of a gen 1 game again. The game hasn’t aged terribly well but it was still enjoyable to play and in some ways the simplicity was refreshing. If you want to enjoy a nostalgic flashback I can recommend playing this, however you may just want to try it out on emulators. Emulators will allow various mods and other cool shit which could make things fresh. It’s got an excellent soundtrack, great core gameplay and improved sprites over Red and Blue versions, plus the gen 1 mons can be moved over to the new games coming out this year which is bound to make things interesting.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Anime):

A short romantic comedy anime that somewhat under performs in it’s visuals but excels in it’s soundtrack. For such a short show I was surprised by the amount of closure at the end. In some regards it was a little rushed (mainly in the latter half) but I’ve seen far worse when it comes to pacing. The characters are for the most part well written and charming, although many don’t get enough screen time. The story was engaging and thankfully the romance elements were well executed although I’ve also seen a lot better. Overall it’s a good anime that may be worth your time if the genre appeals to you and if you’re searching for something shorter.

Metroid Fusion (GBA 3DS):

It’s been such a long time since I played fusion that quite frankly I don’t think I’ve played it once since joining his website. Quite frankly it’s because the game just doesn’t do it for me. However I felt like giving it another shot since it was taking up space on my 3DS (even if it’s just a small amount). Fusions soundtrack has a few decent gems, most of it though is on the forgettable end of the spectrum (So in that regards it’s on level with Prime Hunters). The visuals are kind of hit and miss, I personally think the style is a tad too exaggerated but that’s not really important to my enjoyment and quite frankly much, much worse is on the horizon for the franchise. The gameplay is a decent action shooter and has some cool ideas and innovations (like the ability to grip onto ledges), however in terms of its series it is ‘entry level’. By that I mean that this game barely qualifies due to the obnoxious navigation rooms and the stupid habit of locking doors for dumb reasons. In fact many of its design flaws became the basis for the series worst game and undoubtedly shine light on Sakamotos inability to design a new location that doesn’t suck ass. I’m sorry but a space station with themed sectors just feels lazy in terms of visuals and map design. This problem makes the collection of items feels like a chore before the end game (Zero Mission does this to some degree but it’s more tolerable). It’s sad but ultimately my opinion on this game hasn’t changed much and I can’t recommend it to anyone when the series has far better games available.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (Anime):

Okay onto something more enjoyable. This is another short anime and one that really needs a second season, on it’s own though it is still an interesting experience. Sakurako-san is sort of a sherlock holmes character although I guess the characters quirk is more reminiscent of BONES, although this anime has far better writing, characters and presentation. It’s a rather dark series although that’s to be expected of almost any sort of crime drama (some episodes seem like regular drama though giving it a warm light hearted feeling at times). I think the series is at least worth trying out and I can most certainly recommend it to all but the most squeamish of individuals, although that may be motivated by my desire to see it continue in the future.

Batman v Superman (Movie): 

A surprisingly enjoyable movie which seems to be receiving the harsh end of the stick from the critics and is also doing poorly with normal audiences or at least when compared with its competition in the genre. The film has a cool soundtrack, and does a better job visually than its predecessor, Man of Steel which is one of the worst super hero movies to come out in the past 6 years. If you lower your expectations what you’ll find is a fun action movie with some cool ideas and set pieces, plus some unintentionally hilarious faces (among other forms of unintentional humour). Just don’t expect an amazing plot or for any major character development, although by now you should be well aware of the problems most people find in the movie. For me though it was a fun experience and quite frankly the genre has lived through far worse (Looking at you early 2000’s Hulk).

Nova-111 (PSVita): 

A small turn based puzzle game which is surprisingly fun and has some interesting mechanics. It has a nice soundtrack and decent visuals, although it is quite clear that the main focus of the game is by far the gameplay. It’s not the most engaging game but it involves some collectibles and secrets and the game does require you to think to obtain them all. It’s worth picking up on sale, but otherwise I don’t think I can recommend it at full price since its rather short and indie puzzle games are quite common.

Klonoa: The door to Phantomile (PSN):

A classic PS1 game that I don’t even remember hearing about as a kid, which is quite a shame since Klonoa is an excellent game that would’ve been perfect for my younger self in the adjustment between 2D and 3D. This game could be described as 2.5D however it functions far more like a traditional 2D platformer just with some extra cool shit. The games wonderful visuals, excellent soundtrack and surprisingly emotional storytelling make it almost a must play title for the system or at least platformers on said system. It was short most certainly but I loved almost every minute of it since the gameplay was just that fun and in many cases relaxing. I highly recommend it.

Heavy Object (Anime):

What seems a potentially generic mech based anime ends up turning into more of a series about a two man team taking down giant mechs, often with minimal equipment and often without the assistance of their own giant mech. It seems to be more of an action comedy than anything else and there is an unusually large amount fan-service which isn’t terrible but certainly wasn’t expected (it’s mostly worked into comedy scenes). The story telling was very segmented into arcs and the underlying plot never quite boils up to the surface. The series isn’t anything remarkable but it was still entertaining and in that regard I can somewhat recommend it.

Okay that’s it for now folks. I hope you voice your feedback and whatnot in the comments, and wish me luck as I undergo more testing to try and figure out what the fuck is wrong with me. Anyway please enjoy some pictures and I hope you have a good day.