Chaos Blogg 74: Harmony of Dissonance

As I type this I am currently dealing with a lack of stable internet and a case of indigestion. I’ve been struggling and it’s quite obviously the fault of my internet provider who decided to disconnect me because they didn’t want to provide “an unsatisfactory experience”. It sounds like horseshit to me since I’ve been through some real unsatisfactory times with them and stayed with them. Anyway enough of that drama, I’m pleased to present the latest blog and would like to kick things off with some remixes.

Sonic 3D Blast (PC emulator):

Not sure what compelled me to play this game but I suppose boredom is the main suspect. Sonic 3D Blast is tough to control, however it is possible to adapt to the controls and the visuals. The game is fairly easy once you can adapt and it’s also one of the easiest classic sonic games to collect the chaos emeralds in. It’s fun to collect stuff, however this game is a bit too slow for a sonic title. The visuals are interesting, and the music is fan-fucking-tastic and I can hear hints of sonic adventures soundtrack in the making. If you’re a patient person who is curious about early sonic spin-offs, this game is worth playing however I can’t recommend it to the average person.

Musaigen no Phantom World (Anime):

This is a pretty good anime thanks to high quality visuals and audio. The show is episodic in it’s writing, and while it does have some heart it’s not particularly great in terms of drama. It’s mainly good for action and comedy, and some fan service. I can somewhat recommend it.

Trinity Seven (Anime):

Nothing impressive here, it’s an action show that quickly turns into one of those harem shows but it’s not outright obnoxious. To top it off it doesn’t actually end properly so overall it’s a prime example mediocrity in anime. On a positive note the soundtrack is alright, and if you want fan-service this show can offer I guess.

Star Trek Beyond (Movie):

This movie wasn’t too bad. There’s some awkward stuff and that’s about all the negatives I can think of on the top of my head. This is certainly better than the previous star trek film, however it also seems to have some characters repeat the same pattern again. There’s a great soundtrack here, and I also enjoyed some of the plot twists. It’s got excellent visuals and plenty of fantastic action sequences. I can recommend renting it at least but it may be worth purchasing for yourself.

Selector WIXOSS (Anime):

It’s Yu-gi-oh meets Madoka, and as you’d expect it’s got a lot of drama. There’s also some really tough themes here, that caught me off guard but I guess it helps make this show memorable for myself. It’s got a decent soundtrack, good visuals and some neat plot twists. It’s a fairly decent anime and if you’re running out of stuff to watch I can give this one some recommendation.

Suicide Squad (Movie):

This movie was pretty good, considering how much I was expecting it to be bad. It has a somewhat unique visual style, the soundtrack is almost 100% licensed tracks to my understanding and while the songs are alright its a bit much. Harley Quinns butt has more air time than some of the supporting cast, that’s not so much a complaint but it is worth noting anyway. The story is alright and most of the characters are decent to pretty good. I’m not a fan of this current Joker, he just seems like a generic villain from some other movie. I think this film is worth giving a shot so I recommend renting it.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Wii U VC):

This game is pretty fucking sweet. I was in need of Metroidvania gameplay and this game hit the spot. It’s a lot of fun exploring and the action gameplay is fun as well. The visuals are good for a GBA game although they’re not the best. The soundtrack is excellent and at the very least I recommend listening to it. I was able to get the best ending thanks to my obsessive nature to collect everything, including the furniture. It’s an excellent and while I’m not doing a good job of selling it, I can easily recommend it. Although I would suggest Symphony of the Night first if you haven’t played that already.

One Outs (Anime):

This anime is pretty good, and makes the sport of baseball actually interesting (to an Australian anyway) with the help of gambling and mind games. It’s got a good soundtrack and the visual style is alright. The pacing is addictive and it’s tough to stop watching once you’ve started. It’s a really entertaining series and if you liked stuff like Kaiji and/or Akagi I can easily recommend this. I suggest checking it out to most of you though, however just be aware the opening credits are weird and not representative of the actual show and its tone.

Okay so this whole blogg was lazily put together, but hey it’s done now. I guess being put on time limit isn’t helpful to me writing anything adequate. I hope you got something out of this anyway. Have some pictures for your perseverance.

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